The eighth part in the Steamies vs Diesels series.

Everyone was moving through the piles of rubble, trying to find any working equipment that survived the attack. Victor and Kevin were treating the wounded and Harvey, Rocky, Butch, Works and the Breakdown Twins were fixing whatever equipment they could. Gordon, BoCo, Hector, Rex, Culdee and Skarloey were planning what to do.

[Briefing Room-or whats left on it]

Hector: Where did those diesels come from?

Gordon: Wherever they came from, they were tough.

BoCo: They're the 000 Elite Combat Legion. Also known as the Triple Zero, or the Shadow Legion. They serve as D10's personal legion. D10 must have had an detachment put under temporary command of 10751 to attack Tidmouth.

Culdee: Why didn't he do this sooner?

BoCo: He only uses them as his bodyguard or for raids. He never uses them to gain territory as it would force him to leave those troops out of action, making the legion less effective

Skarloey: Ok. Now we need to think about our current situation. We can't use Tidmouth as our main base, we need to find where they have taken the prisoners and free them.

Everyone: Agreed.

There was a knock on the door.

Rex: Enter.

Then, to their surprise, in came Thomas and Mays.

Gordon: I thought you two were suposed to be resting.

Mays: Thomas was, not me.

Thomas: I'm not going to rest until I find and free the prisoners and Lady.

Mays: I have to save Molly, I was supposed to protect her, and I failed her.

Gordon: How do you expect to save them?

Thomas: Mays, do you have any idea where they would be?

Mays: No, sorry. D10 kept alot of things secret that only the Shadow Legion knew about, (Sadly) now if you dont mind i am going to work on more Arrows.

He said and left.

Thomas: Hector, I want you to find the information of where they were taken.

Hector: That will not be easy.

Thomas: Just do it, James and Emily i want you to go see if Mays needs help.

James: ok.

Culdee: Thomas, we don't have a base.

Thomas: Have all of the equipment collected and tell the troops to leave. We are going to use Knapford Station as our new main base.

Gordon: Oh f**k. I have to see Spencer again.

Thomas: Stop complaining Gordon.

Then he left to find Harvey.

Rex: Whats wrong with him?

Hector: I better get back to the Diesels Main Base.

[Tidmoutn Sheds Ruins]

Harvey, Rocky, Butch, Works and the Breakdown Twins were scavenging for working gear and trying to repair what gear they could.

Thomas: Harvey, whats the damage to the suit?

Harvey: Unfortunately, most of the systems are damaged and some components need replacing and we can't do it here.

Thomas: Shit.

Trooper: Sirs. All equipment has been collected.

Harvey: Very good.

Trooper: Sir, there also seems to be a large underground hanger outside of Tidmouth.

Thomas: Show us.

[Outside Tidmouth]

Thomas and Harvey were standing in front of a large sealed door of the hanger that was built into the hill.

Thomas: Get this door open.

Trooper: Yes Sir.

Harvey: I'll stay and contact you when it is open.

Thomas: Thanks Harvey.

[Knapford Station]

They Steamies from Tidmouth arrived at Knapford Station and started to unload all of their equipment.

Spencer: What the hell are you lot doing here?

Gordan: Shut the f**k up Spencer.

Mays felt them about ready to start a fight, so he got in between them.

Mays: No fighting save it for the battle field.

Soencer: Who are you?

Mays: My name is Mays.

Gordon: Tidmouth has just been devastated by the Diesels, now we are going to use Knapford as the new main base. Now you can agree or I break your face, and I prefer to break your face.

Spencer: Fine. Cousin.

Mays: Ok, I was not expecting that.

Spencer: So tell me Mays what type of weapons do you use?

Mays: I am a skilled archer.

After hearing this, Spencer was impressed.

[1 hour later]

Works: Thomas, we have been able to refit the armor of the Railway Guard and Shadow Legion for our troops, and Harvey has opened the door to that hanger.

Thomas: What was inside it?

Works: A squadron of five extremly advanced aircraft, three just as powerful helicopters and a giant heavily armed jetplane capable of carrying 100 paratroopers.

Thomas: Great.

[Diesel HQ]

Hector returned to the Diesel HQ, trying to find out information on the prisoners. When 2 Trucks (Fred), (Rickety) spoke to him.

Fred: Hector.

Hector: What?

Rickety: Boss is looking for you and he is extremly pissed off.

Hector went to see Scruffy. He found him in D10s office with Spiteful breakvan, D10, Diesel and 10751.

Scruffy: (pissed) Where the hell were you?

Hector: I went hunting for Steamies.

Spiteful: Found any this time?

Hector: Like you could find any.

Scruffy: Enough!!. I don't want my two best men killing each other. Its bad for business.

Diesel: Anyway, lets continue with this meeting.

10751: Yes. I am pleased to annouce that the assault on Tidmouth was a success. I was able to take the four leaders along with some others as prisoners. Also, the so-called Railway Guard was destroyed and that Tidmouth was bombed to weaken the Steamies.

D10: Excellent. This will greatly weaken the Steam Engines Resistance without proper leadership.

Diesel: Wouldn't they be able to chose a new leader?

D10: True. But they will not be as strong without the four leaders.

Hector: Where will the prisoners be kept? As it is obious that the Steamies will try to free them.

D10: The Leaders will be kept at my fortress, while the others will be sent to Misty Island to be used as Labour. Scruffy, I want severel of your troops to be stationed at the prison.

Scruffy: Very well. Don't worry, I'll make sure that traitor Toad and his followers don't get involved, and that those f**king coaches will not get involved.

Hector: Toad?

Scruffy: A cowardly traitor who didn't like what we were doing and left with a large group of others.

Hector: Interesting.

[1 hour later]

Thomas was resting on the roof of Knapford Station, holding a small ring in his hand. He was thinking of Lady.

Thomas: I'm sorry, my love. I should have been there to protect you.

Suddenly, he heard Mays.

Mays: Thomas, Hector has got some information about where the diesels took the prisoners.

Thomas: Lets go then, you know Mays you have been very useful to us and we might have you become our new Leader/ Commander.

Mays: No thanks. I'm a lot of things, but a Leader is not one of them, now a commander i can Handle.

Thomas: We will find a way to repay you.

Mays: Thomas you must know that i have been in this war longer then the troops you comand, even longer then you have.

Thomas: Interesting.

[Briefing Room]

Hector: D10 is keeping the Leaders at his fortress, and the others are being kept at a prison camp on Misty Island.

Mays: I have never heard of that place, must have been a recent prison.

Thomas: We better get ready.

Hector: Wait. D10 has increased security around the prison.

Thomas: Argh SHIT!

Hector: I have good news though. There is another traitor called Toad, he has a group of followers who might be willing to help us, if we can find them.

Thomas: Fine. Start preparing for the assault. We have three days to be ready and find Toad.

Annie: we will stay and help you guys.

Clarabel: that is right.

Henrietta: Thomas is it all right if we work with Mays?

Thomas: Sure.

Mays: I dont have a problem with it, working with other archers might be good for me.

Thomas: Good. Now lets move.

Everyone: Yes Sir.

So Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta went with Mays to help make new arrows.

Mays:(sighing) It will be hard to make new arrows without my workshop.

Henrietta: Let me tell you a bit about us and what we do.

Mays: ok.

To be continued...

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