Nineth part in the Steamies vs Diesels series.

So Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta told Mays about there group. As the Steam Engines perpared for the assualt on Misty Island.

Annie: We dislike the trucks.

Clarabel: They destroyed our main base.

Annie: Witch is why we formed the Coaches.

Henrietta: Are group helps people in need, danger, and to rebel aganst the trucks.

Annie: The members in are group are all girls.

Clarabel: No perverted, selfish men.

Mays: And I make my own arrows.

Clarabel: What prosses do you use?

Mays: it is a simple form of alcamy.

Annie: Also we help people who suffer from wars and poverty.

Mays: Interesting, you like the soda?

Henrietta: it is good.

[3 days till attack]

The next morning, Thomas was talking with the technicians.

Break: We have reconfigured most of the armor for our troops, but instead of leaving it plain steel grey. Why don't they costomise their suits of armor? You know, different colours and markings to suit them.

Down: Not a bad idea, bro?

Thomas: Fine, what about the aircrafts?

Harvey: The fighters and helicopters are operational, but the jet needs work.

Thomas: And the battle-suit?

Rocky: Still needs work.

[Misty Island Prison]

Lady felt like her head was spliting, she had woke up on a cold surface, she was in pain. She looked around and saw a figure leaning over her.

Voice: Are you ok?

Lady: Who are you?

(figure leans in closeser)

Lady: please don't hurt me.

Voice: I ain't going to hurt you, My name is Belle, and yours?

Lady: Mines Lady.

Molly: Lady, is that you?

Lady: Molly. Where are you?

Molly: I'm in the cell opposite you with Mavis. Where are the others?

Ivo Hugh: We're here, don't worry.

Fergus: Where are we?

Bash: Your in the...

Dash:...Misty Island Prison.

Ferdinand: Thats right.

Bert: And you are?

Bash: I'm Bash.

Dash: I'm Dash.

Ferdinand: I'm Ferdinand. The two in that cell are Old Wheezy and Hee-Haw, they don't talk.

Flynn: Names Flynn.

Salty: So what happens here?

Belle: The Diesels use us as slaves, we cut down trees for them to use.

Flynn: But we have a plan.

[2 days till attack]

Hector: Thomas, I've found a possible lead on Toad.

Thomas: Follow it.

Bertie: Thomas, we need more vehicles and more weaponary.

Thomas: Convert any vehicles you can into fighting machines. We'll think about weaponary later.

[Misty Island]

Guard: Wake up scum! Get moving!

The prisoners walked outside in singal file. There they picked up their tools and went to work cutting down the trees. Lady however, was struggling due to her pregnancy.

Guard: Work harder you scum!!!!

But Lady could not work harder.

Molly: Lady. Are you ok?

Lady: No. Molly. Will you promise not to tell anyone?

Molly: I promise.

Lady: I'm pregnant. And Thomas is the farther.

Molly: Your pregnant!

Guard: Hey! You two! Stop talking and get back to work!

They went back to work but Molly didn't drop the topic.

Molly: Does Thomas know?

Lady: Yes.

Molly: We have to tell the others.

Lady: But you promised.

Molly: But you should not be here.

Guard: Hey Magots!, did i not say to stop talking!, Now if i haer another word from eather of you two i will have you taken out into the woods and hang you by the neck.

Lady and Molly shiverd at this threat. Later, they were in the cantine, eating a watery grewl. The group were discussing their plan.

Mavis: So, Lady's pregnant?

Molly: Yes.

Flynn: You now what this means?

Salty: What?

Flynn: We need start the riot alot sooner.

Bash: We better tell the other prisoners.

Belle: Also we need to make our weapons quicker.

[1 day till attack]

Thomas: So, is the jet operational?

Harvey: Unfortunatly no.

Works: Your battle suit also still needs repairs.

Thomas: Do what you can.

Hector (over radio): Thomas, I've found Toad and his followers. They've agreed to help us.

Thomas: Finally, some good news.

[Misty Island Prison]

Belle: Is everything ready?

Flynn: Nearly. We still need a few more explosives and the keys to our cell block.

Molly: How about a distraction?

Salty: Arhh. Leave it up to me and Ferdinand.

Ferdinand: Thats right.

Later, in the cantine, everyone was having their only meal of the day. Ferdinand was carrying his bowl of grewl when he walked into Salty. Spilling it everywhere.

Ferdinand: Oi! What do you think you are doing? <pushs Salty>

Salty: F**k off! <pushs back>

Soon, the two were fighting, the other prisoners gathered round shouting 'FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!'. The guards came to break it up.

Gurd: Come on you two break it up!.

Ferdinand: You won't find any love here, Diesel flith.<punches Salty in the face>

One of the guards grabbed them but was thrown into the crowd. Bash used this time to take his keys and suceeded. The other guards grabbed them and pulled them apart. They were told to take them to their cells and leave them their. After the guards were gone, Salty and Ferdinand congratulated each other.

[Day of the attack]

The Steam Engines had finish their preparations and were heading to Misty Island with their fleet. They could not get the jet operational so they had to continue with out it.

Works: Thomas, the suit still needs repairs.

Thomas: I don't care.

Thomas had to put on his battle suit manually and activate it. He didn't listen to anyone. He was going to save Lady at the cost his own life. While at the prison, the prisoners were planning to start their riot.

[Misty Island Prison]

Flynn: Is everyone ready?

Everyone: Yes.

Flynn had just finished arming the bomb and backing away when a guard entered.

Guard: What the fu..


The bomb went off, killing the guard. Fergus picked up his rifle and everyone charged out and found one of the riot armory's. They opened it and equiped themselves with whatever they could find. Soon, explosions were going off around the prison as the prisoners broke out, killed their guards and armed themselves. It wasn't long before the Steam Engines and Toad and his followers arrived to help the prisoners.

[Wardens Office]

Guard: Boss. The prisoners are revolting. They have raided severel armory's all ready, and there are Steam Engines helping them out.

Warden: Contact Lord 10. Tell him we need the Shadow Legion.

[Diesel HQ]

Diesel: Lord 10, Misty Island is under attack.

D10: Diesel, take a detachment of the Shadow Legion, and try out our new toy.

Diesel: <grins evily> Yes, my lord.

[Misty Island]

Soon the Shadow Legion arrived and was putting up a fight for the Steamies, but Thomas used his suit to tear through them, literaly in some cases. It wasn't long till he found the prisoners, but before he could reach them, severel bolts of lighting struck the ground near him. He looked around and Diesel in another battle suit that was black, had two swords (one on each arm), a machine gun on his left sholder and a glowing blue energy pack that produced electricity.

Diesel: Thomas. Meet Weapon Y.

The two of them fought through out the entire prison. Diesel was able to fire a bolt electricity at Thomas. It struck Thomas and threw him into a wall. He saw a pulse rifle, he grabbed it and fired it at Diesel. But Diesel just laughed.

Thomas: How?

Diesel: This suit is built with the ability to reduce damage from a pulse rifle.

They continued their fight. Thomas was again knocked into a wall. The prisoners made their way to the Steamies but they were shot at by Diesel. Lady was cut off from the others, Diesel walked slowly up to her and pointed his left blade at her throat. Suddenly, a log knocked Diesel back away from her. He looked and saw Thomas aiming a missle at him.

Thomas: See you in hell.

He fired the missle which threw Diesel through a wall. Diesel removed the suit and limped away, leaving it behind. Thomas picked up Lady and carried her bridal style back to Steamies with Weapon Y intow.

Lady: I love you.

Thomas: I know.

Thomas took Lady to Victor to check over and left to join the others in the battle, Bertie was running over the Diesels and dropping off troops in his armoured bus, Jack and the Pack were using their construction vehicles against the Diesels. Tigermoth was using the his new fighters to destroy the enemy fighters while Harold was trashing Diesel land forces with his helicopter.

Molly: Mays Help me.

She was surounded by Guards.

Mays: GRRR!

Growled Mays as he ran up to the Guards and killed each one of them.

Thomas: They can't hold for out for longer, keep pushing them back.

In wasn't long till the Diesels were retreating and Misty Island was under the control of the Steam Engines. Back at the Steam HQ, everyone was talking to Toad.

Toad: I was happy to help, we don't act like Scruffy and the others.

Thomas: Belle I am pleased to tell you that you can join the resitance as part of the Misty Island Assualt squad.

Belle: Do the...

Henry: We told them already.

Belle: Just so you know, Flynn was the Leader of the riot.

Annie: Thomas we want to join you guys.

Thomas: Alright, you can become are group of archers with the help of Mays.

Culdee: I can gladly let Mays join your group of archers.

Lady: And thank you for your help.

Mays: I think we have found our new Leader.

Thomas: I thought you didn't want to be Leader.

Mays: Not me. You!

Thomas: Me?!

Mays: You've handeled things well when we lost the four leaders, so you should be in charge.

Thomas: Err...ok.

Molly: Hey Mays want find a place to be alone?

Mays: you know it.

<Both kiss>

Thoams: Mays since i am being named the new leader for now, that means you will become a permanet Comander.

Eveeryone: YAY MAYS!!!

Mays: thanks. Oh Thomas dont you want to ask Lady an important question?.

To be continued...

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