Eighteenth Part in The Steamies VS Diesels.

[Diesel HQ]

As you could tell D10 was fumming about losing Weapon Z to the Steamies.


Diesel tryed to calm him down.

Diesel: Calm down my lord.

D10: How can I when you assholes keep loseing my Machines to the Steamies!!

Diesel Technician: My lord I know we wont lose Weapon Omega.

D10: I hope, for your sake, you are correct.

Technician: My lord. Weapon Omega will only be operateable by you.

D10: Do you not think I am aware of that.

[Steam HQ]

The Steam Engines morale was high since the destruction of Weapon Z. Any plans for breaking through the Diesels Frontline had been cancelled. In the Brake Room, the Coaches, (Ada, Jane, Mabel, Agnes, Ruth, Lucy, Jemima, Beatrice, Alice, Mirabel, Catherine, Gertrude, Millicent, Old Slow Coach, Victoria, Helena, Isabel, Dulcie, and Cora) were talking amongst each other.

Old Slow Coach: That was a tough battle.

Jane: I know.

Gertrude: i need a drink.

Then Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta came in to the Breakroom.

Annie: Guys I would like to welcome you to someone he is a comander in the steam resitance his name is Mays.

Old Slow Coach: Did you say he?

Clarabel: yes.

The girls started to mumble to one enother.

Henrietta: Now i know you guys have not met a kind man in a long time, but trust us he is verry kind.

Anges: I will make that choice for my self.

Ada: Well were is he?

Soon Mays entered.

Mays: I am Mays Expert Marksmen, Archer, and Commander.

Catherine: Nice to meet you were the Coaches.

Jane: Uh Mays we were wondering if we could see your face?

Mays: Are you sure you can handel it?

Gertrude: Yes.

Mays: Alright.

(Takes off Hood)

Ada: Oh my!!!!

Lucy: What hapen to your nose!?!

Mays: Diesel 10 tore off my nose.


Works was working on attaining Data from the computer inside the head of Weapon Z, while the other were upgrading Thomas' battle suit.

Thomas: How are the upgrades coming?

Works: Very well Thomas, we increased the enhancement effect of the suit, added a spinning saw to both of the hands and increased the armour. Also, using some of Weapon Z systems, we have made attachments to the suits, such as these claws that fold over your hands when you need them and this Tesla Cannon on you left shoulder. However, this has made suit bigger slightly and you will have to have the suit on before you equip the attachments.

Thomas: Excelant.

Works: Oh, we also have been coming up with plans for some new weapons.

Thomas: What did you have in mind?

Works: We have come up with plans for weapons like Twin Incinerator Rifles, Pulse Grenades and Automatic Crossbows for the archers with one being able to handel Mays type of Arows.

Thomas: Well start work on it after your done with whats left of Weapon Z.

Works: Yes Sir.

Later Thomas was talking to the other commanders.

Thomas: So with Weapon Z destroyed, the Diesels will not be as difficult as they were before, but that does not mean that they are not dangerous. I hate to admit it, but, they are just as dangerous as they were at the start of this war.

Thomas could tell that the other Commanders agreed, their faces all showd that they knew that the Diesels would still be tough to take down.

Mays: Why don't we just attack the Diesel HQ?


Mays: Calm down, I was just suggesting th...

Gordon: Oh just SHUT UP!. You keep trying to be the hero, but you are NOTHING! People have died in this war and you don't seam to reliase that, you just think that you can change that. Well, you can't, Stokes tried telling you that, you didn't listen and he died because of it.

This made Mays mad.

Mays: (angry) Listen to me you big blue show off, i understand i can not change what has happen so far in the war. I live by it every Motherf**king day. You think i am nothing but im not!. Serveing as Diesel 10's buttler was like going through hell!!!, I know more about the Diesel 10 then you or any one here will ever know!!! and i know the Diesel HQ better than anyone else!!!!!!.

Gordon: (Angry) What are you trying to say!?!

Mays: That i am not nothing!!!. To say that i am not useless. And to say that you need to lightin up a bit on this F**King war!

After that, Gordon stormed out of the briefing room, the other were shocked.

Mays: He is to hot headed.

Flying Scotsman: Look, don't have ago at him. He just hates the Diesels more than anything.

Mays: Why?

Flying Scotsman: We...we weren't the only ones of our family who joined the resistance. Us and our brothers came from Doncaster before the war started. When it did, we all joined, but we didn't think about the conseqences.


It was near the start of the war, Gordon and his Brothers arrived at Tidmouth to meet up with other members of the Steam Engine Resistance, in an attempt to take it from the Diesels. The resistance didn't have any territory under their control and only got by on raids and guerrilla warfare, now they were planning on taking Tidmouth from the Diesels and other locations aswell. Soon they entered an old warehouse where the Resistance were planning the attack. Some other members there were Thomas, James, Henry, Emily, Neil, Murdoch and Albert.

TFC: Ok everyone. This is our only attempt to take Tidmouth from the Diesels.

Centenary: So how are we going to do this?

TTC: We have bombs planted at certain Diesel posts and checkpoints around Tidmouth. We will set them off, then we will open fire on them. Is that understood?

Everyone: Yes Sirs.

Everyone prepared themselves by grabbing their guns and ammo. Soon it was time for the attack.

Murdoch: Wait for the signal.

Suddenly, explosions went off everywhere and the Steam Engines revealed themselves.

Albert: SUPRISE!

As they moved through Tidmouth, they encountered a large group of Diesels.

Gladiateur: Bros, lets attack these Diesels from their flanks. Gordon, Scotty, stay here and help these guys fight the other Diesels.

They went round and attacked the Diesels from the side, they were sucessful. Everyone ran up to meet them, however, no-one saw the squad of Diesels behind them. Then Flying Scotsman saw the squad and tried to warn them.

Flying Scotsman: Look Out!

But it was too late.


Everyone stopped as they saw Gordons and Flying Scotsmans brothers drop dead. Suddenly, Gordon grabbed a machine gun of a dead Diesel and emptied it on the Diesels that killed his brothers.

[Flashback Ends]

Flying Scotsman: It hurt both both of us. But Gordon...Gordon took it the worst, he would torture any surviving Diesels he found after battles.

Mays: Oh!

Then Works entered.

Works: Thomas I need to talk to you for a bit.

Thomas: Ok Works.

So Thomas left the room.

Works: We have just got done with Weapon Z and have started work on the Weapons.

Thomas: Thats good could I see my newly modified battle suit?

Works: Sure.

Thomas' battle suit slightly taller than before and the new weapons looked far deadlier Thomas thought they would be.

Thomas: <whistles> Those Diesels aren't going to know what hit them.

Works: Also, we found something very interesting in Weapon Zs data base. Something that could end the war.

Thomas: What?

Works: The security codes too the Diesels automated defences. With these codes, the Diesels automated defences will not attack us.

Thomas: Execellent.

Thomas then left for the Briefing Room.

Thomas: Everyone, tomorrow we will attack D10's base and we will be going through the Diesel frontline to get to it.

Everyone: What?!!

To Be Continued...

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