Tenth part in the Steamies vs Diesels series.

Thomas: Thanks for reminding me Mays.

So Thomas took Ladys Hand.

Thomas: I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Lady will you marry me.

He pulled out a box with a ring and showed it to her.

Lady: (Happy) yes I will marry you Thomas.

Everyone Cheerd as they kissed. Rosie however was upset and she stormed out of the room, tears welling in her eyes.

Mavis: oh dear.

Henry: one of us must see what is wrong with Rosie.

So Oliver left to find her, meanwhile Annie, Clarabel, and Henritta were resting.

Annie: it is good to relax once in a while.

Clarabel: your right Sister.

Then Mays voice came over the intercom.

Mays: I need every one to come to the briefing room right away.

Soon everyone was in the briefing room.

Mays: Now any one have any plans on getting the four leaders back?

Duck: lets attack Diesel HQ.

Mays: I see one problem with that.

Duck: and that would be?

Mays: knowing Diesel 10 If we did a straight assult he could kill them before we got to them.

Gordon: what else are you going to disscus?

Mays: aw, now I think we should rebuild Tidmouth.

Henry: that will take a long time to do.

Mays: that is why we wont start until we save The four leaders, or if we win the war.

Thomas: We will have to push the Diesels back. Don't forget they control 70% of Sodor, and that his fortress is on the other side of the island.

Mays: Unfortunatly, you have a point, but i have good news.

Neil: And what would that be?

Mays: if memory serves, Diesel 10 built underground tunnels, each base under Diesel control has at least one tunnel that leads to the Diesel (HQ).

Thomas: It is to risky to head undergorund and use the tunnles we don't know how safe they are.

[Diesel HQ]

Diesel was standing infront of D10, he was still wounded from the battle.

Diesel: My apologies, Lord 10.

D10: (upset) You lost weapon Y and failed to stop the Steamies from taking Misty Island. I find it hard to forgive you.

Diesel: I understand.

D10: But, seeing that you have been an excellent second-in-command. I have decided to spare you.

Diesel: Thank you, my lord.

D10: now Splodge i need you two to check in on the Four Leaders of the Stemies every so often.

Splodge: Yes Lord 10.

Diesel 10: And make sure they are well fed.

[Steam HQ]

Rosie was standing outside Knapford Station. She was both upset and angry, Thomas and Lady were getting married.

Rosie: That bitch! How dare she steal him from me! Thomas should have asked me to marry him. Lady must have done something to get him.

Oliver: Rosie. Are you ok?

Rosie: No!

Oliver: Come on! Can't you be happy for them, after all Lady is pregnant.

Rosie: What?!

Oliver: Lady is pregnant with Thomas' child.

Rosie: That [Bleep]!, She is so dead now!!!

Rosie said as she stormed off.

Toby: You do realise that you have added wood to the fire.

Oliver: Oh [BEEP].

The next day Mays was sitting with Molly on the roof of Knapford Station.

Molly: We sure did have fun last night didn't we?

Mays: we sure did.

and they kissed.

Thomas was talking with Harvey about the battle suits.

Harvey: Good news. You know how your battle suit was damaged, well with Weapon Y, we were able to repair and upgrade your suit with what was left of the weapon Y suit, you basically destroyed it. It is now capable of releasing an electric charge through these cables and no longer suffers from a shot from a pulse rifle.

Thomas: Excellent. But will you be able to rebuild Weapon Y.

Works: Unfortunately, no.

[Diesel HQ]

D10: What is the status on Weapon Z?

Technician: We have nearly finished the armour.

D10: Did you get the new plans for it?

Technician: Yes.

D10: Good. Remember, I don't want this weapon to suffer like the other two.

Technician: Yes, my lord.

D10: (Grins) This will make sure the Steamies can't operate it.

Technician: Also, Weapon Omega has begun its development stage.

D10: Prefect. HehHehHeh

[Steamie HQ]

Thomas: I think we should reclaim Center Island Quary.

Thomas said to Mays, Culdee, Mike, Jack, and Duke.

Jack: are you sure Leader?

Thomas: Yes i am sure, tell every one we will leave for Center Island Quary tommarow. Mays your leading the assualt.

Mays: Yes sir.

So they went to tell the others, meanwhile Rosie was still fumeing.

Rosie: it is so unfair!.

Molly: dont worry i am sure you will find someone else.

Rosie: (angry) Like there is some one out there!!! Besides Lady just gave her body to Thomas. She doesn't love him. She just wanted to sleep with him.

Molly: Lady loves him just as much as Thomas loves her.

Meanwhile Mays was doing some practiceing with Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta, when he got a call on his cell.

Mays: Hmmmmm you dont say, alright.

Annie: who was that?

Mays: My friend, he's a General in the Royal Army, unfortuately they can't help us.

[Misty Island]

Though under Steam Engine control, a few Diesels were left behind on the island and forced to hide, but they were exacuted by the steamies.

Ferdinand: Guys we have found the bunker the Diesels were using, we killed them and found a lot of artillary, armour, guns and ammo. This can help us take back more of Sodor.

Dash: will...

Bash: inform HQ.

[Steam HQ]

Dash: so theres enough firepower...

Bash: there to push the diesels back.

Thomas: Hpmh, I think its time we fought back.

Belle: we will be ready for tomorrow.

Thomas: Ok Thomas out.

Trooper: Leader we almost have that jet operational.

Thomas: Good we are going to need it for tomorrow, and make sure your well equip.

Trooper: Yes sir.

To Be Continued

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