Eleventh part in the Steamies vs Diesels series.

So the next day every one was geting ready for the battle.

Mays: All right Culdee I want your group to be stationed at every enterance/exit point at the Quary.

Culdee: Yes Mays.

Soon they were getting on the jet, Harold, Tiger-moth, and Jeramy were set and ready to go, soon they were close to the Quary.

Mays: is every one ready?

Duncan: Yes.

So the Jet landed near one of the enterance's.

Mays: Attack!!!!!.

They charghed in and started to fight catching the Diesel's off guard, but they were able get themselves organised and were holding their ground.

D-Trooper: Sir, the Steamies are moving in from the west enterance.

D7101: Have all of the artilary fire at the enterance, and find out who there comander on this assult is.

D-Trooper: Yes sir.

The artilary was posisioned and was firing at the Steamies.

Duncan: Commander Mays, enemy artilary is pounding at our forces.

Mays: Is it possible to push through?

S-Trooper: Negative.

Mays: Well keep fighting.

The Steamies struggled to push through the bombardment of shells and rockets, but they were hardly making progress. Soon they were routed back to the enterance and feared they would have to retreat soon.

Mays: How are we going to be able to break through?

Duncan: I have a plan.

Duncan: Lets rain shit on these bastards.

Bombs fell from the jet as its guns fired at the ground, Harold fired missles at their vehiciles and Tigermoth and his squadron took down their fighters. With the destruction of most of their armor, the Steamies charged the remaining Diesels, but this time they meet little to no resistance. Soon the Diesels were forced to retreat.

Class 40: Fall back.

Soon the Quary was back under the control of the Steamies as the remaining Diesels retreated, Class 40 raideod Diesel 10.

Class 40: Lord 10 the Steamies did a surprise attack on us we had to retreat as most of our Troopers were killed and vehiciles were destroyed.

D10: Come back to my base Now!!!! I will deal with you when you return.

Class 40: yes sir. "(turns off raideo)", I am in trouble.

(Steamie HQ)

Back at HQ Mays was pleased with the victory.

Thomas: you did well Mays.

Mays: Thanks.

Thomas: I am pleased to say that Operation Rapid Strike is now in action. Right now James is leading an attack on the power station.

Mays: Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta you did very well in the fight.

[Power Station]

James' forces were fighting through the Diesels and were not far from victory. James was also leading a small strike squad to take out the commander. They were shooting through the guards and were closing in.

James: Ok the commander is inside here.

They blasted through the door and gunned down the guards, while James drew his pistol and fired it at the commanders head. Then one of his soldiers came up to him.

S-Trooper: Sir the Diesel army is in full retreat.

James: Good. I will contact Thomas.

[Steam HQ]

Soon they got a call from James.

James: good news the power plant is back under our control.

Thomas: good, Mays has just won back the Quary.

James: sweet!!! i am heading back to base now.

Thomas: We'll see you later. Oh and just to let you know, the wedding is tomorrow and Percy, you're my best man.

Percy: Thanks.

Gordon: what are you going to do about Rosie cause you know she will object to the wedding.

Thomas: If she doesn't like it, then she shouldn't bother coming. I want to marry Lady and thats it.


Lady was walking through Knapford, she could not wait for tomorrow. Emily and Molly agreed to be her bridesmaids, they had got the dresses and now they had to wait. She then saw Rosie walking up to her with an angry look on her face.

Rosie: Why did you steal Thomas from me?!

Lady: i did not steal him.

Rosie: Don't lie you don't love him.

This made Lady very cross

Lady: I do love him! Ever since he saved me, I've loved him. Did you not wonder why he didn't want to date you, it was because he loved me.

Then she left.

Rosie: Your going to pay bitch.

Mays who had over herd told Lady.

Mays: dont worry i will make sure nothing ruins your wedding.

Lady: thanks Mays.

[Diesel 10's HQ]

D10: How could you let them win!!

Class 40: P-P-Please forgive me, L-L-Lord 10.

D10: Very well but if you fail again i will not think twice about killing you, now get out of my sight.

Class 40: Thank you my lord.

And he left. Then a technician contacted D10.

Technician: Lord 10, Weapon Z is complete.

D10: Excellent. Lets test it against the Steamies by attacking Suddery.

Slpater: Uh....boss not to bring bad news, but we just lost the power plant to the Steamies.

D10: WHAT!!!!!

Dodge: I know boss.

Then Diesel 10 had an idea.

D10: Is the Mid Sodor Railway still open?

Splater: No it was shut down and is Guarded by the Steamies.

D10: Test our new toy on one of the locations on the Mid Sodor Railway after the test at Suddery.

Dodge: yes Lord 10.

To be continued

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