Fourteenth part in the Steamies vs Diesels series.


Marthwaite had once been a station on the Mid Sodor Railway before it was closed down. When the war broke out, the Steam Engines were quick to take Marthwaite to help increase transport and serve as a base.

Stanley(ng): This is a waste of time, in America I had much more fun.

C-Trooper: And is that why your our commander cause you come from America you git?

Stanley(ng): I am not a git or what ever it means.

S-Trooper: Sir we need to protect this location from the Diesels.

Stanley(ng): Yeah well...



Outside, Weapon Z was moving through Marthwaite, destroying everthing it saw. Severel of the troopers were set on fire by its flamethrower, others were sliced into pieces, rockets were fired everywhere and the troopers were blown up, as its machine gun fired at all of the retreating troopers. Stanley(ng) was buried under some rubble of a building he was standing by but was still alive, he actived his radio headset and contacted Steam HQ.

[Steam HQ]

Soon Thomas got a call from Marthwaite.

Stanley(ng): (over raidio) Thomas we are under atack by the Diesels.

Thomas: Hold out, I'm sending reinforcements.

Duke: What's happening?

Thomas: Marthwaite is under attack. I want you to take your forces to Marthwaite and help out.

Duke: Consider it, done.

Duke and his troops got into helicopters and headed for Marthwaite.


Despite going against one target, the steamies were being slaughterd by Weapon Z, it made its way through the small town, then smashed into a station. Grabbing one of the computers and plugged itself in, downloading all of the data. After it was finished it killed everyone it saw. It wasn't long until reinforcements landed, but by the time they got there, Weapon Z was long gone.

Duke: My god there are so many bodys!.

Soon they heard music playing.

Mighty: Sir I can hear music.

Duke: Lets follow it, there could be someone still alive.

So they did soon they found a baterd and bloody Stanley(NG) on top of a pile of rubble playing some Country Music.

Duke: Commander Stanley what happen here?

Stanley(ng): I may be from america but I have never seen a Machine do this kind of damage.

Smudger: What machine?

Stanley(ng): Who do you think did this, It was Weapon Z.

Duke: We are going to take you back to HQ to have you looked at.

Stanley(ng): Ok.

Duke: Ivo-hugh, Duncan, Skarloey, and Peter Sam stay here and look for other survivers.

They saluted Duke and searched the ruins while Duke and the others left in the helicopters.

[Steam HQ]

Lady was walking to the cantine when she ran into Victor{tv}.

Victor: Lady, I have been looking for you. I was hoping to preform a scan to see what your child is.

Lady: Ok, but can Thomas be there please.

Victor: Don't worry. I've sent Kevin to get him.

Soon, Thomas was with them in the Medical Bay.

Victor: Ok, lets begin.


Victor: Keven!, how many times i told you to be carefull.

Keven: Sorry boss.

Victor: (whispering) You'd better be.

He took a sensor and ran it over Lady's abdominal. A screen showd the unborn child. Victor looked at it closely.

Victor: Well, I see your going to have a boy, you two.

Both Thomas and Lady's faces lit up, before a trooper enterd.

S-Trooper: Sir, Commander Duke has returned with Commander Stanley(NG) and it is not a pretty sight.

Thomas:<sighs>Fine, I'll be there.

The trooper left, Thomas and Lady were disappointed.

Thomas: Sorry<kisses her> I love you.

Lady:<kisses back> I love you too.

Then Thomas left, he soon saw them.

Thomas: Hello Stanley(ng), I can see you dont look to good.

Stanley(ng): Well as you can see I am coverd in the blood of my team, since it was literaly raining blood.

[Diesel HQ]

D10: Excelent, Weapon Z is very effective.

Dodge: Uh... lord 10 we just lost 3 bases to the steamies.

D10: What were the bases?

Splater: One was the wharff, the second one was the Cement works, and the last one is Maithwaite.

Diesel: My lord, may I sugest that you hold of on attacking the steamies with Weapon Z, the technicians need to analsye the data it recovered and repair the minor damage it has recieved.

D10: Very well. And what is the status on Weapon Omega?

Diesel: It has just started being built.

D10: Perfect!.

[Steamie HQ]

All of the commanders were in the briefing room.

Thomas: So, we now control 34.5% of the Island.

Mays: Yeah, so what now?

Thomas: Using all of the gear we have, we will push the Diesels back as far as we can. Understood?

Commanders: Yes, Sir.

To Be Continued

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