Fifthteenth part in the Steamies Vs Diesels series

Soon Mays spoke up.

Mays: Guys I am going to show you all my face.

Duke: I have been wanting to see what is under that hood.

Thomas: Plus the only one who saw his face was Molly.

Molly: I never got to see his face.

Gordon: This might make you more trustworthy.

Emily: Harsh, Gordon.

Gordon: Lifes harsh, get used to it.

So Mays took off his hood, and they were shocked at what they saw.

Thomas: Well Bust My Buffers!.

They saw a scar that ran from his right eye and ended at the spot were his nose should of been, also Mays had claw marks on his face.

Mays: Diesel 10 cut off my nose leaving this scar, *Sternly* and this is why i cover my face.

Emily: Oh my god.

Emily nearly threw up, Mays put his hood back on.

Thomas: Now rest up. We will be pushing back the Diesels tomorrow at sun rise.

Everyone: Yes sir.

So everyone left for their quarters. Salty, however, was in the brake room when Mavis came in and sat beside him.

Mavis: Aren't you tired?

Salty: I don't sleep.

Mavis: Is it because...?

Salty: Aye.

Mavis: Yeah, I hated it when I served in Diesel 10's army.

Salty: Everyone who defected hated it.

Mavis accidently placed her hand on Salty's hand. She drew away her hand, blushing, luckily Salty had not noticed.

Mavis: Well...night, Salty.

Salty: Aye, night Mavis.

So Mavis left.

Mavis: If only I could tell him how I feel.

[Diesel HQ]

Technician: Lord 10, I have some good news to report.

D10: What?

Technicain: Well, Weapon Z has the most advanced form of artificial intelligence in the world, but it still needs someone to support it, as in to give it orders and that. Now, however, it can now think for itself.

D10: Excellent. Have it put into the 000 legion.

Technician: Yes sir, oh and we analized the data Weapon Z got.

D10: And?

Technician: The Steamies have a new commander.

D10: Well let me see.

So Diesel 10 looked at the paper.Then felt his temper riseing.

D10: Son of a Bitch!, How dare he change sides on me after every thing I did to make him work for me.

Diesel: What is wrong Lord 10.

D10: That butler I had is the steamies new commander. Fuck!!!!

Dodge: So?

D10: You do not understand he knows most of the blueprints to are new weapons.

This shocked his comanders.

Norman: Why would you tell him the blueprints!?

Diesel 10: Cause i thught he would be my buttler for life.

Splater: Well what do you intend to do about it?

D10: I will decide that later, now all of you, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!

Everyone ran as fast as they could, leaving D10 by himself. However, his face changed from angery into an evil grin, but was still fumeing.

D10: This excedes the expectations of my plan, this will be most useful, and Mays you will be dead.

[Steam HQ]

The next morning, every trooper in the steamies forces was preparing for their biggest operation yet. They were going to be pushing back the Diesels from all sides of the frontline. No taking single locations, just pushing back the Diesels, they were planning to capture at least 50% of the Island and draw a new frontline from the top to the bottom of the line. In the briefing room, Thomas was in his battle suit, informing the other commanders.

Thomas: So you all know the plan. No Retreats, No Excusses.

Commanders: Yes Sir.

Soon, all of the troopers and commanders were on some form of transport, be it by rail, road or air, and heading for the frontline.

Gordon, Molly, Mays and Bear were in a Helicopter.

Mays: So, what do you think the chances of surviving this operation are?

Molly: Thats a positive way to think Mays.

Mays: I just dont want nothing to happen to you.

Molly:(Blushing) Thanks Mays.

She said and kissed him.

Bear: We should be alright, we're in Stormtrooper armor after all.

Gordon: You've been watching Star Wars again.

Bear: So? I like Star Wars.


Pilot: (over raido) We are aprotching the reinforcement point so get ready. I'm putting us down.

They landed near a part of the steam engines forces, Gordon addressed the troops.

Gordon: What's the situation?

Jack: The artillary is in position, the tanks and armoured jeeps are ready, we have roughly 3000 troops and our air support is ready aswell, sir.

Gordon: Good, now we must wait for our orders.

Soon Thomas landed.

Thomas: Is everyone ready?

Commanders: Yes Sir.

Thomas: Comence the attack!

The artillary fired at the Diesel forces, after the bombardment, the troops and vehicles attacked the survivers of the bombardment. However, despite gaining back some land, they still had to push on through to the other Diesel forces.

Thomas: Keep pushing.

As they fought, the Diesels soon had to retreat and as they did, the Steam Engines were close behind them. After 5 hours of constant fire, the Steam Engines now controled 39% of Sodor, and they weren't going to stop. However, their constant attacks didn't go unnoticed.

[Diesel HQ]


Den: My lord. It seems that the Steamies are trying to push back the frontline.

D10: Then prepear for a new frontline at the middle of the Sodor.

Dart: Yes my lord.

It was not long before the Steamies had gained 42.5% of Sodor and they still pushed them back. Soon, they began to struggle because the Diesels were firing artillary at them.

Thomas: All of you hold your positions. Luke, Rheneas, your both in charge. I'm going to blow up the big gun.

Thomas took off in his suit and flew over to the Diesels. He landed and cut off the heads of 2 Diesels with his blades.

D-Trooper: Blast him!

The Diesels fired at him in all directions, but he killed them with his machine gun, electricity cables, blades or his enhanced strength. After he killed them, he fired his mini missles at the artillary cannons.

Thomas: All cannons are destoryed. Continue attack.

As night fell, the Steamies controled 49.2% of Sodor but they continued on fighting. They were struggling to progress as the Diesels had reinforced here to prevent them from moving, they were tired, they were wounded and they were becoming disorganised, but they fought on. Soon, they had done it, they had captured 50% of Sodor. It took nearly 24 hours, but they had done it. They began to dig out trenches for protection on the new frontline.

Mallard: We better beat the Diesels.

Spencer: It's obivous we will.

Mallard: No one can beat us.

Great Snipe: You know what?

Mallard: What?

Great Snipe: You two full of yourselfs and I thought me and Gadvall were the rudest ones here.

Mallard: Shove it up your ass.

Spencer: Calm down bro. We'll get the last laugh.

Mallard: alright!!.

[Diesel HQ]

D10: What is the condition of Weapon Z?

Diesel: It is still being painted in 000 legion colours, it is a huge robot so what do you expect. It seems it has givin itself a name.

D10: What is it?

Diesel: Annihilator.

D10: What about Weapon Omega?

Dodge: It is still being worked on, but they have most of the armour done.

D10: Excellent, I want to see how Mays fares against Weapon Z AKA Annihilator.

To Be Continued.

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