Seventeenth part in the Steamies vs Diesel Series.

Rosie: This is the most fun I have ever had.

Percy: Me too.

And they kissed, later at HQ Percy and Rosie decided to have their own fun after they both agreed to never leave eachother.

Molly: Are you alright Mays?

Victor: He just had a bit of shrapnel removed from his leg.

Mays: As it was aiming its gun at me I closed my eyes thinking I would never see you again.

Molly: Your so sweet.

[Briefing Room]

Thomas: Ok. So our plan to break the Diesel Frontline failed, but fortunately, Murdoch, Scruff, Percy, Fearless Freddie, Jinty, Pug, Neil  and Caroline, we were able to get more supplies from the Diesels by raiding another Truck convey.

Colin: Thats good to hear.

Sir Handel: Mays, what modifications are on Stokes Rifle.

Mays: Its an AK-47 with a mid-range scope, expanded ammo clips, a silencer and a flamethrower attachment underneath the barrel. Just to let you know, I am no longer an archer.

Thomas: Why?

Mays: My bow and arrows were lost in that fight. Its most likely that they would be destroyed by now.

Annie: Mays since Me, Clarabel, and Henrietta are archers we have lots of Bows and Arrows. We can let you have one.

Elizabeth: That makes sense.

Mays: Thank you Annie, but Stokes gave me his gun, I think it would be an insult to him not to use it, i am still going to use one of your spare Bows, and use it as a back up wepon.

Thomas: Anyway, we will be attacking the Frontline again, but this time its going to be different.

Mays: How?

[Diesel HQ]

D10 was with his Commanders, they were discussing the battle.



D10: ENOUGH!!!

Everyone shut up instantly to avoid D10's wrath.

D10: Now then, we won that battle correct, but we did nearly lose Annihilator which would have put us at a disadvantage. Also, you fools have not heard of the attack on another of our trade convoys from the Trucks.

Arry: But my Lord, there is that Steamie with our battle suits. After Faceless failed to stop him from taking Weapon X and how Diesel lost Weapon Y to him.

D10: I am aware of that, but soon Annihilator will be repaired and be sent with the 000 Legion to attack the Steamie frontline.

[Steam HQ]

Thomas was return to his and Lady's room for a rest, he had explained the battle plan for tomorrow and need his strength for it to work. He enter his room and saw Lady standing in front of a mirror, rubbing her hands over the large bump that was forming.

Thomas: Are you ok Lady?

Lady: Huh, yes I am, its just that, it won't be long now.

Thomas: I know.

Lady: I'm scared Thomas.

Thomas: Of what?

Lady: When our child is born, what if it has powers like me, what if the Diesels find out and take it away.

Lady was beginning to cry, Thomas pulled her into a hug.

Thomas: Sshhhh. Don't think like that. Everything will be ok.

Lady: Your right.

Thomas: Now, lets sleep.

Lady: Ok.

Meanwhile Mays could not sleep. He could not let go of the sight of Stokes being stabbed by Weapon Z and felt gulity.

Mays: Its my fault Stokes is dead. He tried to save me. He died because of me, and i am in disbeleave to have saw another person die before my eyes.

Mays did not know how to handel his emotions on this subject, and to make matters worse Molly overheard.

Molly: (Thinking) What is he talking about?

The next morning, everyone woke up to a wet rainy day. However, this was not going to stop the plans for the attack on the frontline. Thomas had ordered for all of the Commanders to be sent to the frontline.

[Steam Frontline]

All of the Commanders were discussing battle tactics, Jack had been promoted to Commander after the death of Stokes.

Jack: So how is this going to go?

Gordon: We will be attacking the Diesel frontline in a attempt to draw out the 000 Legion and Weapon Z.

Mays: Then what?

Gordon: Then You and Thomas will come and try to destroy Weapon Z while the rest of us will try to get rid of the Shadow Legion.

James: Sounds dangerous. <grins>

Emily: James, please promise me, you will not do anything that will get you killed.

James: Don't worry, Thomas will be doing the foolish stunts.

Thomas: Very funny.

Soon, it was time to attack the frontline. The Steam Engines comenced their attack, it was difficult but they were able to breach the frontline again.

[Diesel HQ]

Diesel Commander: Lord 10, the Steamies are attacking the frontline.

D10: Is Annihilator ready?

Diesel: Yes my Lord.

D10: Then send it to the frontline.

Diesel: Right away.

[Steam Frontline]

The Steam Engines were able to make their way through the Diesel frontline, but they still finding it difficult.

Jack: Keep going, we can do this.

Thomas: This feels like a trap.

James: How are you doing Emily?

Emily: Just fine my love.

Gordon:<sighs> Theres a certain time for flirting, and then always time to fight.

Suddenly, severel Diesel jets flew over and severel paratroopers fell with Weapon Z.

Stepney: Looks like the Shadow Legion are here.

Thomas: Perfect.

Weapon Z and the Legion landed, then began attacking the Steamies. The Steam Engines routed back towards their side of the frontline. Thomas and Mays put their plan into action. Weapon Z charged after the Steamies with the Legion followed behind.

Mays: Thomas, lets do this.

Soon Mays was distracting Weapon Z.

Mays: Hey you big Fucking hunk of scrap.

Weapon Z turned around and looked at Mays

Weapon Z: Target identified: Mays. Details: Commander in Steamies forces. Threat level:-75%

As Weapon Z actived its machine gun. Thomas fired at it. Weapon Z turned and saw Thomas.

Weapon Z: Target identified: Thomas. Details: Leader of Steamies Resistance. Operator of modified Weapon X battle Suit. Threat level:-100%

Instead of attacking Mays, Weapon Z went after Thomas. Much to everyones surprise. After Mays fired a few shots at it, Thomas and Mays took cover and rethought their plan.

Thomas: What happened?

Mays: I don't know.

Thomas: Lets double team it.

Mays: Ok.

They broke cover, Thomas took to the air and fired at it, while Mays ran round it and fired. Unfortunately, their plan did not work as well as they hoped.

Mays: Okay. Now what?

Thomas: You head back to the frontline. I'll deal with this thing.

Mays: You sure about that?

Thomas: No, but we have no choice.

Mays: Good Luck.

With that, Mays dashed back for the frontline. Weapon Z saw him and followed him, only to be jumped by Thomas. Thomas landed on its back, Weapon Z grabbed him, pulled him off, and threw him to the side. Thomas quickly got back up and fired at its head. Weapon Z shrugged it off, Thomas then fired a mini missle at it. The blast knocked Weapon Z back, but it was still standing. Thomas then fired his electric cables at it and set the power to full. The shock, however did very little damage. Weapon Z grabbed the cables and yanked them, pulling Thomas with them towards it. Weapon Z grabbed him by his hip and slammed him into the ground.

Thomas: Argh!

Weapon Z released its grip on him and a missle lancher apeared on its left shoulder and aimed. Thomas rolled to his side and swiftly got up. Weapon Z pinned him down again and activated a circular saw in its arm, the saw edged closer to his face, his helmet was the only thing protecting him.


Thomas saw Weapon Z stubble back, he looked around and saw James holding a bazoka. Then a large amount of Steam Troopers attacked the Legion.

Thomas: James?

James: I couldn't let you have all the fun.

They saw Weapon Z get back up, it was heavily damaged, it was sparking alot, some of the armour damaged or hanging on.

Thomas: I'll deal with this.

Weapon Z open its right hand to reveal a machine gun. It fired at Thomas, Thomas dodged and charged at it, he activated the blades in his arms and cut off the right hand with the left blade and tore off some of the chest armour, revealing it power source. Weapon Z took a swing at him with its right arm to stop him from destroying it. Thomas activated his jet pack and dodged it, he withdrew his blades and fired a mini missle at its chest. Without the armour, the missles explosion struck the power source, Weapon Z fell down with little power running out.

Weapon Z: Multip-p-ple dama-a-ges dete-e-ected. Sys-s-s-tem Failu...

With Weapon Z's destruction, the legion retreated back to base. The remains of Weapon Z were collected by the Steam Engines and were sent back to HQ.

[Steamie HQ]

Thomas: Good timing with that bazoka James.

Mays: Thomas could you have the head of Weapon Z reprogramed so it will listen to me only.

Thomas: You should talk to Works about that.

Mays: So Works?

Works: Let me see. Thomas, did you destroy the power source?

Thomas: Yes.

Works: Ah. You see when you destroyed it, you fried nearly every circuit inside. But...

Thomas: But...

Works: I should be able to access its data banks, if its data storage is intact.

Mays: What about the other remains?

Works: Those will be used to repair and modifiy Thomas' suit.

Thomas: Just Do what you can.

To be continude.

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