Nineteenth part in the Steamies VS Diesels series. The final part 1/2.

Everyone: WHAT?!

Thomas had just told the Commanders that they were going break the Diesel Frontline and attack the main Diesel HQ tomorrow.

Rusty: Thomas, are you CRAZY?

James: Yeah, I mean your plan is dangerous, reckless and you would have to be insane to do it. I'm in!

Emily: But...but, James. This is crazy, even for you.

James: Isn't that why you love me?

Thomas: Ok, thats enough. Now before I was interupted, let me explain. Works found out that Weapon Z had the security codes to the Diesels automated defences, with these codes we'll broadcast a signal that will trick the defences into thinking we are allies and...

Victor{magazine}: And it will much easier to breach the Diesel Frontline.

Thomas: Correct. Now, first things first, I want everyone on our side to get everything ready. I want all of are weapons in perfect condition, I want every vehicle ready, I want every last piece of ammo in someones possession, because this might be our only chance of ending this war. We will discuss tatics later. Dismissed.

All of the commanders left the briefing room and began the preparations for tomorrows assualt, they told every trooper at knapford and other bases. On hearing this, everyone stopped what they were doing and began preparing for tomorrow. Everyone was doing something, the technicians were getting help from some of the soldiers to make sure everything was in working order.

Lady, Molly, Angus, Bulgy, Elizabeth, Madge, George, Thumper, Trevor and a few others were in the Break Room when Emily burst in.

Thumper: Woah, Emily, whats going on?

Emily: Long story short. Works found away to break the Diesel Frontline and reach the Diesel HQ, so we need to prepare for the assualt tomorrow.

With that everyone left to get ready. Emily was about to leave when she was stopped by Lady.

Lady: Do you think I might be able to join in on the attack?

Emily: I don't think so. Your pregnant and Thomas is rather over-protective about you.

Lady: I know, but I feel so useless, because I can't help anyone while I'm stuck here and everyone else is dying out there.

Emily: Lets talk with Thomas. He's in the Briefing Room, but lets tell the others about the plan.

Lady: Ok.

[1 hour later]

Everyone was informed about the plan and Hector had retrieved some important information about the Diesel Empire.

Thomas: Ok, Hector has discovered that the Diesel Empire will crubble. However, there is one thing stopping that from happening, Diesel 10. He is whats keeping this Empire together and he knows it. So, if we fail here, Diesel 10 will be able to rebuild his Empire.

Soon, Emily and Lady entered.

Thomas: Your late Emily, and why is Lady here?

Emily: Well..uhh..Thomas... you see...

Lady: I want to join in on the attack.

Thomas: What?

Lady: Thomas, for the past several months I have been feeling useless. Everyone has been doing their part except me.

Jack: Your pregnant, you would not be able to do a lot of thinks. We don't give a shit if your not doing your part. So not feel bad about it.

Lady: But I still feel useless, while people are dying.

Thomas: Lady, I don't want to lose you or our child.

Gordon: Thomas, let her help, we are going to need everyone who can fight.

Culdee: Where did you come from?

Gordn: I just got here.

Thomas: Ok. Now this what we are going to do. We are not going to fight all along the frontline. We will attack it at the center and move on to D10's base, destroying any Diesel bases along the way. The chances are that the Diesels will send in reinforcements, to destract them, the rest of our forces will attack the Diesels on the rest of the frontline, this will force them to send reinforcements to both the frontline and against our strike force. We will be traveling by air in Jeremys jet and we will be attack by land and air.

Captain: Don't you think there should be a navy there aswell.

Mays: He's right, Thomas. i remember there is a dockyard at the back of the Diesel HQ, Diesel 10 uses it for shiping cargo.

Thomas: Ok, we will have a fleet of ships go round the back of the base and attack from there aswell. Alright, thats it. Dismissed.

[Next Day]

All of the Steam Engines and their allies were rushing around, making vital last minute checks to everything before the big assualt.

Mavis: I hope this works.

Daisy: Me too.

Pip: If we win then this war is over.

Emma: I know, now lets hurry up, we are flying in Jeremy's jet.

At the frontline, everything was in place for the attack. On the Diesels side, they had noticed a lot of activity on the steamies side.

D-Captain: Those steamies are up to something. I think they might be planning to attack us again.

D-Commander: Let them. Our automated defences will destroy them.

D-Captain: Sir, shall I ready our troops?

D-Commander: Put a few on stand-by if you want but I wouldn't worry.

The commander believed that the Steamies would not be able to breach his part of the frontline, but he was soon going to be in for a big surprise. Soon the Steam Engines were ready for their attack. Thomas and the others were on board Jeremy's jet as it neared the frontline.

Thomas: Are all preparations ready?

S-Trooper: Yes Sir.

Thomas: Activate Security Code Clearance broadcast.

S-Trooper: Broadcasting signal.

Thomas: Commence the attack.

The Steam Engines charge the Frontline.

D-Captain: Sir, the Steamies are attacking.

D-Commander: Activate the defences.

Suddenly, a large number of turrets arose from the ground and aimed at the Steamies.

D-Commander: FIRE!

Nothing happened.

D-Commander: I said FIRE!

D-Captain: Our turrets aren't firing. The Steamies must be jamming them.

D-Commander: Well do some...

Suddenly, bombs dropped and struck the Diesels.

Thomas: Looks like we were able to breach the frontline. Mays, where would D10 most likely be?

Mays: There are only two possible places he would be. The Fortress or more likely his Palace, both are heavily defended. I was one of the slaves who built it, yuo see i was one of the many slaves to serve Diesel 10 one day I refused to work, and Diesel 10 cut my nose with a saw in front of the other slaves as an example if they defide him. After it was finished, I made another mistake of refusing to be his butler, he decided not to harm me, but killed all of the slaves who built the Palace. All of them! There were men, women, children, sick and elderly, and he butchered them! All because I refused a second time. I am going to tell you all that happen.


(It was around noon on the day of the exacutions, I was in Diesel 10's throne room)

Diesel: Lord 10 the slaves are ready for exacution.

D10: Verry good, now Mays i have said that you would be spared, But the price for your defience is to wathch them be killed.

(They tied me to a chair and made me watch)

Executer: For an act of defience by the slave named Mays, these 20 slaves are on this day sent to be hanged at sundown.

(They pulled a black bag over there heads, and the Executer pulled a leaver the floor under them drop and they went with it.)

Splatter: Must be a record for us.

Dodge: yah 20 slaves all hanged at once.

(My will was nearly broken on that day)

D10: Now Mays i will say this one last time, Be my buttler or die.

(I had no other choice but to agree to it)

Mays: Ok i will be your buttler, just as long that i never have to see another person killed by your hands.

D10: Agreed.

(End Flashback)

Mays: That memory still haunts me.

Everyone felt sorry for Mays, even Gordon felt bad.

Thomas: Well we know that the four leaders are in his Fortress. At the base, I want all of you to parachute down and deal with any Diesels. I'll free the leaders, after that you recover them while I deal with Diesel 10.

[3 hours later-Diesel HQ]

D10: What is going on?

Diesel: My lord, the Steamies have broken through the frontline and are not far from our base.

D10: Bring me Weapon Omega!

Splatter: Yes my Lord.

D10: Also have the Imperial Knights ready.

Bert: Right away my Lord.

Outside, the Steam Engines were getting closer to the base. Jeremy's jet was followed by two similar jets that were being built it after the attack on Misty Island, by converting passenger planes into assualt jets, they were near completion when Weapon Z was destroyed and were finished quicker then planned because of yesterday's rush. Jeremy's jet was carrying the elite strike force (all of the named characters and some other soldiers), and three armoured trucks. All three jets were surrounded by smaller fighter jets lead Tiger Moth and helicopters lead by Harold. The land forces was made up of soldiers, modified jeeps, cars, construction vehicles and a small number of tanks. The Steam Engines navy was also nearing the base and was ready.

Soon they were at the base and so began the battle that would decide the fate of Sodor. The Diesels HQ had a different code for its defences, so it was going to be a tougth fight. Soon, explosions were going off, bullets were flying everywhere and troopers from both sides were dropping dead.

Thomas: Jeremy, after I jump out continue on to the Palace and destroy any defences along the way.

Thomas jumped and flew towards the ground with his guns firing at any Diesels on the ground he saw. After killing them he headed for the fortress. As the jets headed for the palace, they came under heavy fire from the Diesels defences.

Jeremy: Hold on, this going to be rough.

Everyone grabbed hold of something secure, as Jeremy tilted the plane to avoid getting shot. A truck looked out through a window and saw the assualt jet on the right get hit in one of its engines and how it flew down and crashed into the ground. It was too much for him to take.

T-Trooper: Fuck this. I don't want to die!!

He got up and pressed a button which lowered the ramp at the back.

Cora: Wait, what are you doing?

T-Trooper: Saving my ass.

He jumped out, but when he did, he was caught in the firing line of an AA gun. His body was torn up by the massive bullets.

Jeremy: What the Fuck happen?!

Mays: A trooper has went a-wall.

It was not long before Ada was holding on to the end of the ramp, The air force was to much for her to handel, and she was sucked twords the end of the ramp.

Mable: Ada!

Jade: Hold on sis!!!.

Ada: Someone pull me back in please.

So Mays got up and grabed Ada.

Mays: I got you.

He said and pulled her back in the jet.

Mays: Hold on to me untill that ramp is closed.

Ada: (Crying) thank you Mays.

She said and hugged him.

Mays: No need to cry little one.

Cora: Beatrice, close the ramp.

Beatrice: Ok.

After closing the ramp, Jeremy tried to regain control of the plane. On the ground Thomas had just blown up a tank with a mini-missle and had entered the fortress with a squad of troops. Soon they found the four Railway Leaders in the prison.

TFC: Thomas, is that you?

Thomas: Yes, now lets go.

They headed outside, Thomas ordered the squad and the four leaders to take cover inside a burnt out building until reinforcements arrived. He then took off and flew towards the Palace.

Thomas: Jeremy, the leaders are free. Deploy the paratroopers.

Jeremy: Got a bit of trouble here. The leaders are going have to wait.

Thomas: Ok. Captain, Bulstrode. What's your status?

Captain: We are having some difficulty, but I think we can hold on.

Thomas was now right infront of the Palace, he fired a mini-missle and it blew a large hole it the wall. The flew inside and searched for Diesel 10's thrown room. Suddenly, he was attacked by several Diesels using what appeared to be Weapon X battle suits, only weaker. One activated his blade and charged at him. Thomas cut off the Diesels arm with the blade on it, and used it to stab the Diesel in the face. He gunned down the other Diesels and made his way throught the palace killing any of the Diesels he saw. Finally he made it to the thrown room and burst through the doors. At the other end he saw a battle suit larger than his.

D10: You!

Thomas: Diesel 10!

D10: I remember you! You blew off my arm! Though I must thank you! This new claw makes me more evil.

Thomas: Lets end this.

D10: Oh, but what about your friends in that Jet? What about your wife?

Thomas was speachless.

D10: Look!

Diesel 10 pointed to a large window. They both looked out and saw Jeremy's jet, it was heavily damaged and looked like it was going to drop at any minute. Suddenly, there was a massive explosion. The engine on the left wing was destroyed. Thomas heard Jeremy on his radio head set.

Jeremy: We're going down! Grab onto something! This will be a rough landing!

Jeremy and the Co-Pilot were struggling to keep the plane even enough to crash land safely as they could. The plane hit ground and grinded along it and crashed into the side of the Palace. Alot of smoke started to below out of the windows of the plane.


Diesle 10: aw to bad.

There was complete silence on his head-set. Thomas fell to his knees. A small tear ran down his cheek.

Diesel 10: HA-HA-HA! Oh this is excellent, instead of killing you, it was more worse for you to watch your wife die. Oh and my commanders willl be able to finish off your weak Rebellion, without much hassle.

Thomas stood up. His saddness was replaced with anger. His guilt was replaced with revenge. His love for Lady was replaced with his hatered for Diesel 10. His helmet folded into his battle suit. He turned around. His eyes were like they were on fire, his teeth were barred. He activated the blades on his on his arms, his machine gun twiched as it awaited instructions, his razor disc launchers armed themselves. Everyone of his weapons were activated and ready for a piece of Diesel 10


To Be Continued...

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