This continues from Steamies vs Diesels Part 1. Contains swearing and death.

While Mays was reading, Thomas, Gordon, Culdee, Skarloey, Rex and several others were deciding what to do with Mays.

Gordon: How can we thrust him?, for all we know he could be a spy sent by Diesel 10.

Thomas: We need everybody who will help, besides he took down a diesel, and do you realy think that a spy would kill one of its own. Culdee! I'm assigning him to your squad, is that a problem?

Culdee: No problems here. I don't care if he uses a rifle, bow or crossbow. If he can hit a diesel in the head from 300 yards. He's in.

Thomas: Good lets tell him.

Gordon: I say we still should get rid of him, the main thing that bugs me is that his face is hidden.

Godred: Face or not, i have a feeling he knows more then what we do.

They left to tell Mays which group he would be in, and Godred did not know how right he would be.

Thomas: Mays, you're going to be in the Culdee Fell Sniper Squad. Culdee will introduce you.

Mays: Thanks Thomas.

Culdee: So Mays, let me tell you a little about us. We're the finest snipers in the resistance, we climb buildings, go deep into enemy territory, do some spying from time to time. And putting a bullet in some diesels eyes. You fit the bill so here is you uniform.<hands him a Purple jacket with the number 9 on the back in gold>

Mays: Thanks,<puts it on> Fits perfectly.

Thomas: So Mays, what information do you have for us?

[Briefing Room]

Mays: The diesels have been busy making weapons to us against you. Such as Quad-Missle Launchers, Incinerator Rifles, Poison Grenades, and Lava bullits. They're also working on a super weapon called Project DoomsDay, but I don't know what it is. Diesel 10 really kept this quiet, I almost didn't know about it. I have to tell you guys that i used to work as Diesel 10's Buttler.

Skarloey: Sounds to me that this Project is a missle.

Jeremy: More likely some sort of Aircraft.

Hiro: I doubt it, D10 wouldn't keep it quiet if it wouldn't be suspicous about the large amount of resources used.

Rex: Are you saying it is something smaller?

Hiro: I don't know.

Mays: Theres one other thing, the diesels have been getting weapons, supplies, and troops from someone called Scruffy, he leads a very large crime gang called The Troublesome Trucks, with his second in command, Spiteful Brakevan. But they have a deffector called Hector.

Thomas: Hector the Horrid!

Mays: Yes, do you know him?

Thomas: Hes a friend of mine, said how he was in a gang, done things he was not proud of, which got him called Hector the Horrid and he wanted out. But they would kill him, so he secretly works against them. He might help us, if we let him join our side. How do you know him.

Edward: So we recruit Hector, break the diesel-truck alliance and find out what Project DoomsDay is.

Thomas: Right, I'll find a way to contact him.<leaves>

Mays: So I guess we try to stop the Diesel-Truck alliance.

Lady was walking down a corridor when Thomas jumped her and kissed her.

Thomas: Miss me?

Lady: Always. <kisses back>

Thomas:<breaks kiss> That was close last night. Rosie had to ruin the moment.

Lady: Yeah, it sucks cause i had to finish what we started alone.


Thomas and Lady were laying on Lady's bed, snogging, when they heard Rosie.

Rosie: Thomas, where are you?

Thomas: Shit.

Lady: Hide. Quick

Thomas hid underneath the bed, Lady still felling the 'Heat' tried to hide it as Rosie came in.

Rosie: Lady, have you seen Thomas?

Lady: No, why?

Rosie: Some guy wants to join us, says he has information and is an archer.

Lady: I'll tell Thomas if I see him.

Rosie: Thanks. Are you ok?

Lady: Y...Yes!

Lady bites her lip, trying to hold this fealing back.

Rosie: Oh ok.

She left, Thomas crawled out from underneath the bed.

Lady: You'd better go.

Thomas: Sorry.

He said and left.

Lady: (sigh) well there is only one thing to do now.

She said and decided to finish off the 'Heat' she was felling.

[FlashBack Ends}

Lady: Think of it as this way. She didn't see us togther. She would have killed us if she did.

Thomas: Good point.

Lady: What are you doing anyway?

Thomas: I need to contact a friend of mine.

{10 minutes later}

Hector: Thomas. Its been a long time.

Thomas: Yeah. Hector I need a favor.

Hector: What do you need?

Thomas: We need to break the alliance between the diesels and trucks.

Hector: I can see how important that is, but it won't be easy. However, I have plan that could work. But in return I want to join the resistance.

Thomas: That can be aranged.

Hector: Good. I'll meet you tonight at your base.


Thomas: Hector, glad you could make it. Everyone this is Hector.

Hector: Hi.

Mays: Hector, Long time no see.

Hector knew that voice.

Hector: Oh hey Mays you now work for the resitance.

Mays: Yes.

Gordon: So lets here this plan of yours.

[Briefing Room]

Hector: Okay, the Troublesome Trucks transport their goods around through land, sea and air. One of their shipments will start at 3:00am tomorrow. The plan is we sneak on board the cargo ship and take out its engines. This will force it and its escorts to stop. Next, we take out their comunications, destory the 4 escort ships and take the cargo. This will make the diesels and trucks think there is a traitor, this will put strain on their alliance and if we're lucky force them to take out each other.

Mays: That just might work, but hopefully it will lead Scruffy into joing us.

Hector: why?

Mays: with that amo, supplys, and trops the Deisels would not stand a chance.

Hector: You wish, Scruffy only helps those who can pay for his services, and he favors war mongers like D10 than people like us.

Thomas: Alright, lets go to the harbour and have Captain and Bulstrode take us out to sea.

[Tidmouth Harbour]

Mays: Big Harbour.

Captain: Okay is everyone ready?

Everyone: Yes sir.

Captain: Bulstrode

Bulstrode: Yes.

Captain: Well then, Full Steam Ahead!


Captain: Theres the fleet.

Thomas: Good, you keep the ships here, while we take out the fleet.

Captain: Yes, Thomas.

The group consised of Thomas, Mays, Hector, Gordon, Hank, Athur, Mike and Ivo Hugh. They swam up to the ship, snuck on board and made their way to the engine room.

Ivo: Okay time to trash an engine.

After trashing the engine, the ship slowed to a hault, the captain informed the other ships to hold position. Mays radiod for the other groups to go for the escort ships. As they left they saw a guard at the end of a corridor about 400 feet away.

Mays: Watch this.

Mays drew an arrow, aimed it at the guards head and fired. The guard dropped and due to the silence of Mays bow and arrow, no guards were alerted.

Hank: Good shot.

Mays: Thanks.

Mike: Impressive.

Soon, they were contacted by the other groups.

Group 2: Group 2 here, charges are set.

Group 3: The bombs are ready.

Group 4: This ship is rigged to blow.

Group 5: Exlosives in place.

Thomas: All teams head towards the cargo ship and blow up the bombs when you see the signal.

Soon all the teams were on the ship, Gordon was pointing a missle lancher at the bridge of the ship.

Thomas: Do it.

The four escort ship exploded and Gordon took out the bridge. The crew fought hard to kill the invaders, but soon they had to hid the lower levels of the ship. They continued to fight but they were disorganised and scattered, making it easy for the steam engines to kill them off. The steamies ships came and soon the cargo was being loaded onto the ships. When arrived back at the base, everyone celebrated their victory. A disco had been put on to celerbrate this victory, with Gordon and his brother Flying Scotsman as the DJs. Toby was dancing with Flora, Hector was drunk and dancing like mad, Mays was dancing with Molly and Mavis, althoe he had on a mask for that night, even James had come and was dancing slowly with Emily. Rosie was looking for Thomas, but he and Lady had snuck out.

[Thomas' Quaters]

Thomas and Lady were making out on Thomas' bed again, but this time they were going to do a lot more than snoging.

Thomas: Are you ok with this Lady?

Lady: Thomas, I want it to be you as my first. I love you.

Thomas: And I love you too.

And they kissed with love and passion.

[Diesel HQ]

Diesel: Lord 10, the fleet with our shippment was attacked, the cargo was taken and there were no survivers. We might have a traitor amongst us or the troublesome trucks sold us out.

D10: Have our forces keep an eye on those trucks, I don't thrust them. And what about Project DoomsDay?

Diesel: Weapon X is complete and will be transferred to a secret bunker. Weapons Y and Z are in development.

D10: Excellent, Muhahahahaha!

Diesel: what ever happen to that Buttler you had.

D10: he left and quit.

Splater: how do you know.

D10: I found a note on his Bedside tabe with an arrow next to it.

[Steamie HQ]

Molly: who knew you were a good dancer Mays.

Mays: Thanks.

Mavis: Danceing is fun.

Molly: Must ask about that mask?

Mays: I only wear this mask when i dont want to wear my hood, or on nights like this.

Molly: Well you have a good looking body.

To be continued...

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