Final Part in the Steamies Vs Diesels series.

Thomas was furious, he had just watched the jet his friends and wife were in crash. Now he was consumed by hatred for Diesel 10. He wanted to torture him, he wanted to break him, he wanted to kill him. Suddenly, he fired an array of bullets and Diesel 10. D10 rolled to his right in an attempt to dodge the bullets and fired back, they hit Thomas but Thomas just shrugged them off.

D10: I knew you were a strong fighter. I saw how you tore apart from my Imperial Knights!

But Thomas wasn't listening, he fired a mini-missle, it missed and blew away part of the wall of the thrown room.

[Crash Site]

Mays woke up, his head felt like it was spliting, he felt a deep cut on his forehead then he realized that his hood was gone. He looked around and saw everyone else struggling to move.

Gordon: Ok, who ever is not dead? Say your name.

Everyone: (basically every named character in the railway, tv series and magazines is alive, and a few troopers)

Victor{tv}: I think everyones alive.

Kevin: Your wrong, Victor.

He pointed to a pile of 7 bodies, 2 S-Troopers, 1 C-Trooper, and 4 T-Troopers.

Colin: Is that all of the casualties?

Jeremy: No, the Co-Pilot's dead.

Mays: Molly, are you ok?

Molly: Yes Mays.

Ada: it looks like your the only one who is hurt badly Mays, the rest of us just have cuts, scrapes, and bruseing.

They all looked at Mays and saw not only a cut on his head, but that his right arm was broken.

Ada: Mays i was wondering if you could become a brother to me and my sisters as my reward to you for saveing me.

Mays: ok.

Emily: Are ok Lady?

Lady: I think so.

James: Guys we've got trouble.

Outside, a large force of Diesels were moving towards the wreckage.

Gordon: Harvey, try and fix the radio. Works, Rocky, Break, Down, try and fix the trucks. We'll deal with the Diesels. Make every shot count, we have don't have unlimited ammo.

And with that they started to fight, Mays was told to sit out of the fight because of his injuries.

Victor: You'll not be able to fight like this, my friend.

Mays: But...

Victor: No buts. When it comes to keeping you alive, I'm in charge and you follow my orders.

Mays: Yes sir.

Molly instead of fighting stayd by Mays side.

[D10's Thrown Room]

Thomas and Diesel 10 clashed their blades at each others, locking them in a stand off. Thomas was able to knock Diesel 10's blade up and then kick him in the chest. This knocked D10 back, but he wasn't about to give up. They clashed blades again, but Diesel 10 was able to grab Thomas by the neck with his claw. He threw Thomas into a wall and tightend his grip on his neck.

D10: Stupid Steamy. Did it not occur how I was able to form my Empire?

Thomas was still filled with hatred, but he listened.

Thomas: How?

D10: The Government. I was able to gather some followers and had them preform attacks on Sodor. I used this as an excuse formed a militia, and was able to get support for from the Government. Then I recruited those followers into it and began building my Empire. But then those four railway leaders started the Steam Engines Resistance. It was rather fortunate, because I recieved more support by saying you were those attacker, but it was not enough, so I let you get Weapon X to rally more support. I was getting more and more supplies from the Government, enough to capture the UK and Ireland. Now once I destroy you, I will take over the UK and then the world.

Thomas was able to punch D10 in the stomach, the enhanced strength from the suit knock him back towards the Window.

Thomas: Your Empire is on the verge of collapse!! Its Over!!

D10: You might think that, but I'm what's keeping this Empire together. Nothings over as long as I'm breathing.

Thomas: I was hoping you would say that.

With that, Thomas charged at Diesel 10. He pushed Diesel 10 out through the window, they both fell and landed on one part of the roof.

[Crash Site]

The Steam Engines Elite were holding back the Diesels as well as they could, but the Diesels were coming in large numbers and they were starting to run out of ammo. Fortunately, Harvey was able to get the radio working, he then went to help get the trucks fixed while Jeremy called for back up.

Jeremy: This is Jeremy. All available units move to our position. We are trapped by Diesel forces. We are in desperate need of assistants.

A squad of Diesels were close to the wreckage and were about to attack. However, they were shot by four Diesels. Everyone saw it and were shocked.

D-Trooper: TRAITORS!!!

All of the Diesels fired at these traitors, but they were able to make it inside the plane.

Blister 1: Thanks. Who ever you are?

Den: My names Den. This is Dart, Sidney{diesel}, Paxton.

Mays then spoke up.

Mays: I do remember you 4 wierdist bunch i ever did see.

Blister 2: I remember you lot. You were some of D10's most trusted commanders.

Fred: So why are you here?

Dart: We want to leave D10's army. You know what he's like.

Sigrid of Arlesdale: Only too well.

Lady: Well, we're glad you can...<gasp>

Emily: Lady, what's wrong?!

Lady: I don't know. I just felt...<gasp> Ahh!

Victor: Lady, I think your waters broken.

Lady: It can't. I'm not due for nearly a fortnight. Ahh!

Victor: This is an early birth.

James: 'Great' now we have two problems to worry about.

Victor: Kevin, Den. I'm going to need your help. Emily, you comfort Lady.

Emily: Ok.

Den: Dart i want you to fix up Mays.

Dart: alright.

So Dart went over to help Mays, soon he had Mays arm raped up and put in a sling.

Jeremy: I'll tell our reinforcements to hurry up.

[Palace Roof]

Thomas picked himself up, his suit was damaged and he was in a lot of pain. He looked around and saw Diesel 10 get up. D10 fired a grenade at him. Thomas took off with his jet pack as the grenade landed where he was standing and exploded, destroying that section of the roof.

D10: You actually think I can't fly?!

Diesel 10 activated two jets on his back. He fired a load of bullets at the Thomas. Thomas dodged them and and returned fire. Then he flew around one of the Palace's towers and attacked D10 from behind. It did not work as well and they continued to fight in the sky around the palace. Suddenly, D10 knocked Thomas onto the conical roof of the Central tower. He activated his spinning saw and drew it closer to Thomas' face, the disc struck Thomas' helmet, producing sparks. Thomas quickly punched D10 in the head, this knocked D10 to the side and nearly off the edge of the tower. Both Thomas and D10 got up. Thomas' armour had some parts damaged, missing, or hanging off. D10's armour also had parts damaged, hanging off, or missing, the left side of D10's helmet was damaged as it was damaged and, the visor was smashed and cracked. Suddenly, Thomas recieved a distress signal on his head-set.

Jeremy: This is Jeremy, we are desparate for assistants. The Diesels have us surrounded, Lady has gone into labour, and Mays is hurt badly.

Thomas couldn't believe it, his friends were alive and is wife was about to give birth. He looked at D10 and he charged at him. Both of them fell of the tower and were heading towards the Palace Courtyard.

[Crash Site]

The Diesel commanders Diesel, Arry, Bert, Splatter, Dodge, Old Stuck Up, 10751, 31120, Dennis, Norman, D199 and Class 40 were on their way to the Palace Courtyard. S.C.Ruffy, Spiteful, Fred, Rickety and U.L.P were following them.

Old Stuck Up: Lets rid the world of these Steamies, once and for all.

31120: And those traitors.

Norman: I going to enjoy this.

Rickety: I can't wait to kill Hector.

U.L.P: Your gonna have to wait, after I'm finished with him.

Soon they were with the their forces in the courtyard, but then a large force of Steam Engines lead by the Four Railway Leaders arrived. Diesel shouted the Diesels rallying cry.

Diesel: ALL HAIL LORD 10!

Diesels: ALL HAIL LORD 10!!!

The two sides fought each other with all of their might. The Steamies in the plane were able to recieve some help and got the three trucks working again.

Emily: Don't worry Lady. You can do this.

Duke: This no place for a child to be born.

Suddenly, their was a large crash as something fell into the centre of the courtyard. A large cloud of smoke covered what landed there. Everyone stopped fighting when they saw Thomas and D10 rise up from the crater. Their was heavily damaged, patches of blood could be seen on their armour and they the way they walked showed that they were in a lot of pain. However, Thomas activated his right blade (his left one had broken off) and charged at D10. D10 also activated his blade and blocked the attack, he then kicked Thomas in the stomach, sending him backwards. Using his claw, he grabbed Thomas and slammed him into the floor. He tore off Thomas' helmet and crushed it in his hands. Thomas' face had several cuts and he was bleeding from his nose.

D10: Shame I have to kill you. You could of been useful to me.

He was about to stab Thomas, but Thomas fired more bullets at D10's face. D10 backed up and Thomas quickley got up, he punched D10 in the face again, then withdrew and fired a mini-missle at him. The blast from the missle was able to knock D10 into a group of Diesels. As Thomas approached, the Diesels aimed their guns at him.

D10: Back off. I'll deal with him.

They did as commanded, D10 removed his helmet and charged at Thomas. The two of them clashed and began exchanging punches and kicks with each other. Thomas took an upper cut to the jaw and Diesel 10 took a roundhouse kick to the face. They continued fighting, until Diesel 10 grabbed hold of Thomas and threw him into the crashed plane, Thomas crashed through the outside and landed inside the plane. Diesel 10 activated his blade and jumped at Thomas. Thomas saw this and he activated his blade. Both of them pointed their blades at the other. Diesel 10 landed and a large stabbing sound could be heard. Everyone was holding their breath. Who had made the killing blow? Suddenly, Diesel 10 was beginning to stand, but then he fell to the side and Thomas standing, his blade was covered in blood. Diesel 10, the feared Diesel in the world, was dead. The Steam Engines were grinning all but Mays who felt dizzy, while the Diesels were full of fear.

Thomas: ATTACK!

Diesel: RETREAT!

The Diesels retreated as the Steam Engines followed them, destroying their broken forces. Thomas, however, was not following them. He had something more important to do. He entered the wrecked plane and knelt beside his wife. Lady grabbed his hand and smiled at him, with tears in her eyes.

Victor{tv}: One more push Lady.

Thomas: You can do it.


Then they heard crying, Victor wrapped a clothe around the baby and gave it to Lady. The two parents looked down at their son.

Percy: What's his name?

Thomas: Any ideas Lady?

Lady: I was thinking of Thomas Jr.

Thomas: I like it.

Mays: Lets go home.

Then Mays passed out due to the blood running from his head.

Thomas: Donald can you carry Mays so we can get out of here.

Donald: sure laddie.

And so, the war for Sodor had finally ended, with the Steam Engines, going against dangerous odds, fight back against the Diesel threat, and triumph.

With the victory of the Steam Engines, Sodor once again became a peaceful place and soon was restored to the way it was before the war with the Diesels.

Without the leadership of Diesel 10, the Diesel Empire, broke into smaller remnants. These were either destroyed or disspersed.

Thomas and Lady would live a happy life together with their son, who would become inspired by his farther, to become a Really Useful Engine.

Mays and Molly, James and Emily, Percy and Rosie, Toby and Flora, Salty and Mavis, married after the war and started their own families without fear from the Diesels.

The Four Railway Controllers returned to their work of running their Railways and were rather busy in trying to rebuild Sodor.

The Coaches helped rebuild Sodor and were less hostile to the Trucks, they then decided to live on the island.

Toad and Hector took command of the Troublesome Trucks and changed their goals. From being a group of greed and cruelty, into a group of selflessness and honour, Mays was now part of the Island of Sodor.

And so ends the story of the war between the Steam Engines and the Diesels.

"19 years later"

Girl: Mom could you tell me the story on how you and Dad met?

Molly: off Course dear.

Mays: but you first must be told of the War of Sodor.

Girl: there was a war?

Mays: yes now i wil see you two later cause Thomas want the guys to hang out.

Molly: ok see you later.

The End


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