Thirteenth part in the Steamies vs Diesels series

[Steamies HQ]

With the reception over, everyone went to relax, rest or returning to their duties.

Mays was resting when Molly came in.

Molly: Hey Mays you want to do something fun?

Mays knew what she had ment.

Mays: Of course I would.

While they did that that Thomas and Lady were planning their Honeymoon in their room for when the war was over.

Thomas: We could head to the mainland?

Lady: I was thinking somewhere more sunny.

Thomas: Like where?

Lady: Oh, nowhere special, just the Carrabian.

Thomas: Woah. Don't forget I have to sort out a lot of things here and don't forget, your pregnant.

Lady: Aww, but I got something very 'special' for you on our honeymoon, and we can wait for our child before we leave.

Thomas: Fine, you win. Now lets sleep.

Lady: Thank you, but I was thinking of doing 'something' else.

[Diesel HQ]

Technician: Lord 10. Weapon Z is ready for deployment.

D10: Excellent. Have it deployed tomorrow night.

Technician: Yes, my lord.

[Steam HQ]

Sidney(steam engine): That was a great reception.

Sixteen: Yeah, everything seems quite tonight.

Little Barford: Hopefully it stays that way.


Rosie: Percy can we have a talk?

Percy: Sure Rosie.

Rosie: Percy, do you like me?

Percy: Well...yeah, but you were always trying after Thomas. When he asked Lady to marry him, I hoped that you would move on, but you didn't and whe...

He was interrupted when Rosie pressed her lips against his. When she broke away, Percy was speechless.

Rosie: Now I want you.

Percy: then i wont stop you.

Soon they were makeing out. The next day Thomas and Lady woke up.

Thomas: Morning beautiful.

Lady: Morning.

Thomas: Well, I better get up.

Lady:<grabs him>Please stay with me.

Thomas: I wish, but someone has to give the orders.

Lady: ok Dear.

[Control Room]

Albert, 13, City of Truro, Mallard and Flying Scotsman were in the Control Room. They were checking the reports from all of the Steam bases and Diesel activity.

Flying Scotsman: Everything seems to be quite, for once.

Albert: Yes. Thank god.

Then Thomas walked in.

Thomas: What is the status?

13: All steam bases are quite for once.

Thomas: They are still to remain on guard.

Mallard: Yes sir.

Thomas: Good. Tell all of the commanders to meet me in the briefing room.

13: On it.

Soon all the comanders were in the breifing room.

Sir Handel: Why have we been called here?

Thomas: To disscuss tactics on how to reclaim more of the island. Since we took back the Power Station and Central Island Quarry, we now control 32% of the Island, now we should push the Diesels back further.

Mays: How? We would not be able to carry out something like that very quickly.

Thomas: I have a plan, but first you will all be told to attack certain targets, Fergus you can try to reclaim the Cement Works. Everyone else, you will recieve a list of who is attacking where.

Commanders: Yes Sir.

Thomas: Good, this is part of Operation Strike-Back, which will start tomorrrow.

Soon the list was ready.

Gordan: I'm taking the Hill.

Toby: Maithwaite is where I'm going.

Mays: Looks like I got the coaling plant.

Sir Handel: For me it's the warf.

To Be Continued

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