Characters: Edward, Stepney, Spencer, Cranky, Salty, Sir Topham Hatt, Emily (does not speak), Arthur (does not speak), Rocky (does not speak), Miss Jenny (does not speak), Victor (cameo), Kevin (cameo), Flora (cameo), Murdoch, Diesel, Gordon and James

It was summertime on Sodor. The engines were working so hard that they felt weak in a way. Sir Topham Hatt was at Brendam one day. Today, Stepney was coming to help them. Sir Topham Hatt had made the arrangements with the Bluebell Controller. At long last, Stepney was now being unloaded from the ship that brought him to Sodor.

Spencer: hello Stepney

Stepney: hello Spencer your coaches are waiting for you

Spencer:thank you Stephanie

Stepney: (angry) Its Stepney!

Stepney: (angry) im a boy!

Spencer:oh yes of course

Sir Topham Hatt: "Stepney, you will be helping us out for awhile. When we can control things, you will go back to the Mainland. Not to sound rude or anything. I'm very happy to see you again."

Stepney: "Thank you sir, Right away sir."

Stepney worked very hard; he brought engine parts to the Steamworks, delivered eggs to the docks, and finally delivered paint, timber, and tar to Miss Jenny. When he went to his shed that evening, he was shocked to see some more friends. Stepney got along fine with Murdoch, Emily, and Arthur, but not with Spencer.

Spencer: "i need to collect my coaches Sir."

Sir Topham Hatt: Spencer your coaches are waiting so go collect them "."

Spencer: "yes ."

he retorded

.but when Spencer arrived to collect them they weren't there

Spencer: (shocked) where are all my coaches

Murdoch: "im afraid Diesel has stolen them all ."


Murdoch: yes i tried to stop him but he was too fast

this made Spencer very cross

Spencer:all get my coaches back!

Murdoch: "okay but watch out for Diesel 10 he's dangerous."

Spencer: i can handle him!

Murdoch: no you can't he's much stronger then you

Spencer: don't worry i'll be careful

when Spencer found Diesel he spoke serverly to him

Spencer:hey Diesel give me my coaches back now!

fat people thowing up

Diesel: acualltulally there my coaches!

Spencer: if you don't give me my coaches back i will tell Sir Topham Hatt

Diesel:N o please don't do that

Passengers: we want Spencer back

Spencer :thats it Diesel im telling Sir Topham Hatt!

when Spencer found Sir Topham Hatt he told him all about Diesel

Spencer:Diesel stoll my coaches

Sir Topham Hatt:i will talk to Diesel about this edmeditlay

when Sir Topham Hatt found Diesel he was very cross

Sir Topham Hatt: Diesel you have made Spencer very cross.those aren't your coaches there Spencer's coaches.stealing is not aloud on my railway

Diesel:but Sir i don't have any coaches

Sir Topham Hatt:fine Diesel i will get you new coaches

The next day Spencer was very happy to have his coaches back.

Spencer:yesterday Stepney Diesel stoll my coaches but luckily i have them back

Stepney:yeah Diesel's such a troublemaker

just then Diesel came in pulling his new coaches

Diesel:i hate these coaches diesel's don't pull coaches

Spencer: ha ha ha ha thats why Sir Topham Hatt gave them to you because your devious

Diesel: oh the indidnity!

Gordon:thats what i say ha ha ha ha sereves Diesel right!

Spencer,Gordon and Stepney: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Olly Diesel. wheesh!

they all wheeshed him

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