On the Last Day of 5th Grade.....

Ms. Jenny: Alright, class, since today is the last day of 5th grade, your days here of being an elementary school student are over. Our school is proud to assemble a graduation for all of you at 2:00, which will be in 15 minutes, so get your gowns and caps on as soon as possible please!

15 minutes later.....

Ms. Jenny: May I have these fellow students in alphabetical order: Edward Fitzgerald, Emily Hartford, Flora Massachusetts, Gordon Matthews, Henry McCormick, Hiro Suzuku, James Johnson, Lady Baker, Molly Ford, Percy Jackson,(lol funny!) Rosie Donald, Thomas Crockett, Toby McIntyre, Salty Freeman and Porter Robinson. You are the graduating class of Sodor Elementary 2010.

3 months later, after summer vacation.....

Percy: I like school it is good to be back.

Lady: but this is middle school witch means it will be much more harder.

James: "hmp" Pansy.

Thomas: What is wrong with you.

James: you know I hate school, it is just a big waste of time.

Rosie: oh i don't know it is were you can see your friends.

Flora: Rosie is right James.

Narrator: 1 Month later.

Principle: Good morning tomorrow we will getting a new student from Michigan. that is all.

Emily: I wonder what his/her name is.

Percy: I hope he is not evil.

Narrator: The next day Emily, Rosie and Flora were in science class when the new student came in, he was in a black outfit like robe with a hood over his face he was very tall.

Rosie:(whispering) why cant we see his face.

Emily: I dont know.

Teacher: aw why don't you tell us your name.

Mays: My name is Mays.

Teacher: lets have you sit by Rosie Donald.

So he went and sat in that spot.

Rosie: why cant i see your face.

Mays: what are you talking about my face is right here if you look.

Rosie: Okay!

Mays: (then shows face).

Rosie: it looks so cool!

Narrator: Latter Rosie was eating when Thomas came up.

Thomas: have you seen the new student yet.

Rosie: yes i have and he shouted at me there he is now.

Narrator: she said as she saw him sit down to eat Thomas walked over.

Thomas: May i sit here.

Mays: what ever.

Thomas: why is your face coverd?

Mays: cant tell you.

Narrator: then Lady Barker sat next to Mays.

Lady: hey new student.

Mays: Do you want to become friends?

He asked.

Lady: Sure.

Narrator: she said, later Emily saw Mays walk by.

Emily: I wonder where hes going.

Mays: must find a target.

Emily: what is he talking about.

Narrator: so she followed him to the schools targeting range.

Emily: what is he doing here.

Narrator: then he pulled out a bow and arrow, he aimed his shot and got the bulls eye.

Emily: my god no 6th grader could make that shot with one arrow.

Mays:(turns and sees Emily) why are you folowing me.

Porter: oh crap.

Narrator: she said and ran later Mays was walking home when Lady came up.

Lady: Want to walk together.

Mays: sure.

Narrator: next day Emily wnet on to her computer and found some info on Mays.

Emily: I have to tell the others.

Flora: hey Emily whats up.

Emily: this i have read Mays files and it does not say why he wears a hood it also says he is a marksman.

Flora: you mean he make targets perfectly on his first try.

Mays: yes i can. Let me show you what is under my hood.

Narrator: he said, and let Emily and Flora look at his face.

Mays: you must promise not to tell anyone.

Flora: we promise.

Narrator: so with that he took off his hood.

Emily: it is not that bad.

Mays: my nose was sliced of with a chainsaw.

Narrator: the next day the principle made an announcement.

Principle: tomorrow we will be getting a new student her name is Mavis Drewy.

James: a new girl.

Mays: Mavis Drewy sounds like a nice name.

Narrator: Mays thought to himself the next day Mays was called down to the office.

Principle: now Mays this is Mavis i want you to show her around.

Mays: hello.

Mavis: lets go.

Narrator: so he showed her were the lunch room was.

Mays: this is were you will eat lunch.

Mavis: looks small.

Mays: I know it looks small but it suits.

Mavis: can i see your face.

Mays: uh...ok.

(shows his face)

Mavis: oh my.... I love your face is so creepy, i love creepy things.

Mays: You actuly love my face.

Mavis:(happy) yes i do.

Narrator: later Mays treated her to lunch.

Mavis: thanks for the lunch.

Mays: your welcome, hey Lady come over here and sit down with us.

Lady: ok Mays.

Mavis:(thinking) this Mays could be my dream guy, if only he was an expert marksman.

Mays: Lady i am an expert marksman.

Mavis:(thinking) he is my dream guy.

Mays: let me tell you both a story the story of how i lost my nose, i was using a chainsaw to saw wood when it slipped out of my hands and sliced my nose off ever since then i have wore a hood.

Narrator: he said, 2 months later Mavis had to tell Mays something.

Mavis: Mays do you beleave in love.

Mays: yes but ever since my acident no girl liked me.

Mavis: Well i love you, so much i want to be your girlfriend, you are most defanitly my dream man.

Mays: you want to be my girlfriend. cause i love you to.

Narrator: and they kissed.

Mavis: thanks so much for this i have been loanly for a long time.

The end.

T&F: Middle School Days, semester 2

Narrator: after Mavis and Mays became boyfriend and girlfriend, the next day they came to school it was the second Semester.

Mays: wonder whats going to happen today.

Mavis: I don't know.

Narrator: then Rosie came up.

Rosie: hey Mays, this must be Mavis.

Porter: nice to meet you Rosie.

Narrator: then fatty the Principal made an announcement.

Fatty: a new student named Diesel Gronk well be coming soon so try to make him welcome when he does come.

Mavis: i am so screwed.

Mays: why?

Mavis: hes my brother and he is a bully always bossing me around he even bit me sometimes.

Mays: how sad.

Mavis: he even wiped me on my leg. shall i show you.

Mays: no need i get the point, but he won't phase me, cause you see were i come from in Michigan you have to defend your girlfriend at all cost even if it takes a life.

Narrator: the next day Mays was having Math class when Diesel came in he had a toothpick in his mouth, he had black hair, a black shirt, black pants, and black shoes.

Diesel: were do i sit.

Mays:(thinking) hes not that scary.

Teacher: sit next to Mays.

Narrator: Looks at the desk next to Mays.

Diesel: why does he have his face covered his face must be ugly to have it covered. HA, HA, HA.

Teacher: just sit down please so i can finish what i was talking about.

Narrator: so he sat down.

Diesel: why dont you show your face.

Mays: like i would tell you.

Diesel: do you know my sister?

Mays: your sister is my girlfriend.

Narrator: later Mavis was at her locker when Diesel came up.

Diesel: hello sis.

Mavis: get away from me.

Diesel: what is so great about that Mays guy.

Mavis: he is the man of my dreams, hes a good archer, he is Tall, and his face is creepy cause you know how much i love creepy things.

Diesel: well i am going to push him and you around.

Mavis: Not any more I am going to stand up to you, i am tired of you pushing me and my friends around.

Mays: what is going on here.

Diesel: he not even brave enough to show his face.

Mays: well i am going to show you my face.

(takes off the hood)

Diesel: Oh My!.

Mays: now who is the tough one.

Narrator: he said, and ran like a chicken Mavis was happy.

Mavis:(Happy) I knew you were the right choice as a boyfriend.

Narrator: She said hugging him.

Mays: Your wellcome.

Narrator: then the Principal came on.

Fatty: we will be getting another new student.

Narrator: the next day a girl he did not know came up to him, he saw it was the new student Daisy Cammell, a 15 year old blond with blond hair, a short Green and Yellow shirt, black skirt, Red pantyhose, Green sandals, Blue eyes, makeup on her face, a Blue necklace, a belly piercing, and Green nail polish.

Daisy: could you tell me were the principals office is.

Mays: sure but first i must show you something.

(pulls out his wand)

Mays: Orchideous.

(flowers appear out of noware)

Mays: what do you think of that, and these flowers are for you as a wellcomeing gift.

Daisy: Thanks.

Narrator: Then he heard Diesel's voice.

Diesel: Mays we have some business to take care of.

Mays: fine have it your way, Petrificus Totalus.

Narrator: a blue line shoots from his wand hitting Diesel and makeing him stop in his tracks.

Daisy: you frose him.

Mays: it will ware off in an hour or so.

Narrator: so he showed her to Fattys office, later Mavis and Mays were walking home.

Mays: Mavis have you ever wanted to float.

Mavis: yes.

Mays: well let me make that wish.

(pulls out his wand again and points it at her feet)

Mays: Wingardium Leviosa.

(Starts lifting off the ground)

Porter: Man i cant believe i am floating.

Mays: I can see under your skirt, nice underwear.

Mavis:(blushing) stop looking under my skirt.

Mays: want to come down now.

Mavis: yes.

Narrator: so he let her down.

Mavis: how did you do that?

Mays: by magic, If you don't believe me watch this i am about to use one of the Unforgivable spells.

Narrator: so he pointed his wand at a tree.

Mays: Avada Kadavra.

(a green light flashes and hits the tree)

Mavis: it is dead.

Mays: the killing curse, that is why its unforgivable that spell kills people.

Diesel: hey Mays, lets finish this.

Mays: ok if you want. Crucio.

Diesel: AHHHHHHH!!!!

Mays: this is the Torture curse.

(Release's the curse)

Diesel: stay away from me.

Mays: alright. Flipendo.

(Diesel flips back and runs away)

Mavis: are you going to hurt me at all.

Mays: i would never hurt you, cause you are the most beautifull girl i ever known.

Porter: (Blushes dark red) thanks for that.

Narrator: the next day Mavis was talking to Rosie telling her about last night.

Timothy: well you do have a strange boyfriend.

Mavis: I know witch makes me happy cause i love strange and creepy things.

Narrator: then Mays walked up.

Mays: Want me to walk you both home?

Mays: yes.

Narrator: so they dropped Rosie off at her house, then he went to drop Mavis off.

Mays: well see you tomorrow.

Mavis: yep see you tomorrow, Well what should i eat.

Narrator: the next day was Saturday Mavis got up to watch an Anime DVD.

Mavis: what should i watch.

Narrator: Then she herd her door bell ring.

Mavis: just a sec.

Diesel: who is at the door?

Mavis: get back to what you are doing.

Narrator: she opened the door to see Annie and Clarabel Thomas' 15 year old sisters, the two were identical they both wore Matching brown shirts with an orange shirt underneath, red skirts, Brown Pantyhose, Black shoes, Brown hair, and brown eyes on there shirts was there name.

Annie: you must be Mavis.

Mavis: how did you know were i live.

Clarabel: its not hard your house has different and strange Black paint no other house uses black paint.

Mavis: what are you two doing here anyway.

Annie: to see if you want to spy on the other boys.

Mavis: ok just let me get dressed.

Narrator: So when she was ready, they left soon they decided to spy on Henry.

Annie: lets see what Henry is up to.

So they did and saw him planting in his garden.

Mavis: Nice garden.

Narrator: on Monday Fatty had news.

Fatty: there will be two new students coming, One is named Kimmy Barker, the other will be anounced later.

Lady: my sister.

Emily: Sister?

Lady: she is my little sister.

Kimmy: well of course.

Narrator: they turned around and Emily saw she was 16 years old, had black hair, white shirt with Gold trimming, black skirt with gold trimming, white socks, Black shoes, and shappire eyes, she had teeth Like a vampire.

Lady: Kimmy I have some one i want you to meet.

Kimmy: what is his name.

Lady: there he is now.

Narrator: she said as they saw Mays by his locker.

Lady: Mays meet my sister Kimmy.

Mays: hello Kimmy want me to show you something.

Kimmy: ok, Lady i have a bad feeling about him.

Lady: what do you mean?

Kimmy: I can sence Evil from deep inside him.

(pulls out his wand)


Kimmy: are these flowers for me.

Mays: yes they are, now to show you my Face.

(takes off his Hood)

Kimmy: your face does not look right.

Mays: i understand but thats what you get when you work with a chainsaw.

Narrator: the next day Fatty anounced the name of the other student.

Fatty: the other student name is Diesel 10.

Lady/Kimmy: No!!! not him anything but him.

Mays: what is wrong.

Kimmy: he atacked me and my sister in the magic railroad.

Mays: Magic Railroad?

Kimmy: It is a railroad are family owns.

Lady: i was able to cut his arm off but i hear he replaced it with a metal Claw.

Diesel 10: and ive come back for more.

Kimmy: stay away from us.

(pulls out his wand and points it at Kimmy)

Diesel 10: Avada....

Lady: no Kimmy.

Mays: so your diesel 10, Stupefy!!

Lady: you knocked him out cold.

Mays: you can call that as a favor to you Kimmy could not let you die, that is what you get when you have a wand.

Kimmy: thank you Mays what did that spell that he was to pull on me do.

Mays: it is the killing curse.

Kimmy: you mean.

Mays: if i had mot done what i did you would be dead.

Kimmy: could you walk me home later Mays.

Mays: sure.

Narrator: later after school Mays was walking Lady and Kimmy home.

Kimmy: thanks for takeing us home.

Mays: well i am friends to all the Ladys.

Lady: you are.

Diesel 10: who would want to be your friend.

Mays: Lady, Kimmy run.

Diesel 10: Crucio.

Mays: AHHHHHH get out of here now, AHHHHHH.

Lady: come on Kimmy lets go.

Narrator: she said But Kimmy stayed Mays then pulled out his wand.

Mays:(weakly) Stupefy!

Narrator: and he was frozen Mays then passed out, he woke up the next morning at Lady and Kimmys home.

Kimmy: he is waking up.

Mavis: Mays are you alright.

Mays: what happen, where am i?

Lady: after you passed out me and Kimmy brought you here and called Mavis.

Kimmy: she has been at your side ever since she got here.

Mavis: i have been wishing that you would wake up.

Mays: wait were is Diesel 10.

Kimmy: i saw someone all in black walk off with him.

T&F: Middle School Days, Semester 3

Mays was walking down the street when Thomas ran up to him.

Mays: Hey Thomas. Whats wrong?

Thomas: I need your help.

Mays: With what?

Thomas: you know what Lady likes in a boyfriend?

Mays: What are you...? Oh, I get it, you want to ask her out.

Thomas: <blushing> Err...yeah.

Mays: So why do you need my help?

Thomas: I need to find out what she likes, so I can be her dream boyfriend.

Mays: Jeez, your taking this seriously. Do you love her or something?

Thomas: Yes! So will you help me?

Mays: Ok, Ok. I'll help you.

Thomas: Cheers.

Narrator: later Mays was talking to Lady.

Mays: Lady what do you like in a dream Boyfriend?

Lady: Well he would have to be brave, kind, sweet, and would never leave me.

Mays: Thank you Lady.

Narrator: later Mays was telling Thomas what he got.

Thomas: are you sure.

Mays: yes.

Thomas: thanks. Now all I need is the courage to ask her out. What am I supposed to do on a date?

Mays: In America, we would go to watch a film, why don't you try that?

Thomas: Ok

The next day, Thomas spoke to Lady at her house, he was nervous as hell.

Thomas: Uh...Lady...I was wondering...i-if you would watch a movie with<gulp> me.

Lady: sure pick me up this Friday at 9pm ok.

Narrator: and she closed the door, Thomas was happy but still worried.

Thomas: Now what am i to do?

Mays: it is easy you find a fine outfit for the date.

Thomas: Wouldn't a T-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, trainers and my jacket do? what if i mess up?

Mays: you wont i have something to give you in this vile is a curius potion.

Thomas: what is it called?

Mays: Liquid Luck.

(Hands it to Him)

Mays: you can keep that.

Thomas: No offence, but I would like this date to work without some magic. I'm not being rude, it's just, well...I want to make this date special for her by myself.

Mays: <smiling> I understand, but still keep it if you wan't some luck.

Unknown Location

D10 woke up, he felt like his head was spliting. He soon relaised he was in a dark room, being bound to a chair by leather straps, he struggled to free himself.

???: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

D10 froze as he heard a voice.

D10: Who are you? Where are you?

A figure in a black leather trench coat with a hood covering his face, stepped out of the shadows.

???: I am the one who has a job for you. <turning arround>

D10: A job?

???: Yes, but first, the details. Are you familiar with magic, Diesel 10?

D10: That hocous pocous that dickhead Mays used on me? Yeah.

???: Ha ha. Malcom you were always an old fool. Picking another failure for an apprentice.

D10: Malcom?

???: Its none of your concern. Anyway, the job. I want you to bring me a special artifact. A staff of some sorts.

D10: A staff?

???: Yes, <turns round to face him> the Staff of Darkness. It is in the Sodor Museum.

D10: I know that, but tell me, what do I get in return?

???: I will grant you powers you would never have dreamed of. And if you continue to serve me, I can make you more powerful.

D10: Deal!

???: Good.

The figure waved his hand and the straps undid themselves. The figure waved his hand again, and a dark red and black mist surrounded D10.

D10: What are you...

???: Giving you a little taste of the power you will recieve, use it to bring me that staff.

The mist faded around D10.

???: Do Not think of betraying me! Cause I can take that power and your life away from you within seconds. Now go.

With the conversation over, D10 turned around and walked away.

D10: What is your name?

???: You will call me The Dark Lord.

D10: Hey, wheres my wand? You know, like what Mays has?

The Dark Lord: Ha ha! A wand?! That is what Malcom is teaching to use? Oh, he's not a fool, he's an idiot.

That night Diesel 10 walked to the Museum, and snuck inside.

D10: Must be carefull.

He said as he grabed the staff, it was black with red crystals along it, he soon was out of the Museum and walking back to meet The Dark Lord.

The Dark Lord: excellent, you did well Diesel 10.

D10: what so you need the staff for?

The Dark Lord: all will be revealed soon enough. Now, your reward.

The dark lord waved his hand and the mist returned and swirled around D10.

The Dark Lord: Bask in the power I am giving you, allow it flow through you. Only then will you become a Dark Warrior.

The mist faded and D10 kneeled before him.

The Dark Lord: Rise Diesel 10, welcome to the Army of Darkness.

D10: Thank you, my Master.

Then a vocie rang out.

Voice: Master are you sure about letting this one join us?

Dark Lord: yes i am Malady.

Diesel 10: Malady?

<A girl walks out of the darkness next to the Dark Lord>

Malady: Alright my Lord, I can not question your choice.

Dark Lord: Diesel 10, Malady here is one of my best fighters in this Army, she is a wand user, yet if she proves herself, she will no longer be bound by such limitations.

D10: I maust ask, are you related to Kimmy and Lady Barker.

Malady hissed at the names, and replyd.

Malady: Yes. I am there sister.

Friday, 9:00pm

Thomas walked up towards Lady's front door, he was wearing a black t-shirt, grey tracksuit bottoms with a red stripe on the side, blue trainers and his blue jacket with a large 1 on the back. He rang the doorbell and waited. He heard the door open and saw Lady, she was wearing a pink-purple skirt, top and high-heeled shoes. Thomas was speechless.

Thomas: Your beautiful.

Lady: <giggling> Thank you.

Kimmy: Have fun.

Meanwhile Mays was verry uneasy.

Mays: why do i sense a large amount of dark magic.

So he left to go for a walk in town, later at the movie theator Thomas and Lady's movie ended.

Lady: that was a good movie.

Meanwhile Mays was walking past Lady's house when he herd some noises comming from the house.

Mays: what is going on.

He said and walked in, he was then shocked to see Kimmy out cold on the ground, he sensed even more dark magic.

Mays: Kimmy!!.

Said Mays as he ran to her side, Mays called Thomas.

(cell phone rings)

Thomas: Hello oh hi Mays........ what!!!.

Lady: what is wrong?

Thomas: alright we will be right there. <Hangs up phone> Mays has called me to say that he has found Kimmy out cold on the ground.

Lady: We must get down there to help my sister.

And with that they rushed to Lady's house, when they got there they saw Mays in the doorway, he lead them inside.

Lady: what happen?

Mays i was walking past your house and i herd some noise coming from your house, so i whent in and found her on the ground.

Narrator: They look down at Kimmy.

Mays: but i am still senseing alot of dark magic.

???: You are correct.

Suddenly, black lightning bolts with a red outline struck them. All three of them collapsed to the ground, they looked in the direction of where the lightning had come from to see...

Mays: ...Diesel 10.

Lightning bolts zapped around D10's left hand, while the claw on his right opened and closed. Mays struggled to his feet and took out his wand.

Mays: Stupe...

D10 fired a lightning bolt at Mays, sending him flying into a wall.

Mays: How?...You don't have...a wand.

D10: I don't need one. I have achieved new powers.

He fired another bolt at Mays. Mays roared in pain.

Mays: Stupefy!

A red spark shot out of his wand, however, D10 just caught it in his hand and extingished it. D10 then lifted his hand and Mays lifted to. He closed his hand into a fist, Mays squirmed from the pain as he felt he was being crushed by an invisible field.

D10: Say goodby.

Suddenly, a swirl of gold dust struck D10, causing him to drop a battered Mays. He turned round to see Lady, with the dust swirling round her hands.

D10: So... you can control magic with out a wand as well. Too bad your not as powerful as me.

He fired a dark red sphere at Lady, sending her into the ground.

D10: Now, you will die.

Thomas: NO!

Thomas charged at D10 and began punching and kicking him. After taking quite a beating and a kick to the nuts, he fired another pulse sphere at him. It sent him flying through the wall into the next room.

Lady: Thomas!

D10 Now, where was I?

He turned around to look at Lady and Mays.

D10: Oh yeah, about to end your lives.

Suddenly, a bright light hit D10, knocking him down. Everyone turned to see a figure glowing a bright white standing there, they were all speechless. D10 fired a lightning bolt at him, however it just it hit, the figure made a circle with its right hand and the bolt followed. When it hand was near his chin, he pulled his hand fired the bolt back D10. It sent D10 flying and spinning into the ground, he fired more bolts, pulses and sparks, but the figure deflected them or absorbed them. Eventually, he picked up D10, without touching him, and smashed him into the ground. D10 struggled to his feet.

D10: Fuck this, I'm not staying.

With a puff of black and red smoke, he vanished. Mays and Lady looked at the glowing figure, it stared at them. Suddenly, there was another bright light, forcing them to close their eyes, when they opened them, it had vanished. Both of them got up and went to check on Thomas. Who was in a different location.

Mays: Hold on, wasn't he over there.

He pointed towards the floor near the hole D10 made. This got him thinking.

Lady: All I want to know is if he is alive.

Unknown Location

An old man was meditating, when four young men burst in.

1st Man: Master, did you feel that?

Old Man: Yes, a powerful source of Light Magic.

2nd Man: It must be the Guardian of Light.

3rd Man: And there was something else. You don't think he has returned?

Old Man: Yes.

1st Man: Thats impossible.

Old Man: Calm yourself Stokes. That pulse of dark magic was strong, but not as powerful as his.

Stokes: Yes Master Malcom.

2nd Man: But for him to return, how?

Malcom: I don't know, Proteus. But I do know that he is weak, but he is becoming stronger.

3rd Man: Then we must find him.

Malcom: No, Ghost, we need to find the Guardian.

4th Man: We will have our forces search...

Malcom: Wolf, we can't afford to have all of our forces search for the Guardian. The Dark Lord might be corrupted by Darkness, but it has not clouded his judgement. He was once one of us, so he might know how we might react to this. I want you four to search for the Guardian, and find Lady to help you.

Stokes, Proteus, Ghost and Wolf: Yes Master Malcom.

So they started at the point of the power they felt.

Proteus: Lady!!

Both Lady and Mays walked out.

Ghost: who is that next to you Lady.

Lady: his name is Mays.

Mays: i also use Magic, and can whip up a potion in a flash.

Stokes: what happen here.

So Lady and Mays toled them what had happend.

Proteus: we can have Thomas help us as well.

Ghost: i dont know if the Old man will aprove.

Stokes: right now we need all who can help.

Just then Thomas and Kimmy who heard evrything walked out.

Kimmy: may i help.

Stokes: sure.

Wolf: before we let Mays join in we must know what you are capable of.

Mays: ok.

So Mays pulles out his wand and points it at a brick wall.

Mays: Bombarda.

A flash of light shot out and hit the wall, when it had gone a big hole was in the wall.

Ghost: Impressive, for a wand user, you can join.

Wolf: but Thomas here will have to be given some magic if he wants to come with us.

Thomas: No thanks! I got shot through a wall because of magic, but I will help.

Mays: But you need magic to help.

Stokes: Not quite.

He waved his hand at Thomas, suddenly, there was a glow on Thomas' clothes and body armour, a gun and a sword appeared.

Thomas: Whoa!

Mays: Why do you have those kind of things?

Stokes: Its a long story. However we need to find other ways of combat.

Proteus: Anyway, we need to get searching.

Thomas: For what?

Wolf: The Guardian of Light.

Mays: Was that the glowing figure we saw?

Ghost: Yes.

Thomas: Was that the blinding glow?

Mays: How do you know about that?

Thomas: I just remember it.

Stokes: Lets head to the hideout.

T&F: Middle School Days, Semester 4


They soon arrived at an old, small, broken house in the middle of nowhere.

Stokes: Here we are.

Thomas, Lady, Kimmy, and Mays look at it in disgust.

Mays: Your joking.

Wolf: Whats wrong with it?

A part of the roof collapsed into house. Thomas, Mays, Lady and Kimmy gave them a look.

Proteus: Appearences can be decieving.

They entered and pulled up a trapdoor, they went down a ladder, to a room which had two bunk beds, three single beds, a sink, a fridge and a toilet behind a curtain.

Ghost: Lets rest up.

Stokes: Just so you know, magic can't be used in here.

Ghost, Wolf, Stokes and Proteus got into the bunk beds, while Mays and Kimmy had a single bed each, leaving Thomas and Lady with only one bed.

Thomas: You have that bed, I'll sleep on the floor.

Lady: We can both share the bed, Thomas.

Thomas: What?

Lady: Think of it as a 'reward' for tring to save me. And think its best that you don't sleep on the floor.

Next Morning

The next morning they woke up and prepared to set off.

Ghost: Everyone ready?

Everyone: Yes.

They climbed up the ladder and left the ruined house. After an hour of hiking, Mays had a very important question to ask.

Mays: So why do you need to find the Guardian of Light?

Stokes: Its a long story. You see, we are currently waging a war with the Army of Darkness. And well, we haven't been doing to good.

Thomas: How did it start?

Stokes: Before the war, we were a secret civilization, the Order of Magic. Me, Proteus, Ghost, Wolf, Lady and another person, Gareth, were apprentices to Malcom, the greatest wizard and our Leader. Out of all of us, Gareth was the greatest, he was powerful, strong and skilled. We believed him to be the Guardian of Light, Malcom taught him everything about light magic, but as he became more powerful, he began to question our society. He said that we should be rulers of the world, and use non-magic beings as slaves.

Mays: Your joking.

Stokes: I wish I was. Amazingly, half of the order supported him, either because they agreed or out of respect for him. Malcom wouldn't have any of it, but it didn't stop him, he studied dark magic in secret and recorded everything he found. Eventually, he was caught, Malcom stripped him of his magic and exiled him. Not long after he left, word got around, then the next thing, half of the Order left to follow him. The Order was broken into two groups.

Thomas: So what happened?

Stokes: We don't know, however, we do know that he was able to regain his magic and have his followers join him on his dark path. Six months after his exile, he, know known as the Dark Lord, returned with his followers, under a new banner, The Army of Darkness. They attacked us, but Malcom was able to stop most of them, after the battle, the rest of us reformed into the Legion of Light. And for years we have waged war against them, many non-magic beings have aidded us, but have not lived long. The Guardian, as legend tells, would appear when an evil being so great appears, both of them would battle, and when it ends, light and darkness will be equal and balanced.

Ghost: and Kimmy your evil sis Malady has joined the Dark Lord.

Lady: i figured she would, Mays she is also a wand user.

Mays: then she would know the three unforgiveable curses.

Ghost: what are you talking about.

Mays: lets take a break and i will show you.

So they stoped to eat.

Mays: now what i am about to show you is verry Dark magic for a wand user, now in the wisarding world the use of any one of these curse's will earn you a one way ticket to Askaban prison, First the Imperius Curse can i have a volentire.

Ghost: i will.

So Ghost stod up, Mays pulls out his wand and points it at him.

Mays: Imperio!

Sudently he found that he was no more in control of his body.

Ghost: i cant move.

Mays: the imperius Curse alows thew user to control the body of the person they use it on.

Wolf: impressive.

Soo Mays relesed Ghost.

Mays: now the next curse is pretiqularly nasty do i have a volentire.

Strokes: i will.

So Strokes stod up.

(poinrts the wand at him)

Mays: Crucio!!!

Strokes: AHHHHHH!!!!

Soon Strokes was on the ground shouting in pain.

Mays: this is the torture curse.

So Mays released the curse, while the others stared.

Mays: now the last one i can not use on any of you, so i will use it on this Rat i have.

Mays places the Rat infront of them and points his wand at it.

Mays: Avada Kadavra!

A green light shot out struck the rat and when it a had gone it was dead.

Mays: that is the killing curse.

The others were shocked by what they saw.

Mays: now Malady can use any one of those spells.

Proteus: So, its true, there are spells that are used by wand users that are dangerous.

Mays: all the spells i know are dangerous, but those three are the worst.

Wolf: Shh!

Wolf got up and snifted the air, then his armed glowed red and he ran up a hill. He returned shortly.

Wolf: Ready up boys, we've got Dark Warriors. You four can sit this out.

Everyone ran up the hill, there were twelve Dark Warriors, Thomas, Lady, Kimmy and Mays stayed to watch as the others continued down.

Stokes: Twelve of them. Four of us. This is going to be easy.

The four of them attacked the Dark Warriors. Wolf transformed into a wolf and tore into one of their throats, then clawed another one, returned to normal form and blast the other with a pulse of silver energy. Ghost charged at one, only to disappear in a cloud of smoke, then reappear behind him and punched into his chest and pulled out his heart. He cast a black cloud arround another, which began tearing off his flesh, then put his hands into the last ones head, white light shot out of his eyes, ears, mouth and nose, before Ghost removed his hands to let him fall. Proteus, slid into ones legs knocking him down, allowing Proteus to stab him. He fired a beam of yellow energy at another, causing him to disintergrate, and cut the others head off with his sword. Stokes fired a shot from his gun at one Dark Warrior in the face, then reflect a dark pulse of energy with his hands to wards its caster and finished off the last one by setting him on fire.

Stokes: Told you it would be easy. Lets keep going.

Thomas, Mays, and Kimmy were shocked at what they had wittnessd.

Unknown Location

The Dark Lord: Malady.

Malady: yes my lord.

Dark Lord: you have a adversary that can match your power.

Malady: What is the name.

Diesel 10: His name is Mays he wears a hood over his face, like you he is also a wand user.

Malady:(Smirking) I can't wait to meet him, Master can i go serch for him so i can kill him, I realy want to kill someone.

The Dark Lord: No, but i have a felling you and him will meet sometime.

Narrator: Malady frowned.

Malady:(frowning) ok my lord.

The Group

Mays: So what does the Guardian look like?

Stokes: We don't know. Its possible that whoever the light guardian is, doesn't know it is them. Which makes the search much harder.

Thomas: What about the war? How is it going?

Wolf: We are doing just better than The Army of Darkness, but not by much. And before that we were in danger of losing. Gareth was very intelligent and adaptable, he commanded his forces such in such a way, we were struggling to gain a single victory. However, there was a turning point, the Dark Lord was getting tired of the war and hated wasting the lifes of magical beings, so he was planning to travel back in time and conqeur the world. We found this out and launched a desprate attack against them, to stop them, however they opened the rift and we followed them, near the battles end, us, Malcom and Lady cornered him and cast an ancient form of magic. We imprisoned him in a different dimenision and sealed the portale there with a seal circle. With him gone, we were gaining the edge against them, but know he has returned, though weak, he is rebuilding his strength.

Proteus: Guys, its getting late, we won't be able to keep searching tonight, we need to return to the hideout.

Ghost: Agreed.

When they got to there Hideout they saw a note on the door.


If you want to find me then you must serch for the pureist light source there is.

Singed The Guardian of Light.

Ghost: This note doe's not make any sense.

Thomas: It is a Riddle.

Mays: sounds more to me like a clue.

Lady: lets figure it out tomarrow, cause i am getting sleepy.

Strokes: Lady is right, lets get some sleep.

However, none of them except Kimmy noticed a raven sitting on the wall, watching them. After, they entered it flew off.

Unknown Location

The raven flew down a dark corridor and landed, it then turned into a human who was wearing a black cloak.

???: They have taken the bait, my master.

The Dark Lord: Excellent, Raven. This is what we need to eliminate Malcoms apprentices. D10, I want you to lead the attack against them.

D10: Yes Master.

Raven: My lord, they also have two new allies, a wand user who hides his face, and a non-magical teenage boy.

The Dark Lord made a faint gasp.

The Dark Lord: Tell me about the boy.

Raven: Which one?

The Dark Lord: The non-magic one, we already know about the Hooded one.

Raven told the Dark Lord everything he knew.

The Dark Lord: Change of plans, I will be joining you on this assualt, so I might be able to prove my theory.

Malady: What Theory?

The Dark Lord: Doesn't concern you, but i want you to join in on the atack to fight Mays, might prove your worth to the Army of Darkness.

Malady: thank you my lord.

The Dark Lord: I will deal with the Non-magic teenager.

D10: But my lord he has no magic.

The Dark Lord: So you might think? But I sense something from him, something that wasn't there before. He might be our biggest threat and we need to prove.

Malady: Do you know him?

TDL: One doesn't speak to others about his Brother.


Everyone woke up and contined their search.

Stokes: Does anyone get the feeling that this could be a trap?

Mays: Your just paranoid, the note was signed by the Guardian of Light.

Thomas: I think Stokes is right, I have this feeling that the note is a lie.

Ghost: Lie or not. Can we really risk this chance of finding the Guardian?

Proteus: 'Purest light source there is'. I think I have figured it out. Wasn't there a cave at the foot of the mountain where there was supposed to be a lot of magic.

Wolf: Yeah.

Mays: How are we going to get there?

Ghost: Leave it to me.

They followed Ghost to the mainline of the railway. Ghost took out a whistle and blew it. Suddenly, the sound of a steam engine could be heard and all of a sudden one appeared out of nowhere, pulling a train that featured a coach, a truck, a tanker, a flatbed, a cattle truck, a van, a hopper truck, a small crane and a brakevan at the end.

Ghost: All aboard, The Ghost Train

Mays: this is strange.

Ghost: Hey, I'm dead and its my job to take those how have died to the afterlife. weather it be Heven or Hell.

Mays: I must ask. Do you know the Grim Reeper?

Ghost: Of couse i know him.

Then Mays got a call on his cell.

Mays: What!, i understan Doc.

(Hangs up phone)

Mays: Guys A doc has called to tell me that my girlfriend Mavis is in a comma after a car crash, she is going to survive though, strange enough there is from what i am told that a black raven seen before the crash.

Ghost: It must be one of the dark lords servents.

Kimmy: last night i saw a black raven before we went in to rest.

Wolf: i want to know why you keep your face hidden Mays.

Mays: Ok.

So Mays took off his hood infront of the group, and there jaws droped.

Ghost: Eesh, I don't want to know how that happened, and I was blown up.

So they got on and set off, an hour later they arrived at the cave.

Ghost: Lets head in.

It was dark in the cave when all of a suddent a blast of light shot around the cave.

TDL: Well so glad you could join us.

Ghost: What are you doing here!.

Diesel 10: lets say we left you a note.

Said Diesel 10 as he steped into view.

Strokes: i told you that note was not right.

Maldy: So sis were is Mays.

Said Maldy as she stepd into view, another 50 members appeared behind her.

Mays: Right here.

Mays said bravely.

TDL: show us your face.

Mays: do you realy want me to.

Malady: yes.

Mays removed his hood, and there eyes went wide with wonder.

D10: Urgh Zombie.

Mays: I am not a zombie, just call me no nose.

The Dark Lord: But how?

Mays: It got sliced off with a chain saw.

Malady: I'm going to mess up your face so badly, that the way you look now will been seen as handsome.

Raven: I don't think thats possible.

Mays and the others were ready.

Mays: Bring it on then.

Stokes, Proteus, Ghost and Wolf attacked the Army of Darkness members with beams of energy, Malady attacked Mays with her wand, causing him to struggle against her feriocus attacks. Raven attacked Wolf, while another member called Reaper attacked Ghost. Thomas grabbed Lady's hand and guided her and Kimmy back out, however they were stopped by D10. He raised his hand and felt themselves get pushed by a large invisible pulse back into the centre. The others were soon defeated and in the centre. The Army prepared to finish them when The Dark Lord stopped them. Everyone was in shock. Thomas struggled to his feet while the others watched. A few members were laughing at his bold attempt to fight back.

The Dark Lord: Its been a long time since we last spoke.

Thomas: Who are you?

The Dark Lord: You don't remember? Oh that is disappointing. We would normally play in the Playground when we were younger.

Thomas: It can't be, you disappeared long ago!

TDL: Yes, but I came back, but arn't you supposed to greet family better than this, Brother.

Everyone gasped in shock.

Thomas: Gareth, what happened to you?

Gareth: I became stronger, I plan to rule this world, and I would like you to stand by me, little brother.

Lady: Thomas, don't listen to him! He's evil!

Gareth: Shut up!

He fired a bolt of lightning at Lady, she screamed.


Gareth stopped with his lightning. Thomas crouched down and held her.

Gareth: Why do you ca...? Oh, love, such a strange and fickle thing, it can make you feel whole, or break you apart.

Thomas let her go, stood up and turned to face his brother.

Thomas: I will NEVER stand by you.

Gareth: Your making a mistake Brother.

Thomas: No i am not!, How can you just abandon your own family.

Gareth: You will never understand why i left the family Brother.

Thomas: You lost the right to call me brother long ago!

Gareth: Then you and your girlfriend will die!

He fired a bolt of lightning at Thomas, sending him into a wall. But then, Thomas got to his feet, his eyes were glowing white so brightly, that you could not see his pupils. He raised his hand at twenty Members. He spoke in a echoing voice.


A wave of white energy struck them, turning them into white dust. The others disappeared in clouds of red and black smoke. The glow left Thomas' eyes and he fainted.

Lady: Thomas!

Ghost: He's out cold.

Strokes: How could we be so blind? We were searching the whole of Sodor, and the Guardian was with us the whole time.

Mays: Lets get out of here.

Ghost: and head to see master Malcom, he will be pleased.

They exited the cave and got onboard the Ghost train. Stokes, Proteus and Wolf were talking away from the group.

Stokes: Ghost says we'll be at Base in about 1 hour.

Proteus: Its strange, Thomas is the Guardian of Light, but he is the Brother of Gareth, the Dark Lord.

Wolf: This is going to make things complicated. Will Thomas have the will power to fight his brother?

Stokes: Only Master Malcom can answer that. Now let him rest, much has happened to him, and we disrespect him by muttering in his presence.

Lady was holding Thomas on her lap, he began to stir.

Thomas: Wha...what happened?

Lady: Shh...relax, it's ok, we're on our way to meet the master. You rest, you saved us. My Guardian of Light.

She smiled, Thomas made a small smile. Lady bent her head down and placed her lips on his.

Mays: Guys while fighting Malady i sensed some good in her.

Strokes: Maibe we can get her on are side.

Wolf: But to do that we would have to kidnap her when she is unaware.

Soon they arived at there destionatuion.

Ghost: Here we are.

Outside was a large training yard, a single railway line ran across it and at the end was a large shed, next to a hut.

Stokes: He's in the Hut


Ghost: Master we have some good news to tell you.

Malcom: What is it?

Unknown location

TDL: Malady i feel that you have not proven your self to be one of us.

Malady: What do i have to do to prove that i am ready.

TDL: I want you to kill Mays only then you will prove your self to me.


Malcom: So, the brother of the Dark Lord is the Guardian of Light. Hmph, it makes sence now. Your brother would have had extra ordinary control of magic, because of how you two are related.

Thomas: I don't understand, How can I be the Guardian of Light?

Malcom: The Guardian is a split part of your personality, he exists in your mind, yet you have not joined with him. This limits your powers greatly, and when the Guardian takes control, only then are his full powers revealed. Come, let me teach you to bond with him.

T&F: Middle School Days, Semester 5

Ghost: I think that Kimmy and Mays would become a great aset to us.

Malcom: Yes i do agree, Mays you know the three unforgiveable curses, but even with that knowledge, the Army of Darkness are stronger than you.

Mays: Then maybe you can teach me to do magic without a wand.

Malcom: I'm sorry Mays, but there is no way for me to teach that kind of magic. I can only teach it to those who are connected to magic that deeply, and only a select few them.

Mays: But...can't you do something?

Malcom: I'm sorry, the only way to for you to even have a chance of gaining that kind of magic, will involve extremely dark magic. But you can still be of help.

Mays: I understand.

He turned around and slowly made his way out. He couldn't help but feel a little jealous.


Malcom: Thomas, sit with your legs crossed, close your eyes and open your mind.

Thomas did as he was commanded.

Unknown Location

The Dark Lord paced up and down.

D10: My lord, what will we do now?

Reaper: Sure, you must have a plan?

TDL: I do, gather our forces, we will attack the main training ground, the home of the Legion.

Raven: But my Lord, your strength has not fully returned.

TDL: I know that, but there are certain artifacts that Malcom posesses, with them I can become more powerful.

Malady: What about Lady's Boyfriend?

TDL: I have a plan, all beings posess a small amount of Darkness in their hearts, except Thomas, for obivous reasons. But there is one thing that can work to our advantage. Ha ha ha.

Malady: And what would that be?

TDL: Controling one of Malcoms apprentace's.

Mystic Area

Thomas was walking through a strange place, there was a white and blue mist all around him. Suddenly, he saw a glowing figure that looked like him.

Thomas: Are you...?

Guardian: Yes.

Thomas: How did this happen?

Guardian: You Thomas, have a pure heart, it is through that I was able to become part of you.

Thomas: But I don't want this! Why not Lady, or Mays, or Stokes, or someone else but me.

Guardian: There is a dark part in all of their hearts, though small, they can still turn evil. Don't you want to protect the people you love?

Thomas thought about Lady.

Thomas: Yes.

Guardian: Good, now for you to attcheive full power. We must link together, are you ready for it?

Thomas: Yes.

The Guardian entered Thomas' body.


Thomas woke up and looked around to see Malcom, Lady, Stokes, Proteus, Ghost, Wolf and Kimmy standing around him.

Thomas: were is Mays?

Ghost: he left just not to long ago.

Thomas: Why?

Stokes: We don't know.

Thomas: Do you know where he went?

Wolf: Well we dont know were he went.

What they did not know was that Mays was taken by Malady.

Unknown Location

Mays: Release me!

Malady: no way.

She brought Mays into a chamber in front of The Dark Lord and other Dark Warriors.

Malady: Crucio!


Mays was roaring with pain, eventually, Malady stopped.

Mays: Evil Bitch!!!

He shouted, this made her cross.

Malady: Incendio!!!!!

Mays was set on fire, he screamed from the pain, the flames soon died out. Everyone was laughing at him!

Malady: Avada...!!!!

TDL: Enough Malady!

Everyone was shocked as Malady stoped what she was doing.

Malady: will I prove myself if I can't kill him?

TDL: You have.

He waved his hand, a black and red cloud covered Malady. It then disappeared, Malady kneeled before the Dark Lord.

TDL: Your wand.

She handed it over and The Dark Lord snapped it.

Malady: Thank you my lord.

The Dark Lord turned to Mays.

Mays: Why... did you...stop her?

TDL: I have a job for you.

Mays: Sorry, not interested.

TDL: I will reward you with even greater power then you could possibly imagine.

Mays: I don't want power!

TDL: Ah, but you do. Your jealous that you have studied magic for most of you life and now you are told that there is a more powerful form of magic and that you can't do it. While my brother, who knows nothing of magic, is one of two most powerful magical beings in the world, the other one is me.

Mays knew he was right, he was jealous and wanted more power.

TDL: Join me and I can make you more powerful than that fool Malcom.

Mays: I...I will.

TDL: Good.

He waved his hand and a black and red cloud surrounded Mays.

TDL: Bask in the power of Darkness.

The cloud vanished and Mays kneeled down. He then snapped his wand.

Mays: Thank you, my master.

TDL: Now the job, I want you to join the Army of Darkness in an attack against the Legion of Light, are you up for if?

Mays: Yes, anything to get rid of those weaklins, Magic will rule this world, oh and master.

TDL: what?

Mays: I am a skilled archer.

TDL: Interesting that will be very useful.


Lady: Master how is one to return to normal if converted to serve the drark lord?

Malcom: there is only one way and that is through love.

Ghost: Love?

Malcom: yes but it has to be one that the person truly loves, Love is more power full then any type of magic. However, if the person is strong enough they can turn their loved one to darkness.

Suddenly, there was the sound of an explosion and Stokes burst in.

Stokes: We're under attack by the Army of Darkness! The Dark Lord is with them.

Wolf: What is he trying to do? He knows you will be here Master.

Malocm: I think I know why he is hear, all of you get out there and stop his forces, I must defend the vault. Thomas you must stay here, you have not mastered your powers and we cannot afford to lose you.

Everyone except Thomas ran outside. Malcom ran over to a large building while the others attacked the Army of Darkness. Suddenly, the dark lord appeared.

Stokes: Its Gareth the Dark Lord, fall back!

They headed back towards the Hut, Thomas came out.

Thomas: Whats happened?

Proteus: The Dark Lord is heading towards the vault. Lets go.

They ran towards the building as they saw The Dark Lord and some of his followers entered. Eventually they were getting close, when suddenly the building exploded and out shot Malcom. He landed on the floor hard.

Everyone: MASTER!

Then walking out of the destroyed building came D10, Malady, Raven, Reaper and...

Proteus: Mays!

Wolf: What happened to you?

Mays said nothing all they saw was red evil eyes.

Diesel 10: He wil no longer answer to you.

Malady: I captured him and brought him to The Dark Lord.

Mays:(Dark voice) If you wan't to free this body from darkness, then you must re kindel the thing that is most important to him, Ha, Ha, Ha.

Lady: That is not Mays voice.

Mays: (Dark voice) Whats wrong cant take it, cant take the shock of loseing a friend to the dark side, i am the darkness he keept hidden for years, depression and Jelously aloud me to break free and control him, and now he will never return.

Malcom began to regain consiouss and get up.

Malcom: Gareth...has got...the dark artifacts.

Then walking out of the smoke was a figure in black knight armour with red along parts of it, spikes stuck out of it in certain places, there was a large axe in his hand.

Gareth: I am the Maruader of Darkness.

Malcom fired several balls of light energy at Gareth, however they were blocked and he stabbed Malocm in the chest. He then turned to Thomas and fired a dark sphere at him. It hit him in the chest.

Maruader of Darkness: Dark Warriors, with draw today is a victory.

They disappeared in clouds of black and red smoke, all but Mays who took out his bow and arrows and launched one at Ladys feet before disapearing. The group gathered round Malcom.

Proteus: Master hold on we can save you.

Malcom: No, you can't, Stokes you are the leader of the Legion Of Light, protect the world and train Thomas to defeat Gareth, there is a special set of artifacts for him to use.

Stokes: Yes Master.

Malcom: Thomas, promise me you will defeat your brother, the other Dark Warriors might surrender after his defeat.

Thomas: I promise.

And with that, Malcom died.

Stokes: They are going to pay for this with there lives.

Lady: But remember if we do defeat the Dark Lord his control over the others might be broken.

Ghost: Congratulations Mays, your at the top of my Death list, for betraying us.

(Lady looks and sees the arrow with a note)

Lady: Guys look at this note.


Help me, i am no longer in controll of my self please save me.


Ghost: Gareth must have used Mays dark side to gain control of him.

They carried Malcoms body onto the Ghost Train, Ghost started the engine and left for the afterlife. After he was gone, they made their way back to their quarters. However, Thomas colapsed and began shaking.


T&F: Middle School Days, Part 6

Mystic Area

Thomas looked around. The blue and white mist was mixed with a red and black mist, he felt the Guardian leave his body and attack another version of him that looked darker and evil.

Guardian: Thomas, the Maurader has created a dark form of you with magic.

Thomas: i have a plan.

Thomas grabbed his dark form and absorbed him into his body, the guardian then entered his body.

Training Yard

Stokes: Thomas what happened?

Thomas: The Maruader has created a dark version of me.

Stokes: Come on, we need to train you to defeat the da...I mean the Maurader of Darkness.

Stokes, Proteus and Wolf walked away, Thomas spoke to Lady and Kimmy.

Thomas: Find Mavis and wake her up, then take her to Mays, remember what Malcom said, love is the most powerful magic in the world, she will be able to bring Mays back to the light.

Lady: Right.

Kimmy: but there is a problem, we have no idea were the Maurder of Darkness is staying at.

So Thomas went in to talk with Stokes, Proteus, and Wolf.

Thomas: Guys i want to talk about Mays.

Wolf: sure Thomas.

Thomas: I have a gut feelling that Mays did not join Gareth willingly.

Proteus: Hmmm.. anyway is that all you have to say? cause i still want him dead.

Thomas: Mays was good at makeing potions, he gave me one witch i still have.

Stokes: And what is the name?

Thomas: Liquid luck, the info he gave me says.

Info: When you drink this viel it will give you good luck.

Stokes: That is interesting.

Thomas: also do you guys have any ideas on how to find the Muarder of Darkness?

Stokes: Not at this point.

Meanwhile Lady and Kimmy went to get Mavis.

Mavis: Ok i will help, i just find all of this weird.

Soon the three returned to the Training yard.

Lady: Guys meet Mavis.

Stokes: Hello.

Mavis: I am Mays one true love.

Proteus: what are you getting at Lady?

Lady: Remember what Malcom said about love.

Wolf: Yes.

Kimmy: Well Mavis might be able to free Mays and bring him back to the good side.

Just then there was a crashing sound as Mays burst in.

Mays:(Dark voice) Time to kill.

He said and started to walk forward.

Mavis: Mays?

After hearing this he stoped, Proteus, Stokes and Wolf could not baleave what they were seeing.

Mays: Mavis please help me.

Aftrer much grunting, his voice changed again.

Mays:(Dark voice) Join me on the dark side little girl.

Mavis: I would never join you, now give me back my Mays.

Mays:(Dark voice) i will never give him back, Magic will rule this world.

Then there was more grunting.

Mays: I will not let you kill my one true love.

he then started to lift up into the air.

Mays:(Dark voice) I will not leave this body.

Mays: By the power of Christ the savour, i banish the darkness from this body.

But a dark mist flew from the top of his head and left the cave, Mays fell and landed in Mavis arms.

Mays:(Stiring) What happen.

Then he got up and huged her.

Mays: I am so sorry that i was not there at the hospital right by your side.

Mavis: Mays, i am so glad to have you back.

She said and they kissed. Ghost who had seen everything was amased.

Ghost: Now you are off my death list Mays.

And they just laughed.

Mays: Wait...WHAT!?

Unknown location

TMD: what is takeing him so long.

Malady: I don't know what is takeing him Master.

TMD: I swear you send some one out to get food.

Just then a dark cloud apeared infront of them.

D10: That is Mays dark cloud.

Malady: But how. he can not have a loved one he truely cares about.

TMD: Grr I hate love a useless emotion. It's a weakness.

He said in a angry voice.

D10: What are your orders Master?

TMD: Attack as many Legion sites possible, it's time to draw this war to a close. We will strike in a week.

Training Yard

Mays was speaking to Stokes.

Mays: Stokes, can I still use those powers I had when I was evil?

Stokes: No, they left with your evil side.

Mays: But my wand is destroyed.

Stokes: Do you still have the pieces?

Mays: Yes, i also have Maladys wand pieces as well.

Stokes: Then take them to Proteus, he'll fix it up.

Meanwhile, Thomas was sitting by himself when Lady came up.

Lady: Thomas, are you ok?

Thomas: I don't know, first I find out that I am the Guardian of Light and that the world depends on me to save. But now, there is a evil side in me and I don't know what to do.

Lady sat down beside him.

Lady: Thomas your a good person. I know you can save the world.

Thomas: You think so.

Lady: I know so.

And they kissed, Meanwhile back in the caave.

Mays: I should have told you guys before, I am a top of the line archer.

Stokes: Now that is an old form of fighting.

Wolf: I am stund that there is still someone who know's Archery.

Mays: Mavis it is my fault you have been brought into this war, That is why..

Takes out Malady's wand.

Mays: i will teach you all i know to help us end this war.

Mavis: Thank you Mays.

Stokes: No Mays.

Mays: Whats wrong.

Stokes: I've decided that we cannot use others to win this war.

Mays: You let Thomas help before finding out he was the Guardian.

Proteus: Yeah Stokes, whats wrong with you?

Stokes: Malcom allowed others to help us because the Legion was rebuilding. We are still strong enough to defeat our enemy, and I don't want to see more innocent people die because of us.

Ghost: They will die if we lose this war, Stokes!.

Soon Thomas and Lady came in.

Thomas: What is with all the shouting?

Stokes: Mays is planning to teach his girlfriend Magic.

Lady: What's wrong with that?

Stokes: Too many non-magic people have died in this war, so no more recruiting non magics. Thomas, come with me, it's time to continue training.

Thomas: Fine.

Stokes and Thomas left to train.

Thomas: You know Stokes you should let Mavis help, cause you realy think that the 5 of us can deafeat 50 of them, not to Add Malady and Diesel 10.

Stokes: Well...

Thomas: even with the Guardian of light in me, we still need all the help we can get.

Stokes: Hmmmm.. alright but if Mavis dies i am not responseable for it.

Thomas: Thanks.

Back at the hut.

Mays: Ok Mavis this spell i am going to teach you is called Wingardium Leviosa.

Mavis: Alright.

Mays: First the porper rist movement, watch.

(Preforms the Motion)

Mays: do that motion while saying the word Wingardium Leviosa. Try it.

So Mavis points the wand at Kimmy by mistake.

Mavis: Wingardium Leviosa!!

She said, soon Kimmy who was watching was lifted into the air.

Mays: Exalent Mavis.

Kimmy: Could you please put me down?.

Mavis: Sure.

Soon Kimmy's feet were safely on the ground.

Kimmy: Thanks.

T&F: Middle School Days Part 7

(1 week later)

Thomas was sat down at a desk, reading different scrolls and books about different spells, positions, and techinics, it was like being back at school. Stokes, Proteus, Ghost, Wolf were teaching him everthing they knew, even Mays was teaching him archery and Lady was helping with his other studies. Appartently, he had made outstanding progress within a week. He checked the time, it was time to learn about swords from Proteus.

Fortunately, he was in his training robes, they were white with a hood and stopped just below his knees, a blue cloth was wrapped around his hip like a belt, black trousers underneath with large black boots, they had once been Gareth's before he fell.


Stokes was looking over a map of Sodor, the Army of Darkness had been attacking multiple Legion bases and hideouts, taking the lives of many good wizards.

Stokes: Thats the twelth attack this week.

Ghost: Our numbers are dropping quickly, we need more recruits.

Proteus: at least some of our best wizards were able to head to here.

Mays: Where are we going to find more recruits?

Lady: What about the school, most if not all the students have magic in them.

Mays: True but how are we ging to chose the right ones that can use magic?

Stokes: Ghost, you can read peoples minds right?

Ghost: Yes. For example, Lady's saving herself for Thomas.

Lady: HEY!

Stokes: And Wolf, you can sence peoples feelings correct?

Wolf: Yep. Like how Mays gets hot around Mavis.

Mavis: (Blushes)

Mays: (Flourshed) SHUT UP!

Ghost: (chuckeling)

Stokes: I want you two to go to the school and find us worthy recruits, even if its the whole school.

Ghost/Wolf: Yes Master.

Mays: I must go and keep training Mavis.

Proteus: And Thomas hasn't finished sword training.

so they left for the Training yard.

Training yard

Mays: Ok Mavis, the spell i will teach to you is called Reducto.

Mavis: What does it do?

Mays: It can blast solid objects aside.

Mavis: Cool.

So Mavis pulls out her wand and points it at the shut door of the entrance to the Training yard.

Mays: Now repeat after me. Reducto!

Mavis: Reducto!!

A light shoots out of her wand, hits the door and blows it open.

Mays: Well done Mavis, well done. Tomorrow i will teach you the three unforgivable curse's.

unknown location

Malady: Now what are we to do?

TMD: We must wait.

Malday: (whineing) Waiting is no fun.

Diesel 10: we have to wait. cant atack untill are master is back to full strength.

TMD: It will not take long, but victory goes to those who prepare. And once I crack this scroll, my power will be endless.

Training Area

Mays and Mavis were having a break and watching Thomas training with two swords. Mays checked the time and realised it was his turn to teach him archery.

Mays: Hate to say this, but I need to continue training Thomas in the form of archery.

Thomas: ok.

Wolf: This will be interesting.

So Mays set up some targets.

Mays: Now i want you to try the skills i tought you on these dummies. All you need to do is land a arrow in each one.

Thomas: alright.

So Thomas grabed the bow, got some arrows, and launch a arrow in each dummie.

Thomas: how was that?

Mays: Good your makeing progress, tomorrow i will teach you how to safely use a Crossbow.

Thomas: ok.

Soon the sun was beginning to set. Thomas was sitting by himself near the edge of the mountain the training area was. He heard footsteps behind him, he turned around to see Lady. She walked up to and sat down beside him.

Lady: How are you feeling?

Thomas: Tired.

Lady: Well, I would be too, if I had been training as hard as you.

She leaned in and kiss him on the lips. Thomas kissed back.

Thomas: Lady...can I ask you something?

Lady: Sure.

Thomas: When I asked you out, what made you say yes?

Lady: Cause I think your brave, kind, cute and that I have a crush on you. Is that good enough?

Thomas: Yes.

And they kissed again.

Unknown Location

The Marauder of Darkness placed down the scrolls he had been studying, he was frustrated he did not have any progress in cracking the scrolls, just then Raven and D10 entered.

TMD: Why do you bother me?

D10: My Lord several members question your strength and seek to get rid of you.

TMD: Is that so?

Raven: Yes my Lord. Shall we get rid of them?

TMD: No, I will deal with them.

Diesel 10: Also Malady has quit serving you.

TMD: Then she will suffer too.

What he did not know was that Mays was watching through an Invisability cloak.


Mavis: I hope Mays gets back ok.

Just then Mays walked in.

Mays: I have some news to report.

So Mays told them about what he saw.

Ghost: How was he able to get the scrols?

Wolf: Don't know, the good thing is that some of his folowers are judgeing his powers.

Unknown Location

Malady and fifty other members of the army of darkness marched in the centre of the army's hide away. Malady blasted away several members that tried to stop them. Suddenly, the Marauder of Darkness appeared before them.

TMD: Might I be so bold to ask what is the meaning of this?

Malady: We're tired of waiting to destroy our enemy, you are clearly not fit to lead us. I will take your place as the Lady of Darkness.

The Marauder of Darkness laughed.

Malady: What is so funny?

TMD: You believe you have achieved victory? You don't even know what true power is.

He rasied his hand and dark red beams emitted from is hands, attaching themselves to the traitors except Malady. They screamed before falling to the floor dead. Everyone stared in horror at the Maruader of Darkness.

Malady: Why did you spare me?

TMD: So you might witness true power!

He emmited several dark pulses at all of the corpses. Suddenly, all of them began to shake and then stood up. Everyone stared in horror at the Zombies.

Malady: What are those things?

TMD: They are Inferi, they are the dead revived by me to serve me. Now, your punishment.

The Marauder rasied his hand and Malady levitated into the air. She was then sent flying into walls and the ceiling, she was consumed in a black and red cloud. She became weaker, her power being stripped from her. The Maruader then slammed her into the ground. Malady's clothes were torn and ripped. She started to bleed from her nose.

TMD: You have three seconds to get out of my sight.

Malady stood up and limped away as fast as she could, tears were running down her face.

TMD: Kill her.

The Inferi screamed and began to chase her, Just then Mays appeard on a flying bromstick and destroying most of the Inferi, TMD was shocked.

TMD: What!!!!

Mays: Malady get on if you want to live.

So she got on, she started to cry.

Mays: I got a surprise for you TMD.

He said and pointed his wand at him.

Mays: Avada kadavra!

He said and a green light shot at TMD, he jumped out of the way and Mays flew off, TMD was cross.

TMD: F**K!!!!!, That Mays is more trouble then he is worth.

Diesel 10: Master we should call off the Inferi for now.

TMD: (sighing) I guess your right.

When Mays got back to the Training grounds, they got off Malady was very greatfull to Mays.

Malady:(Sadly) Thanks for saveing me.

Mays: Last time we fought i sensed some good in you. Cides it ain't right to be killed by Zombies.

Soon the others came up. Mays told them what he saw.

Ghost: This cant be.

Just then Malady collasped on the ground.

Stokes: Get Malady inside to let her rest. We will decide what to do with her later.

So Lady and Kimmy helped there sister inside, later they were deciding on what to do with her.

Wolf: I say kill her.

Ghost: it is just not right to kill her.

Protiues: That will make us more like the Army of Darkness.

Wolf: Then what do you supose we do with her!.

Mays: Letting her help us sounds much better.

Wolf: Why?

Mays: Do you think i would have not rescued her, if i did not think she could be usefull.

Thomas: Mays has got a point.

Stokes: I agree, will let her help us out. Hell She could know alot about what makes TMD tick.

All but Wolf agreed, meanwhile in another room. Malady was thinking on what she should do.

Malady: My only option is to stay here. I hope they will let me stay.

Soon, Stokes entered her room, she felt weak.

Stokes: Are you ok?

Malady: I think so.

Stokes: What happend?

Malady: Me and several others were tired of his waiting, so we tried to overthrow him. But he killed them all and turned them into Inferi. He then beat me and striped me of my powers. If Mays had not arived i would be dead by now.

Stokes: Do you know if the Marauder has any weaknesses?

Malady: No. No one does.

Mays: Nonsense.

Said Mays as he enterd.

Mays: Everyone has a weakness.

Malady: I don't understand why you rescued me after what i put you through.

Mays: Just call it as my good will.

Malady wanted to show Mays her gratitude. But she did not know how.

Stokes: Get some rest, you'll need it.

Malady: Thanks for leting me help. And once again thank you for saveing me Mays.

As they left, Stokes and Mays talked.

Stokes: Mays, I want you to focus much of your time as possible in training Thomas.

Mays: What about Malady?

Stokes: We have other teachers, but you have a few unique skills, and Thomas needs them if he is to win.

Mays: Ok. How's Ghost's and Wolf's task of recruiting from the school.

Stokes: Quite well, believe it or not.


Thomas sat with his legs crossed and his eyes closed. He was meditating.

Mystic Area

He was walking through the white mist, when he saw the Guardian and his brother.

Guardian: Thomas, what do you require?

Thomas: I have come to ask, can Malady be trusted?

Guardian: Your Brother stripped her of her powers, humiliated her and tried to kill her. I doubt she would want to return. Gareth isn't as forgiving as he used to be.

Thomas: Do you think Mays did the right thing by saveing her?

????: Yes, he did do the right thing.

Thomas: And how am I to defeat my former Brother, if I am no longer a pure light?

Guardian: The Prophecy says that you will battle a great evil, and when it ends, light and darkness will be balanced. Think on it.

With that, Thomas disappeared.

???: Don't you think we should have told him?

Guardian: No not yet.

???: Gareth has my powers, Brother. And he abuses them.

Guardian: I know. But I find it ironic, Brother, how we were brought back into this world by brothers to serve as our vessels. And now one has the dangerous task of carrying both of us.

???: I would not have thought that my vessel, Gareth would fall and divide the very order we created. This must be what we feared would come all those years ago.

Guardian: And that boy is our last chance to stop it.

Just then a thought came to his brothers mind.

???: What about our plan? Is it time?

Guardian: Nearly.


Thomas paced up and down, what did it mean, light and darkness would be balanced. Suddenly, it hit him.

Thomas: I am light and Gareth is darkness, for magic to be balanced, neither can live if the other survives. So if I must fulfill the Prophecy, either me or my brother must die.

Thomas sat down in a nearby chair, taking in the shock and relisation of what he had to do.

Soon, Mays came in.

Mays: Ready for crossbow training.

Thomas: Yes.

As they were training, Mays noticed that Thomas was acting strange.

Mays: Are you ok, Thomas?

Thomas: Yes...nothings wrong...just tired.

Mays wasn't convinced.

Mays: Tell me what is bothering you.

Thomas: Nothing is bothering me.

Later Mays was talking to Lady.

Mays: I think somethings bothering Thomas.

Lady: I think that aswell, he hasn't been himself.

Mays: Maybe it's because he has to save the world, thats a lot of pressure.

Lady: Yes...but, somehing is wrong, we both know that. I don't want to lose him.

Later Mays was training Thomas.

Mays: I spoke with Lady and we are both worried about you, what ever is bothering you please keep this in mind. Lady has said she doe's not want to lose you.

Thomas: You two don't need to worry about me.

Mays: well me, and Lady do worry. Just try not to get your self killed when you fight your Brother.

Thomas: i will try not to.

Mays: The only one that decides if you live or die, is the Dear Lord himself.

This made Thomas think hard, that night Mays sat up reading when Mavis came in.

Mavis: What cha reading?

Mays: Spell book.

Mavis: Well...<takes book away> why don't you and me have fun by ourselves?

Mays: Ok.

They were about to kiss when Lady burst in.

Lady: Oh...sorry. I was just looking for Thomas.

Mays: Well he's not here.

Lady then left and Mays and Mavis continue what they were doing, Lady continued to look for Thomas.

Lady: Oh where are you?

She ran outside, there she saw him standing by himself.

Lady: you alright?

Thomas: yes, i am just thinking on what Mays said to me today.

Lady: and what was that?

Thomas: the only one that decides if you live, is the Dear Lrd himself..

Lady knew who Mays was talking about.

Lady: He is right, you know.

Thomas whispered to himself.

Thomas: He's wrong for once, there is

Unknown Location

The Marader stood infront of his armies of Dark Warriors and Inferi.

TMD: Soon, my followers, we will destroy the legion and magic will control this world as it should have.

Everyone cheered.

Back at the Hut.


Stokes was relaxing when Lady came up.

Lady: Stokes someone wants to learn archery.

Stokes: Take Him/Her to Mays to see if he wont train them.

So Lady found Mays, eating a sub.

Lady: Mays i have someone who wants to know Archery.

Mays: ok, let me see them.

So the person steped in front of him. It was a girl who wore a Blue shirt with red and brass stripes on it, a black skirt, greyish pantyhose, black shoes, and Black hair.

Belle: Names Belle.

Mays: Nice to meet you Belle, now to practice archery takes a steady hand, and lots of consatration.

Belle: I understand.

Mays: training will begen in a few minnutes, after i finish this Chicken, Bacon, Ranch, sub on a flat bread.

When Mays was done, he led Belle to the training yard.

Mays: do you need a little history on archers?

Belle: No, i know enough back story.

Mays: First we will work out your archery stance.

Belle: Ok.

she said, once she had the stance down, Mays handed her a bow.

Mays: Now we will practice your aim, and draw back strength.

Belle: Allright.

But Mays soon saw that it will be alot more hard training for her.

Mays: thats enough for now.

Belle: Ok.

Mays: So what do you know about the old form of Archery?

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