T&F Laser Collection is based off the YouTube series The Laser collection by YouTube user DominicFear. This is my version of the series, the T&F version. Each "season" contains 4-5 "episodes". Note: These episodes were not created to offend the characters that get burnt by the lasers. These also do not reflect the opinions of the creator of this series

Episode 1: Why Thomas is Jealous

Well, ever since Stanley came along, Thomas has been really P.Oed at him for getting all the attention, like this:

Stanley: *whispering to Percy* And so I heard that Gordon was trying to beat his record by taking a shortcut......

Percy: No way!

Stanley: Way.....

Thomas: Percy! I wanna talk to you!

Percy: *isn't listening*

Thomas: *groans*

See what I mean? Thomas is even losing attention from his best friend!!!!! So, one day, Thomas gets his chance to show Stanley what he thinks about him..........

Stanley: Hey, Thomas.

Thomas: Hey, Stanley.

Stanley: So, what do you want to do?...........Thomas?


Stanley was nothing but burnt scrap after that!

Thomas: That showed him.

The End

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