Tales of the LNWR is the name of the television series reboot based on the Railway Series by the Reverend W. Awdry and the original television series by Britt Allcroft. It was adapted for television by George Ignatchenko. The series is due to start airing in April 2020.


'Tales of the LNWR' is about Thomas, Edward, George and other engines.


In 2008/9, George Ignatchenko gained his love for Thomas. He had been making a TV show as far as he remembers. In 2015, he tried making a show of remakes, which was eventually scrapped. In 2016, he tried another attempt at a series, with the pilot episode in mind, 'Thomas's Story', which was also scrapped. In 2018, he had 'The Pilot Series' in mindm which was scrapped. Then, in 2019, he finally decided to accomplish his target. With the correct equipment and setting, the filming for the newest film, The Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine, plus the series itself. It is comfirmed that it will be filmed using Thomas & Friends merchandise and LEGO and more. It is likely that filming would start for both the series and the film in October 2019.

List of Episodes

Season 1 (2020-2021)

  1. Breakfast!
  2. Oliver's Grand Day Out
  3. A Night At Ffarquhar
  4. Trouble For Salty
  5. A Job At The Steamworks
  6. The Two Twins
  7. Goodbye Mr Percival
  8. A Cruel Day for BoCo and Edward
  9. NWR 106
  10. George the Steam-roller
  11. A Visit from Ernie
  12. A Thomas To Remember
  13. A Re-visit from the Queen
  14. Edward, BoCo and the Chatterbox
  15. The Truth About Diesel 10 (part one of season finale)
  16. Thomas's Confronting (part two of season finale)

Season 2 (2022)

  1. Why, Percy, Why?
  2. 'Chatterbox' vs 'Shooting Star'
  3. BoCo at the China Clay Pits
  4. Retiring?
  5. Philip & Bertie
  6. Lost Archiving
  7. Trouble on the Tracks
  8. On Shed-ule
  9. Peace and Quiet for Henry
  10. Edward and Nia
  11. Percy Takes Charge
  12. Rosie and Henry (part one of season finale)
  13. Rosie and the Cheeky Tank Engine (part two of season finale)
  14. Rosie's Train (part three of season finale)
  15. Rosie and the Troublesome Trucks (part four of season finale)
  16. Rosie Saves the Day (part five of season finale)

Season 3 (2024)

  1. Thomas in the Dark
  2. Fredickal Problems
  3. Edward To The Heap?
  4. Double 'O' Toby
  5. Thomas and the Sandwich Picnic
  6. Daisy's Drunk Driver
  7. Bulgy's 'Railing'
  8. Bulgy Learns A Lesson
  9. The Unknown Side of Thomas
  10. He's A Wonderful Friend
  11. A New Friend on the Skarloey Railway
  12. Return of the Spiteful Brake Van
  13. George 'Carlin'
  14. Annie and the New Coach
  15. S.C.Ruffey Returns (part one of season finale)
  16. S.C.Ruffey V.S. Fred Pelhay (part two of season finale)

Season 4 (2025)

  1. Henry Takes Charge
  2. Oliver, Duck and the Lost Brake Van
  3. Duck Goes Quack
  4. A Tale Of Three Georges
  5. Karlson?
  6. Harvey and Karlson
  7. Attack of the Air Pirates
  8. The Green Oliver
  9. Daisy the Daisy Railcar
  10. Gordon Takes Skiiing
  11. The Return of Wilbert
  12. Henry Goes Swimming
  13. Thomas and the New Diesel
  14. Hijacked Engine!
  15. Useful Again? (part one of season finale)
  16. Edward Proves His Point (part two of season finale)

Season 5 (2026)

  1. Spencer, Mallard and Sir Nigel Greasley
  2. Being Famous
  3. Mountain Engines
  4. A Bad Look-Out
  5. Danger Points
  6. "Devil's Back"
  7. Jock's Unlucky Day
  8. The Return of Dennis
  9. A Bus Rivally
  10. Bertie and the New Bus
  11. Golden Oldies
  12. Gordon's Stowaway
  13. The Prom Nights (part one of season finale)
  14. Reuniting (part two of season finale)

Season 6 (2027)


  1. The Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine (2020)
  2. Tales of the LNWR: The Adventure Begins (2020)
  3. Tales of the LNWR: The Adventure Continues (2021)
  4. Diesel's Christmas Carol: The Movie (2021)
  5. Tales of the LNWR: The Magic Railroad (2022)
  6. The Search for Sixteen (2022)
  7. Tales of the LNWR: The Adventure Goes On (2023)
  8. Tales of the LNWR: The Great Race (2023)
  9. Duck & the Diesel: The Movie (2024)
  10. Donald & Douglas: The Movie (2025)
  11. Tales of the LNWR: The Race Continues (2025)
  12. Tales of the LNWR: The Adventure Never Ends (2026)
  13. Oliver: The Movie (2027)
  14. Tales of the LNWR: The Adventure Keeps Writing (2028)
  15. Tales of the LNWR: Racing Around The World (2028)
  16. Tales of the LNWR: The Adventure Never Stops Writing (2029)
  17. Tales of the LNWR: The Final Race (2029)
  18. Tales of the LNWR: The Adventure Resumes (2030)


  • Season 5 is the shortest season of the entire series.
  • 2023 is the first year without a season of TOTLNWR. Instead there was a spin-off series about before and after Thomas's arrival. 2028 was the second.
  • This series is set in an alternate universe of Thomas & Friends, so the North Western Railway timeline is different. [See Sodor Railway Timeline here: North Western Railway (SFS version)/Timeline.
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