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17.New York City, Manhatten, USA

NARRATOR: This is where I come into our story. I lived with my parents in the big city and I saw magic that no one else has time to like lovely reflections of light on a rainy day. Soon, I was off to stay with my grandpa on Muffle Mountain.

18.Lily's Apartment

(LILY'S MOM is on the phone and LILY is playing her harmonica)

LILY'S MOM: Come on in, Lily. Your dad wants to say hello.

(LILY lets go of harmonica)

LILY'S MOM: Come on, Lily.

(LILY puts her harmonica in her pocket and watches inside her house to a cramped room where her mother is packing, handing the phone to her)

LILY'S DAD: Hello, Lily.

LILY: Hi, Dad. When are you coming home?

LILY'S DAD: Not until later, Lily.

LILY: Oh, okay. I hope your job goes well. (sighs disappointed)

LILY'S DAD: My job's okay. I love you, Lily.

LILY: Love you too, Dad. Bye. (hangs up and looks to her mother) Why did my dad have to go away, mom? I wanted to say goodbye to him before he left.

LILY'S MOM: I know, honey. But your father had to get to work. Now please help me pack. You're gonna carry this on the train after all.

LILY: I understand. But why do I have to go to Grandpa's. You're only having a baby after all.

LILY'S MOM: Look, darling. I just want you to keep your grandfather company because it's been five years since his wife died in 1994.

(LILY notices a black-and-white picture and picks it)

LILY'S MOM: Oh, what have you found? (looks at the picture) Oh yeah. That's your grandparents at their prom in 1956, I think. Oh, look at Burnett. He's so handsome in this picture. He was nine-teen years old at the time, and soon after the prom, he married Tasha.

LILY: And who's that? (points to a serious-looking man in the picture)

LILY'S MOM: Oh, that's Boomer. Pete Tiberius Boomer. He was jealous from the way I heard it. I heard he destroyed something precious to your grandfather two years ago.

LILY: Hm. How come you've never showed it to me?

LILY'S MOM: I just thought it had to wait until you were thirteen. (grabs picture, and puts it on the shelf) Well, I think we better carry on packing. (carries on packing with LILY)

19.Shining Time, USA

(PATCH and MUTT are at the population board)

PATCH: here, Mutt. Paint job's finished. I reckon Shining Time's the best of any welcome sign in our valley.

(MUTT barks)

PATCH: Well, I'm glad you agree. Your master's map sure helped alot.

(MUTT barks)

PATCH: He's on his way right now? Well, you hear that train whistle sooner then it hears itself.

(RAINBOW SUN stops at the platform, BILLY TWOFEATHERS climbes off and walks to PATCH and MUTT)

PATCH: Hello, Billy.

BILLY TWOFEATHERS: Hello, Patch. Nice work.

PATCH: Thanks, Billy. And oh, I've been looking at your map. (shows BILLY TWOFEATHERS the line) What are these mysterious shadowy lines doing on it? They look like straight railroad tracks but I can't see any tracks around here except for the ones that you travel on.

BILLY TWOFEATHERS: It's a mystery which makes this land so...

PATCH: Magical?


PATCH: Well, I better get back to Mr. Stone's workshop. I promised him that I would help him.

BILLY TWOFEATHERS: Does he give you a smile?

PATCH: No, but he doesn't frighten my horse either, (jumping up on the saddle and patting his horse on the saddle) which I don't think he's a bad man. I think he's just... sad. (rides off with his horse)

BILLY TWOFEATHERS: Be careful! (walks to the cafe and comes back with a capucinno, looks at the poster that PATCH finished and then putting his hand on MUTT's head) Come on, Mutt, old boy. Let's go to the platform.

(As BILLY TWOFEATHERS and MUTT walk up to the platform, BOOMER from the motorcycle is waiting for them. MUTT growls at him)

BOOMER: Hello, Billy. Do you remember me?


BOOMER: When I killed your brother twenty years ago, I looked! (reveals his face by removing his goggles)

BILLY TWOFEATHERS: (surprised) Pete Tiberius Boomer! It's been twenty years since you...killed Samuel.

BOOMER: Indeed it has. So now I'm back with a question. (silence as BOOMER walks to BILLY TWOFEATHERS) Where's Burnett Stone? (grunting)

BILLY TWOFEATHERS: Away from you, you son of a bitch.

BOOMER: Oooh, so you want to play tough, is that right? Okay, then. (punches BILLY TWOFEATHERS in the stomach; BILLY TWOFEATHERS yelps) Ha! Are you a coward? Huh, are you? (jumps right and left)

(BILLY TWOFEATHERS yells and punches BOOMER in the face; BOOMER punches him in the private parts; BILLY TWOFEATHERS kicks BOOMER in the face and BOOMER falls down)

BILLY TWOFEATHERS: There is innocence here and unless you want to be exiled from these mountainsides, I suggest that you don't mess with it. (looks across at the meadow at beautiful flowers) Those flowers are beautiful, aren't they? Mr. Conductor planted them this morning.

(BOOMER scoffs and looks at the flowers, taking a swing at one of them and walking away, Billy pick up the broken flowers and feeling worried of him)

20.Muffle Mountain

NARRATOR: Nobody knew that there was a secret shared only between Burnett and Tasha.


(BURNETT looks at the workprints of LADY)

NARRATOR: Burnett Stone, grandfather of me, had a tragic past...

22.San Francisco, 1956

((YOUNG) BURNETT walks across the path, when (YOUNG) BOOMER crosses his path)

BURNETT: Hey, Boom.

BOOMER: Listen, Burny; if you lay one hand on my girlfriend during Art class, I promise you, that I will kill you. Literally. But you are my friend, so I can trust you.

BURNETT: (shocked) Oka-y. (walks away)

23.American Scrapyard

(BURNETT walks into the yard)

BURNETT: Am I really stupid to join Tasha's Art Class? Hell. (sits down) What's next? Small men?

(BURNETT turns and sees RINGO CONDUCTOR, walking with a flowerpot)

RINGO CONDUCTOR: Hello, young man.

BURNETT: ....are you real?

RINGO CONDUCTOR: Of course I am real. Wait... are you that nineteen-year-old kid who made an article about the Future of Steam? 'Burnett Stone'?

BURNETT: Yes, I am! Why, have you read it?

RINGO CONDUCTOR: Why, yes I have! It said about steam would be scrapped because they would have no more industrial work to do.

BURNETT: Yeah, soon they will be just the heritage railway with steam.

RINGO CONDUCTOR: know, there is a railway on a small island complete with steam. I'll show it to ya. (grabs his sparkle) Oh, and I have forgotten to introduce myself! My name is Mr. Ringo Conductor at your service. Hold on tight. (blows his sparkle and he and BURNETT disappear)

24.Magic Buffers

(BURNETT wakes up)

RINGO CONDUCTOR: Hey, jacky! Come up here!

25.Gordon's Hill

BURNETT: (walks up the hill to RINGO CONDUCTOR) You are norma, l sized now.

RINGO CONDUCTOR: Maybe you're smaller. But let's get to the point. (points to the view) Look at that view.

(BURNETT looks at the view, sees GORDON racing up the hill)


(BURNETT brings TASHA to the workshop)

TASHA: (eyes closed) Well, what is the surprise?

BURNETT: (takes her arms away from her eyes) This is.

TASHA: (opens her eyes; gasps) Oh Burnett! What is this?

BURNETT: This is an engine my grandfather had built in 1916. Her name is Lady.

TASHA: It's so pretty! Erm, Burnettt? I want to invite the prom.

BURNETT: You really mean that?

TASHA: Yes. Only if you promise to take me on this train someday.

BURNETT: Don't worry. I will.

TASHA: Promise?



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