Tales of the LNWR finale is a three-part trilogy with each part being approx. forty minutes long. It will begin on 6th April 2034, and will conclude 'Tales of the LNWR' after the final season in 2033, counting up to thirteen seasons and twenty-five films in total.


1.Unknown Legacy

Release date: 6th April 2034

An accident becomes fatal, killing Sir Topham Hatt V's best friend. But in the trial of Sir Ernie Topham Hatt V, he, Archie Jerrigan and the jury find out that the "accident" was not just coincidence, and a plot....

2.Who Is The Sabateur?

Release date: 9th June 2034

Who is the plotter for this sabatogue? Who is responsible for the death of Sir Topham Hatt V's best friend? In Henry's Forest, Thomas, Sir Topham Hatt V and Mr Richard Hatt find out the man who didn't die....

3.Sodor's Finest Hour

Release date: 1st September 2034

Albert Mollingham is at large, setting up a terrorist attack to blow up the Town Hall at Tidmouth. He succeeds, and then kidnaps one of Sir Topham Hatt V's engines. Can the NWR staff and engines stop him once and for all?....

Characters in the entire 'finale'

Most characters, if not all, will be appearing in 'Tales of the LNWR Finale'.

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