Tamika's Tales is a spin-off of the British television series Thomas & Friends created by Copy-Ability-Studios and released exclusively for the Nintendo Super Films streaming service.


Tamika's Tales follows the adventures of Tamika, a steam railmotor who works along a tourist line in the Kuranda Rainforest in Australia giving educational tours with her classroom coach Dexter (Thomas originally met Tamika in the Thomas & Friends episode Banjo and the Bushfire, and Dexter was originally rescued by Duck in the episode School of Duck).

The series features a cast of returning characters that most Thomas fans are familiar with in addition to characters never before seen in the Thomas & Friends universe, such as Ernest the Engine and Others, The Wiggles and Ferry Boat Fred.


Main characters

  • Vehicle Characters
    • Tamika (voiced by Rose Robinson) - A steam railmotor.
    • Dexter (voiced by Mark Moraghan) - Tamika's classroom coach who used to live on Sodor.

Recurring characters

  • Vehicle characters
    • Ace (voiced by Peter Andre) - A famous racing car that once inspired Thomas to go around the world.
    • Arwin - A white tank engine whose name is derived from his number (R1).
    • Mira - A yellow cab forward tank engine who tries to make her jobs less boring.
    • Ernest - A yellow diesel engine.
    • Stevie - A black tank engine.
    • Gale - A magenta guard's compartment diesel.
    • Fred - A yellow ferry that works in Sydney Harbor.
    • Kate - A purple ferry that works in Sydney Harbor.
    • Bill - A blue ferry that works in Sydney Harbor.
    • Lou - A red ferry that works in Sydney Harbor.
    • Jean - A blue submarine who works in Sydney Harbor.




UK title (top)

US title (bottom)

Written by Original UK

release date

01 Tamika's Day on Sodor Copy-Ability-Studios
Daisy the diesel railcar is jealous when Tamika visits Sodor for the summer.
02 Ferry Useful Engines
Tamika gives her new coach Dexter a tour of Sydney Harbor.
03 - 04 Dexter's Football Adventures Copy-Ability-Studios

(original webisodes by Tim Bain)

Dexter is introduced to "Australian rules" football.
05 The Kuranda Kadets
Ranger Jill instructs Tamika and Dexter to watch over her scouts.
06 Chef Dexter
A pancake breakfast is put in jeopardy until Tamika comes up with a creative solution.
07 Burning Rubber
Ace and Gary compete to see whose the fastest.
08 The Tank Engine With No Name
Dexter tries to help out a new friend.
09 Red Center Blues
Mira, a cab forward tank engine, is tasked with taking tourists to the Red Center in the Australian outback.
10 Get Ready to Wiggle Copy-Ability-Studios
The Wiggles are performing a benefit concert to save an endangered species in the Kuranda Rainforest.
11 Ace Hangs Ten
Ace takes his stunts to new levels when he is fitted with water wheels.
12 Eyes on Isla
Tamika and Dexter try to solve a mystery.
13 Dexter and the Koala Brothers
Dexter has a dream where animals can talk.
14 Dial T for Tamika BiggestKirbyFanEver1994
Tamika becomes overbooked with errands.
15 Another Kangaroo Christmas
Thomas comes to visit Tamika and Dexter for Christmas.
16 Sydney Harbor Rescue
The harbor is in a terrible mess, and only Tamika and Dexter cab fix it.
17 For the Birds
Dexter notices a flock of birds he's never seen before.
18 Ernest the Engine
Tamika is sent to the Big Controller's railway and meets Ernest, Stevie and Gale.
19 TBA Copy-Ability-Studios
20 TBA
21 TBA
22 TBA
23 TBA
24 TBA
25 TBA
26 TBA


  • Dexter's Football Adventures is the only episode in the series to be double length.
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