(The scene is shown in the clouds. The camera then fades down and towards a windmill)

(The scene flashes to the water mill bridge)

(The camera slowly moves away from it and then fades to some trees and a little cottage which moves back to a tunnel)

(The scene steams to show Thomas pulling Annie and Clarabel. Thomas toots)

Thomas: Whee. Ha ha ha. Whoo-hoo. (He enjoys himself)

Annie: Slow down, Thomas.

Clarabel: Slow down, Thomas. Slow doooooowwwwn.

Thomas: Ha ha ha. Keep up, you two. Come along. Come along.

Annie and Clarabel: We're coming along. We're coming along.

(Toot toot toot)

(While scenes cut to various parts of Thomas, the opening titles show)

Mattel Creations presents

A Thomas & Friends production

Based on the Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry

Created by Britt Alcroft

Written by Andrew Brenner

Told by Mark Moraghan

(Thomas puffs over us revealing his undercarriage)

(The scene steams to a station)

(Thomas arrives)

(Steam reveals the logo)

Narrator: Thomas & Friends: The Adventure Continues.

(The steam gets rid of the logo)

Thomas: (Chuckles) Right on time.

Executive producer - Christopher Keenan

Produced by Ian McCue

(Edward arrives at the station)

Edward: Good morning, Thomas.

Thomas: Hello, Edward. Wait. I thought James was supposed to be taking that train.

(Edward looks at the trucks)

Edward: He was. But he's still too afraid to go even near the trucks after what happened. I don't really blame him. It was a rather nasty accident.

(The Stationmaster's whistle blows)

Edward: Well. I must be off, Thomas. James and I are supposed to be taking the local train.

(Edward puffs out of view)

Directed by David Stoten

Thomas: Bye, Edward.

(The scene fades)

(Henry puffs away)

(Gordon is seen looking miserable)

(Edward puffs into the yard)

Gordon: Ah. There you are, little Edward. Be a good engine and shunt my coaches will you?

Edward: Sorry, Gordon. I have my own work to do. (He puffs away) Perhaps you'll have to fetch your own for a change, huh.

Gordon: What?

Gordon's Driver: Come on, Gordon. We're going to be late.

Gordon: Unbelievable. Thomas goes away to run a silly little branch line and leaves me. Me. To fetch my own coaches. It's undignified. Tender engines don't shunt.

Wagon: If you can blame us about it, you can do it half the time. (Chuckles) (Door collapses) Ohh.

(Gordon toots)

(Gordon groans)

(The scene fades to Tidmouth Sheds)

Narrator: James was sitting in the sheds. He had been feeling ill since his accident with the trucks and his old wooden brake blocks. The Fat Controller had come to cheer him up.

The Fat Controller: You're a special mixed-traffic engine, James. You can pull trucks and coaches with ease. But I understand you're still rather shaken up by your accident. That's why I gave you this red paint. I hope it makes you feel better.

James: Yes, sir. It has.

The Fat Controller: Now I want you to double head the local passenger train with Edward today. Just to help you get back into the swing of things.

James: Oh yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

The Fat Controller: Now that's a good engine. Edward will show you where the coaches are. Now if you excuse me, I have a package from my mother in my office that I must attend to. (He walks off)

Edward: Ready to go, James?

James: Indeed. (He puffs out of his berth)

(The scene fades to James and Edward)

Narrator: So James and Edward went to find the coaches. Edward knew all about coaches and trucks. James was less experienced. He had only ever pulled Annie and Clarabel before Thomas arrived and had never pulled the local before.

Edward: You'll do fine, James. Just be careful with them. They don't like to be bumped. Trucks are silly and noisy. They need to be bumped from time to time to be reminded of how to behave. But coaches will get cross and they'll pay you out.

James: Thank you, Edward. I'll be sure to be careful. (He smiles and looks at a certain engine) Looks like the same can't be said for Gordon.

(The scene cuts to Gordon)

(James and Edward try not to laugh)

Gordon: It's not funny. Tender engines are not meant to shunt, Edward.

(James backs up past Edward)

Edward: But... I'm a tender engine and... I shunt.

Gordon: Well..... I.....

(James chuckles and then stammers as he backs up into the coaches)

Manager: Hey! Be careful.

James: Um, oops. Sorry.

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