The Adventure continues is a special released on 1st October 2018.


A tank engine named Thomas (voiced by Michael J. Fox) is running his branch line, but he has to wait for Henry (voiced by Hugh Laurie) who is late. Thomas becomes cross. Meanwhile, James (voiced by Rob Rackstraw) returns from the works and has to be taught by Edward (voiced by Rowan Atkinson). But they have some difficulties. As for Gordon (voiced by Ringo Starr) has trouble with the turntable. Meanwhile, Henry was sent to push something out of the tunnel, which was an elephant. At the end of the day, they discuss about going on strike. At Knapford Station, Sir Topham Hatt (voiced by John Cleese) hears the noise outside and realises that Henry, Gordon and James have gone on strike. He tells them off, but they refuse. Sir Topham Hatt tells Edward to shunt coaches in the yard.

But the next day, Sir Topham Hatt feels sorry for Edward and decides to purchase a tank engine. He named it Percy (voiced by Keith Wickham). Percy is an hard worker. Then, Sir Topham Hatt locks the three big engines in their sheds and asks Thomas and Edward to run the mainline and Percy to run Thomas's Branch-Line.

A week later, Sir Topham Hatt lets the big engines out. Percy is a little cheeky. He waited for the points to change, but then, he saw Gordon. He ran away backwards without his Driver. He got diverted into a siding and into a hole. Gordon helped him and they became friends.


Judy, Jerome and Glynn are likely to appear.

Characters introduced

Stories in order

  • Edward's Day Out
  • Edward and Gordon
  • The Sad Story of Henry
  • Edward, Gordon and Henry
  • Thomas and Gordon
  • Thomas' Train
  • Thomas and the Trucks
  • Thomas and the Breakdown Train
  • James and the Top-Hat
  • James and the Bootlance
  • Troublesome Trucks
  • James and the Express
  • Thomas and the Guard
  • Thomas Goes Fishing
  • Thomas, Terence and the Snow
  • Thomas and Bertie
  • Henry and the Elephant
  • Tenders and Turntables
  • Trouble in the Shed
  • Percy Runs Away


  • The first appearences of 98462, 87546 and the Red Engine.
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