The Adventures of Thomas is an upcoming DVD featuring thirty episodes.


  1. Thomas the Babysitter
  2. Ryan and Daisy
  3. Den and Dart
  4. Love Me Tender
  5. Skiff and the Mermaid
  6. Engine of the Future
  7. The Railcar and the Coaches
  8. Bradford the Brake Van
  9. The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead
  10. Hugo and the Airship
  11. Cautious Connor
  12. Philip to the Rescue
  13. Mike's Whistle
  14. Blown Away
  15. The Missing Breakdown Train
  16. Tit for Tat
  17. The Christmas Coffeepot
  18. The Other Side of the Mountain
  19. Two Wheels Good
  20. Over the Hill
  21. Snow Place Like Home
  22. Henry Gets the Express
  23. Henry in the Dark
  24. Toby's New Friend
  25. Useful Railway
  26. Pouty James
  27. All in Vain
  28. Goodbye Sir Topham Hatt
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