The Best of Henry is a US DVD.


  1. Come Out, Henry!
  2. Henry to the Rescue
  3. Henry's Special Coal
  4. The Flying Kipper
  5. Whistles and Sneezes
  6. A Cow on the Line
  7. A Scarf for Percy
  8. Henry's Forest
  9. Tender Engines
  10. Henry and the Elephant
  11. Haunted Henry
  12. Something in the Air
  13. What's the Matter with Henry?
  14. Henry and the Wishing Tree
  15. Henry and the Flagpole
  16. It's Good to Be Gordon
  17. Big Strong Henry
  18. Henry's Lucky Day
  19. Henry Gets it Wrong
  20. Henry's Good Deeds
  21. Henry's Health and Safety
  22. Henry's Magic Box
  23. Henry's Happy Coal
  24. Ho Ho Snowman
  25. Henry's Hero
  26. Flatbeds of Fear
  27. Henry Spots Trouble
  28. The Beast of Sodor
  29. Henry Gets the Express
  30. Henry in the Dark


  • A Scarf for Percy is featured in this DVD, but Henry only gets a minor role in this DVD.
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