Thomas: Come on! We need to desperately escape from Diesel!

(P.T . Boomer dives into Thomas's cap)

P.T Boomer: Gotcha, Blue Toy Men!

(Thomas gasps)

Thomas: Why?!

(P.T Boomer fights with Thomas's Driver and fireman)

Hank: Don't worry, Thomas. I'll drive ya.

(Hank hops inside Thomas's cab and puts Dory into Thomas's Driver's drink of water)

Dory: Okay, Hank. You can drive a truck. So, I betcha you can drive Thomas. So, just... try something.

Hank: Okay.

(Hank presses Thomas's whistle. He presses all sorts of buttons until he presses the start button)

Thomas: Ok...ay. That's gonna do it a little.

Dory: Look, I'm not telling you how to drive, but, is there any way to go faster?

Hank: Umm...

(Hank presses Thomas's brakes. He then releases them and then Thomas speeds off)

Dory: Whoo!

Thomas: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! That was something!

Hank: I can't see squat! Which way are we going?

Dory: Well, we obviously have to get to Tidmouth Sheds, so, we need to keep going.

(They rush past Tidmouth Sheds)

The others: Wait wait wait! (They yell out loud)

Marlin: Nemo, come on! (They dive down) We have to catch up with Dory!

(Marlin and Nemo swim into the pipes)

(The scene cuts to Alsborough Harbour)

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