(The Sun rises up giggling)

(The camera slowly moves up a hill and toward the Tubbytronic Superdome. The Windmill spins slowly in the distance)

Narrator: Over the Hills and Far away......... Teletubbies come to play.

Voice: One...

Tinky Winky: One.

Voice: ...two...

Dipsy: Two.

Voice: ...three...

Po: Three.


Laa-Laa: Four.

(The logo puffs in. Purple trim floe over the words)

Voice: Teletubbies.

(The purple trim floes out of view. The logo bursts)

(The Teletubbies run down the house towards some voice trumpets which come out of the ground)

Voice Trumpet: Time for Teletubbies. Time for Teletubbies. Time for Teletubbies. Time for Teletubbies.

Singer: Tinky Winky.

Tinky Winky: Tinky Winky.

Singer: Dipsy.

Dipsy: Dipsy.

Singer: Laa-Laa.

Laa-Laa: Laa-Laa.

Singer: Po.

Po: Po.

Singer: Teletubbies.

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po: Teletubbies.

Singer: Say... Hello.

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po: Eh-oh!

(Tinky Winky and Dipsy run and bump)

Singer: Tinky Winky. Dipsy.

(Laa-Laa and Po run and bump)

Singer: Laa-Laa. Po. Teletubbies.

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po: Teletubbies. Big hug!

(The windmill starts to spin faster)

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po: Uh oh!

(The Teletubbies run out of view)

(A Voice Trumpet rises in front)

Voice Trumpet: Where have the Teletubbies gone?

(The scene cuts to the sun smiling)

(The scene cuts to Sodor)

Narrator: The Close Call.

(Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Laa-Laa hear Po coming)

Po: Fa-dit fa-dit fa-dit fa-dit Po.

(Po comes into view on her scooter)

Po: Eh-oh.

Narrator: One day, on Sodor, Po was trying to see how fast she could go on her scooter.

Po: Po try go fast on cooter.

Narrator: Against Nia.

Po: Oooh. Against Nia.

(Nia toots)

Nia: Hi, Po. Ready to race?

(Po nods her head)

Nia: Go.

Teletubbies: Uh-Oh.

Narrator: Quick, Po. Go after Nia.

(Po quickly goes after Nia on her scooter)

(Po overtakes Nia)

Nia: Yes, Po! And back! (She puffs backwards)

(Po rotates her scooter around and overtakes Nia again. She stops near the other Teletubbies)

Po: Yeah.

Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Laa-Laa: Yeah.

Nia: Well done, Po. You overtook me twice in a row.

(Po giggles)

(The scene cuts to Teletubbyland)

(The windmill starts to spin faster)

(The scene cuts back to Sodor)

Teletubbies: Uh-Oh. (They run out of view)

Nia: Bye, Tubbies! Oh. Those guys. (She toots and puffs out of view)

(The scene cuts to Teletubbyland)

The windmill spins very fast. The camera zooms in towards it. The Teletubbies run and hug and fall over. The Windmill still spins fast)

(Tinky Winky giggles as his tummy and antenna lights up)

(Laa-Laa giggles as her tummy and antenna lights up)

(Dipsy giggles as his tummy and antenna lights up)

(Po giggles as her tummy and antenna lights up)

(The windmill still spins very fast)

(The Teletubbies walk up a hill holding hands)

(The windmill still spins very fast)

(Tinky Winky's tummy and antenna lights up)

(Dipsy's tummy and antenna lights up)

(Laa-Laa's tummy and antenna lights up)

(Po's tummy and antenna lights up)

Tinky Winky: Tinky Winky.

Dipsy: Dipsy.

Laa-Laa: Laa-Laa.

Po: Po.

(The windmill still spins very fast)

(Tinky Winky's tummy and antenna lights up)

Tinky Winky: Yeah heh-heh. Ha ha ha.

Dipsy: Yay. Tinky Winky. Ha ha. Yay.

Laa-Laa: Oh. Tinky Winky. Ha ha ha.

Kids: Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello.

Teletubbies: Eh-oh.

Kids: Guess what we're doing?!

(The TV Event scene is yet to be done. So, moving on)

(The scene fades to the sun giggling)

(It was now only a few days from Easter, and the Island of Sodor was excited for it. Thomas and Ashima were spending some time together watching the sunrise near Arlesdale. The two were cuddling as the sun rose, leaving a beautiful red sky in its wake. The red light made the two lovers glisten in the light, making them look like they were royalty. The two exchanged kisses like they were two teenagers who couldn't stay away from each other for more than two seconds. Thomas gave Ashima a kiss on the cheek, then spoke)

Thomas: Oh, Ashima, how much I love you.

(Ashima giggled and responded)

Ashima: I know, Thomas, that's the fifth time you have told me.

(Ashima returns the kiss. Thomas sighed, he loved quality time like this. The two cuddled gently, and let the warm rays of the sun sooth them as they idled there. The time that two spent together, always was worth it, no matter how hard they had to work in order to get the free time they needed. Thomas sighed as soon it would be time to go to work. The two shared one last kiss and went their separate ways, going off to work, where ever that was on the island)

(The scene cuts to Knapford Station)

(As it was near a major holiday, tourists on the island had doubled. There were so many passengers, that some borrowed LNER clerestory coaches had to be added on behind Annie and Clarabel. Even with the additional coaches, the train was full to the brim with passengers. Thomas had to go all over the island, and he was about ready to collapse when he made it to Knapford Station at noon. Gordon was already their, he was extremely worn out as well. Thomas had just come to a stop and was about to say hello to Gordon when a horn honked twice. Gordon saw who it was first and his eyes widened. He spoke up in disbelief)

Gordon: (Looking down) No, it can't be those two, I thought they went back to the mainland.

(Thomas then saw who it was as the consist came to a stop inside the station. It was none other than Pip and Emma. They were humming a song as they came to a stop, cheerfully smiling at the two familiar faces)

Emma: Gordon, Thomas, long time no see. How have you two been?

(Thomas smiled a little bit, and so did Gordon. Thomas then responded)

Thomas: I have been doing good, besides the massive amount of passengers, I am about ready to fall off my own wheels.

(Pip and Emma giggled slightly. Gordon then spoke up)

Gordon: I am so glad to see you two again, we need all the help we can get with all of these tourists.

(Gordon's express train had doubled in length and part of the train was sticking outside the station. Pip and Emma then responded).

Pip: We are both glad to be back on this amazing island. So much has happened since we left.

(Emma nodding in agreement. Gordon suddenly realized he was running late to depart the station. He suddenly spoke)

Gordon: We can talk later, I have to go now!

(Gordon's wheels spins fast as he departed the station in a hurry. He whistled twice and charged out of the station. He was out of view in less than thirty seconds)

Pip: Hey, Thomas? Who are those four weird looking guys?

Thomas: Oh, them? These are my friends, the Teletubbies.

Teletubbies: Eh-oh.

Emma: Um... hi.

(Thomas had to depart a few moments later himself, due to the final passenger being onboard the train. Thomas whistled twice and whistled goodbye to Pip and Emma who dinged their bell in return at Thomas. Thomas was making good time to Ffarquhar, it was his last stop for the day, when Nia would take over for passenger duties so Thomas could rest. He finally got their after a while. The weather was beginning to deteriorate rapidly. Grey clouds began to fill the air, thunder could faintly be heard off in the distance. Thomas was beginning to get concerned as the clouds drew closer. As he pulled into Ffarquhar, he saw Nia who had slight look of fright on her face. Thomas looked at her and then tried to speak, but she couldn't hear him over the howling wind. Thomas shunted the coaches into the coach shed and the passengers were told to hunker down inside the station for safety. Thomas and Nia went over to the engine shed and the doors were barely able to be closed. The wind and rain pelted the shed, and suddenly it got quiet. It seemed if the wind had just died out. Thomas thought the storm was over, when all of sudden the shed's windows blew inward all around them. He could feel the air pressure explode. Nia screamed and Thomas just shut his eyes. The firemen and drivers dove onto the floor of their engines cab, trying to find cover from this monster of a storm. The doors flew open and Thomas saw the horrific monster that he thought only could come from the Wizard of Oz. Thomas fainted from how scared he was, and Nia was too scared to open her eyes)

Dory: Thomas! What are we gonna do?!

A Few Minutes Later...

(Gordon was thundering through the station with the express. A man sprinted out onto the platform with a red flag, he tried to stop Gordon, but he didn't notice it and he continued charging down the line. He as nearing Maron station when he started to whistle violently. His driver and fireman slammed on the brakes. They had to stop now, unless they wanted to go flying off a bridge that was there a few moments ago. Gordon saw trees being ripped apart like toothpicks. It reminded him of what Steven had said about a tornado he encountered. That's when he realized what it was, it was a massive tornado. Gordon couldn't stop in time and the wind threw a branch that hit his tenders coupler, and separated the express coaches from himself. He hit the bent rails like a rocket and straddled the broken bridge. He dangling their praying the bridge wouldn't collapse under his weight. He saw the tornado begin to hit Maron, which was ripped to shreds by the monster tornado. Gordon was in genuine fear of what he was seeing. He was praying nobody had been killed by the storm. After the tornado passed through the town, it began to weaken and eventually die out, or so he thought. He could see two more smaller tornadoes form off to his southeast. The tornadoes were in open field and harmless. He watched the tornadoes dance around each other, like a couple dancing at a ball. Eventually the tornadoes died out and the weather began to get better. Gordon then panicked realizing the passengers might have been in critical danger. His driver tapped the side of his cab three times indicating the passengers were safe. Gordon sighed with relief)

Meanwhile at The Sodor Search and Rescue Centre.

(Ashima had taken a group of tourists for a tour of the S.S.R.C. Belle and her were talking about the strong storm that was visible off in the distance. Suddenly Flynn burst out of his sheds, startling everyone. He quickly shouted out.for


(A few moments later the alarm went off and the rescue team began to move quickly. The passengers were told to stay at the station, and were guided to Harold's hangar, where he sat due to the winds being too strong for him. Ashima was scared to death, since Thomas's home was Ffarquhar. She quickly followed Belle, Flynn, Harvey, Rocky and Butch as they charged out of their base. They roared towards Maron, seeing the fire department and police doing their best to get everything under control. A lot of houses were damaged and some were destroyed. Fires from ruptured gas line were all over the place and Belle and Flynn were spraying water everywhere to put them out. Eventually the gas main was shut off and the fires died out. After the police and firemen and E.M.S had gotten everything under control. The group then began to make way for Ffarquhar. Belle was the first one to spot Gordon dangling on the partly destroyed bridge. Rock was stopped and began to lift Gordon back onto solid ground. He sighed in relief as he regained his bearings. He slowly backed up to m ore solid ground and asked Belle a question)

Was anyone killed by the storm?

(Belle shook her head)

Belle: No.

(Gordon sighed again in relief)

Dory: Help! (Yells)

Marlin: Dory!

Nemo: She's inside with Thomas and Nia!

Belle: Don't panic, Dory.

Flynn: We'll get you out.

(A few minutes later they began making progress towards Ffarquhar. Around forty five minutes later, they arrived to a scene of destruction. The station had part of its roof missing. The engine shed was just a pile of rubble. Their were coaches all over the yard. Annie and Clarabel were near a tree across the yard. People were being tended too by nurses and a policeman. Ashima was looking around horrified, she had no idea if Thomas was alive. Rocky and Harvey began to move debris around until they heard some voices calling out for help. Rocky lifted the last few pieces of debris to find Thomas and Nia battered under the rubble. Rocky then pulled both of them out and loaded them onto a flatbed for transportation to the Steamworks. Ashima didn't leave Thomas's side for the rest of the day. During the night she cuddled with him and the two talked about their interesting day. Thomas had gotten to the point of when the tornado had hit)

Thomas: Well when the tornado hit the shed, the windows blew inward, roof went who knows where, and I fainted, but I did see the tornado, it was the coolest slash most terrifying thing I have ever seen in my life so far.

(Ashima glared at him and responded)

Ashima: You nearly gave me a heart attack today. ​​​​Don't scare me like that PLEASE.

(Ashima was on the verge of having an emotional breakdown. Thomas just kissed her and she calmed right down. She sighed happily and nuzzled up with her precious Thomas. She kissed him on the lips. Thomas returned the kiss, but planting one on her forehead. The two kept kissing each other. Ashima then spoke up, she was getting more and more tired)

Ashima: Please, can we just stay like this forever? 

(Thomas chuckled and kissed her again before responding)

Thomas: As long as I'm here and you don't have to work, yes we can.

(This exciting day had worn both of them out. The two shared one last kissed together, and fell asleep in each other's hold, keeping them warm throughout the night)

(The scene cuts to Teletubbyland in the daytime)

(The Teletubbies are seen at the Tubbytronic Superdome)

(Tinky Winky dances around Dipsy, Dipsy then dances around Laa Laa, then Laa Laa dances around Po)

Po: Eh-oh, Laa-Laa.

Laa-Laa: Eh-oh, Po.

(All the Teletubbies then line up and spin round and round together)

Po: Whee.

Laa-Laa: Whee.

Dipsy: Whee.

Tinky Winky: Yay.

(Tinky Winky spins on his own and then they all spin round and round the house and the dance ends)

(The voice trumpet rises out of the ground)

Voice Trumpet: Time for Tubby Bye-Bye. Time for Tubby Bye-Bye. Time for Tubby Bye-Bye.

(Teletubbies moan)

(Sun Baby giggles)

Narrator: Bye-Bye, Tinky Winky.

Tinky Winky: Bye-Bye.

Narrator: Bye-Bye, Dipsy.

Dipsy: Bye-Bye.

Narrator: Bye-Bye, Laa-Laa.

Laa-Laa: Bye-Bye.

Narrator: Bye-Bye, Po.

Po: Bye-Bye.

(The Teletubbies quietly giggle)

(Laa-Laa pops out)

Laa-Laa: Boo!

Teletubbies: Boo. (They chuckle)

Narrator: No.

Teletubbies: No. (They giggle)

(Sun Baby giggles)

Narrator: Bye-Bye, Tinky Winky.

Tinky Winky: Bye-Bye.

Narrator: Bye-Bye, Dipsy.

Dipsy: Bye-Bye.

Narrator: Bye-Bye, Laa-Laa.

Laa-Laa: Bye-Bye.

Narrator: Bye-Bye, Po.

Po: Bye-Bye.

Narrator: The sun is setting in the sky. Teletubbies say goodbye.

(The credits start to scroll)

(Laa-Laa walks up to the hole on the Tubbytronic Superdome)

Laa-Laa: Bye-Bye.

(Laa-Laa jumps into the Tubbytronic Superdome)

(Po walks up to the hole on the Tubbytronic Superdome)

Po: Bye-Bye.

(Po jumps into the Tubbytronic Superdome)

(Tinky Winky walks up to the hole on the Tubbytronic Superdome)

Tinky Winky: Bye-Bye.

(Tinky Winky jumps into the Tubbytronic Superdome)

(Dipsy walks up to the hole on the Tubbytronic Superdome)

Dipsy: Bye-Bye.

(Dipsy jumps into the Tubbytronic Superdome)

(The Baby Sun giggles as she goes down)

(Laa-Laa pops out of the hole)

Laa-Laa: Bye-Bye. He he.

(The Sun continues to go down. It giggles as she sets)

(The Ragdoll Productions logo shows)

(The Jam Filled Toronto logo shows)

(The Mattel Creations logo shows)

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