The Complete Eighteenth Series is an upcoming UK two-disc DVD. It will air in 2017. It will have thirteen episodes.


Disc 1

  1. Old Reliable Edward
  2. Not So Slow Coaches
  3. Flatbeds of Fear
  4. Disappearing Diesels
  5. Signals Crossed
  6. Toad's Adventure
  7. Duck in the Water
  8. Duck and the Slip Coaches
  9. Thomas the Quarry Engine
  10. Thomas and the Emergency Cable
  11. Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger
  12. Marion and the Pipe
  13. Missing Gator

Disc 2

  1. No Steam Without Coal
  2. Spencer's VIP
  3. Toad's Bright Idea
  4. Long Lost Friend
  5. Last Train For Christmas
  6. Duncan The Humbug
  7. The Perfect Gift
  8. Emily Saves The World
  9. Timothy and the Rainbow Truck
  10. Marion and the Dinosaurs
  11. Samson at Your Service
  12. Samson Sent For Scrap
  13. Millie and the Volcano
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