The Complete Series 22 is a two-disc UK DVD set containing all twenty-six episodes from the twenty-second series.


Introducing new friends Nia, Rebecca, Ashima, Shane. Young Bao and Hong-Mei


Disc 1

  1. Number One Engine
  2. Thomas and the Dragon
  3. Trusty Trunky
  4. Thomas Goes to Bollywood
  5. Runaway Truck
  6. Thomas in the Wild
  7. Thomas and the Monkey Palace
  8. Outback Thomas
  9. Tiger Trouble
  10. Kangaroo Christmas
  11. The Water Wheel
  12. Cyclone Thomas
  13. Banjo and the Bushfire

Disc 2

  1. Forever and Ever
  2. Confusion Without Delay
  3. What Rebecca Does
  4. Samson and the Fireworks
  5. Rosie is Red
  6. Thomas's Animal Ark
  7. An Engine With Many Colours
  8. School Of Duck
  9. Seeing is Believing
  10. Apology Impossible
  11. Hunt the Truck
  12. The Case of the Puzzling Parts
  13. Counting on Nia


  • The Journey Never Ends (Disc 1)
  • Engine Roll Call (Disc 2)
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