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“My parents read stories about your railway to me as a child. There will never be anything like it anywhere.”
―Prince Charles

The Great Centenary is the upcoming sequel to Sodor's Ultimate Railway Showdown, as well as the series finale of Thomas & Friends before the 2021 reboot of Series 25. The film stars the voices of John Hasler and Joseph May as Thomas in the UK and US dubs respectively. It also features the voices of Keith Wickham, Kerry Shale, Rob Rackstraw, Nigel Pilkington, Christopher Ragland, Jules de Jongh, Teresa Gallagher, Yvonne Grundy, Rachael Miller, Mike Grady, Dominique Moore and Hugh Bonneville as Prince Charles, with Mark Moraghan narrating his last special.

Patrick, Culdee, Eric, Shane Dooiney, Ernest, Alaric, Wilfred, and Godred, the central characters of the Reverend Wilbert Awdry's book "Mountain Engines", made their first appearance in the TV series in this production, having only appeared in the Railway Series so far, until now. It also features a CGI guest appearance of BoCo, which marks his first appearance since the fifth series.

The special received critical acclaim; while the voice acting, story, direction, score and its culmination of the television series received praise, the long duration and dark tone was criticized.


In celebrating the centenary of the Thin Clergyman, Thomas discovers a thought-missing sculpture of him. As James goes to the Mainland in picking up the Thin Clergyman, Percy learns the tragedy of Culdee and Godred at the Mountain Railway. Following a last confrontation with the diesels, the Steam Team and their friends work together to save Thomas from "The Bandits" and must have the centenary not delayed on time. Later, after Prince Charles unveils the Thin Clergyman's bust, Thomas leaves Sodor for good, and starts a new life in England.


Characters Introduced


  • Island of Sodor
    • Tidmouth
      • Tidmouth Sheds
    • Henry's Tunnel
    • Ffarquhar
      • Ffarquhar Sheds
    • Crovan's Gate (mentioned)
  • The Mainland
  • Mountain Railway




  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • William Hope as Edward and the Duke of Boxford
  • Kerry Shale as Henry, Gordon, Diesel, Harold and Mr. Percival
  • Rob Rackstraw as James, Donald, Fergus Duncan and the Thin Clergyman
  • Christopher Ragland as Percy
  • Keith Wickham as Harvey, Glynn, Salty, Den, Norman, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Bert and Sir Topham Hatt
  • Jules de Jongh as Emily and the Duchess of Boxford
  • Yvonne Grundy as Nia
  • Rachael Miller as Rebecca
  • Hugh Bonneville as Prince Charles
  • Steven Kynman as Duck, Ryan, BoCo, Dart, Paxton, Jock and Peter Sam
  • Joe Mills as Douglas, Oliver and Toad
  • Nicola Stapleton as Rosie and Jemima
  • Togo Igawa as Hiro
  • Bob Golding as Stephen and Sidney
  • Jonathan Forbes as Connor and Tom Tipper
  • Rebecca O'Mara as Caitlin, Pip, Emma and Ruth
  • David Menkin as Porter and Jack
  • Robert Wilfort as Samson and Godred
  • Jim Howick as Hurricane
  • Joe Swash as Sonny
  • Teresa Gallagher as Belle, Daisy, Marion, Annie, Clarabel, Judy, Agnes, Lady Hatt, Stephen Hatt and Bridget Hatt
  • Rasmus Hardiker as Bill, Philip and Ivo Hugh
  • Sophie Colquhoun as Frankie
  • Jamie Campbell Bower as Skiff
  • John Hasler as Rheneas
  • David Bedella as Victor and the Mayor of Sodor
  • Michael Legge as Luke
  • Miranda Raison as Millie
  • John Schwab as Stanley
  • Matt Wilkinson as Ben, Culdee and Captain Joe
  • Tom Stourton as Lord Harry, Rex, Alfie and the Fat Clergyman
  • Tim Whitnall as Mike, Jerome and Oliver the Excavator
  • Maggie Ollerenshaw as Henrietta and Beatrice
  • Lucy Montgomery as Lucy
  • Colin McFarlane as Bear, Frank and Bulgy
  • Harriet Kershaw as Cleo
  • Glenn Wrage as Cranky
  • Mike Grady as Sir Robert Norramby
  • Dominique Moore as Ruth
  • Nigel Pilkington as Wilfred (uncredited)


  • Blue Mountain Mystery
  • Searching Everywhere
  • Never Overlook a Little Engine
  • Somebody Has to be the Favorite
  • The Island Song
  • Thomas, You're the Leader
  • Until I Go (performed by Kyle Gordon)


  • Just like Sodor's Ultimate Railway Showdown, this special dedicates the memory of Michael Angelis, the series' former UK narrator (1991-2012).
  • This episode is based off the story, "Centenary" from the Railway Series book, Thomas and his Friends.
  • The calliope version of the original Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends theme is heard when Thomas blows the candles from his cake.
  • The special marks the first of multiple things:
    • The Prince's first appearance as an adult.
    • BoCo's first appearance in CGI, as well as his first episodic appearance since "Stepney Gets Lost".
    • The first media to feature John Schwab as Stanley since "Pouty James".
  • This is the final episode of Thomas & Friends altogether before the 2021 reboot series.
  • The last time where Mark Moraghan narrates.
  • A few references were made throughout the special:
    • From a fantasy, Thomas recognizes a cake with "75th" written on it; this is a reference to the 75th anniversary of the Railway Series.
    • Culdee and Godred go across a hill at high speeds; this is a reference to "King of the Railway" where Thomas, Percy and James pull their trucks down Gordon's hill, fast.
  • Percy appears as a grey color and Millie appears as a light pink color. Additionally, Millie's pink coating tributes Lady the Magical Engine.
  • As shown on a poster, Stepney was to portray a recurring role, but was dropped, as it required to have Stepney appear in Sodor's Ultimate Railway Showdown. This was due to a controversial promo that used concepts of Stepney and BoCo not borrowed from their users.
  • According to original concepts, Colin, Arthur, Splatter and Dodge were considered to appear via recreated flashbacks from previous episodes, but were dropped.


  • Nigel Pilkington is not credited for voicing Wilfred in the US dub.


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