The Great Discovery
Written by
Sharon Miller

Supervising Producer
Sam Barlow

Educational Consultant
Mary Ann Dudko PhD.

Director of Photography
Terry Permane

Head of Production
Matt Porter

1st Assistant Director
Conrad Ayling

Camera Operator
Nigel Permane

Stills Photographer
Andrew Mitchell

Michael Flynn

Paul Wells

Made at
Shepperton Studios

Model Designer and Special Effects Supervisor
David Eves

Workshop Crew
Vicky Ball
Jennifer Bowes
Sean Hedges-Quinn
Lois Karpel
Jessica Lee
John Lee
Peter Lee
Chris Lloyd
Katy Lloyd
Catriona MacCann
Lucy Maxwell
Jennie de Naeyer
John Payne
Graham Poole
Phil Reeves
Elizabeth Stearne
Bill Thomas
Mike Wall
Terry Whitehouse

Stage Crew
Ben Crooks
Edmund Dimbleby
Tina Fuller
Angela Kyriacou
John Lowrey
Marie Parsons
Michelle Payne
Richard Probert
Tim Reynolds

Scenic Artist
Grahame Menage

Production Co-ordinator
Larry Allen

Stills Photographer
Andrew Mitchell

Production Runners
Gemma Whelan
Johnny Brocklehurst

Kate Buckland

Online and Video Effects
Platform Post Production

Rob Fellows

Dubbing Mixer
Paul Harris

Music Composed by
Jamie Thomason

Songs by
Ed Welch

Thomas, You're the Leader!
Arranged and Produced by
Pete Woodroffe and Charlie Grant

Executive Producer
Christopher Skala

Produced by
Simon Spencer

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