(The scene shows the engines asleep)

Narrator: That night... all of the other engines were asleep in their sheds.

(The scene fades to Thomas puffing down and then stopping)

Narrator: But not Thomas.

(The scene cuts to the trucks)

Narrator: Jack and Alfie had already loaded their trucks of rubble.

(The scene cuts to Thomas)

Narrator: "If I shunt all freight cars away to their sidings.... the tracks will be cleared in the morning. Then everybody will like me again." Thomas.... wanted to do something to get his own job back. So, Thomas... started to shunt to trucks away.

(The scene cuts to a siding)

Narrator: Thomas worked very hard. He felt very pleased with himself.

(The scene cuts to Thomas)

Narrator: Then... Thomas saw one last truck.

(The scene cuts to a truck)

Narrator: It had rolled in front of an old mine shaft.

(The scene cuts to Thomas)

Narrator: "I'll soon fix that." Thomas smiled.

(Thomas puffs backwards)

(The scene then fades to Thomas puffing and then shows him coming towards the truck)

Narrator: Then, there was trouble. Thomas biffed the truck too hard. It rolled forward and disappeared into the mine. "Cinders and ashes." Exclaimed Thomas. "Where did that truck go?" Thomas rolled forward and peered inside. It was very dark. "I must finish the job." He huffed. "I'll soon find that truck." And Thomas puffed into the mine.

(The scene cuts to Thomas stopping near a steep slope)

Narrator: It was very dark. Thomas was happy that he had a bright lamp. He saw the truck (the scene cuts to the truck) rolling away. Then it disappeared around a bend.

(The scene cuts to Thomas)

Narrator: "Bust my.... buffers." Puffed Thomas. "I'd better go after it." The slope was very steep. Thomas whizzed round it and clattered around the bend.

(The scene cuts to Thomas puffing after the truck)

Narrator: Up Thomas whooshed and down he whizzed.

(Toot toot toot)

Narrator: "Whee-hee!" Thomas whistled and, "Whoo-hoo!" He cried.

(Thomas continues to chase after the truck)

Narrator: It was very scary. (Chuckling) But it was very exciting.

(The truck continues to roll and Thomas continues to chase it)

Narrator: Thomas had almost caught up to the truck.

(Toot toot toot)

Narrator: "You'll never get away from me!" He whistled happily. But Thomas didn't see the junction ahead. The truck... whizzed down the track and Thomas sped down the left. Thomas had lost the runaway truck.

(The scene cuts to a 4D front view angle and then to Thomas)

Narrator: But his roller coaster ride was so much fun. Thomas soon forgot about the truck. Then, there was trouble.

(The scene cuts to a blocked track)

Narrator: The tunnel ahead was blocked.

(The scene cuts to Thomas)

Narrator: "Oh no." Cried Thomas.

(The scene cuts to Thomas's wheels)

Narrator: He applied his brakes, but it was too late.

(The scene cuts to Thomas still puffing)

Narrator: Thomas crashed straight through the blocked tunnel.

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