(Gordon is seen waiting at the platform impatiently)

Gordon: Oh, the indignity. Even though he has a love interest, he's still making me later for my nap.

(Ant and Dec are seen hiding in a nearby bush near Knapford. Dec tries not to laugh)

Ant: The bate is set.

Dec: How's he not gonna see that little light underneath the light?

Ant: Oh. There's a thought.

(Thomas's whistle is heard)

(The scene cuts to Thomas about to change points)

Dory: Hey, Thomas! I've made you another bracelet!

Thomas: Sorry, Dory. I'll look after I've fetched Mr. Lazybones' coaches.

(Thomas couples up behind the coaches)

Gordon: Mr. Lazybones? Are you serious, Thomas?!

Thomas: (teasingly) That's because you are that, Gordon! Because you don't fetch your own coaches!

Gordon: Even though you've fallen in love with another engine, you should know by now that tender engines are not meant to shunt.

(Gordon's coaches gets shunted behind him)

(Passengers get inside the express coaches and once everyone is on board, the guard blows his whistle and Gordon blows his whistle back. But once he gets moving....)

(The scene cuts to Ant and Dec's bush. Dec presses a button)

(The scene cuts to Gordon's undercarriage. A sprayer sprays Gordon underneath)

Gordon: Ah! What was that?!

(The scene cuts to the bush)

(Dec laughs)

Ant: Yes. Yes.

(The scene cuts to Gordon who is in horror)

Narrator: Gordon had just been pranked by Ant and Dec. With a sprayer.

Gordon: (in embarrassment) Ohhhh. The indignity.

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