(Thomas is humming along the mainline when-)

Thomas: (Gasps) Ashima! What in the world are you doing with those empty trucks?

Ashima: I'm just doing something with them. We can do a shunting challenge with them.

Thomas: Ashey, I don't think a shunting challenge can work. I mean, like... where are we going to place them?

Ashima: In Knapford Yard, of course.

(Thomas is awed by how many trucks Ashima is shunting)

Thomas: Um... you'd better just put them in Vicarstown.

Ashima: Oh. Right. Why did I not think of that?

(Ashima reverses)

Thomas: (Laughs) Ashima. You make me laugh sometimes.

Ashima: (Chuckles) Let's see if I can do it with my eyes closed.

Thomas: Ashey. Ashey. Ashey. I don't think that it'll work... like that. (Gasps)

(Gordon's machine hovers over Ashima)

Ashima: What? Do you still want me to keep my eyes closed, Tommy?

Thomas: You'd better open them, Ashey! Because something is hovering over you!

(She opens her eyes)

Ashima: (Gasps) AHHHH! THOMAS! HELP! HELP!

Thomas: Hold on, Ashima! I'm coming!

(A net shoots out)

Thomas: Oh.

Ashima: (Panics) Thomas! Thomas! Save me! THOMAS!

(A bomb drops into one of the trucks)

Thomas: Gahh! I'm free. (Gasps; he puffs backwards quickly)


(Smoke blows)

Thomas: (Coughs; Gasps in horror) ASHIMA!!! (Pants) ASHEY! ASHEY! (He chuffs away fast)

(The scene cuts to inside Gordon's machine)

Ashima: (Pants; Whimpers)

(Tears fall down Ashima's face in fear)

(The machine zooms away out of view)

Thomas: (Pants) No. It can't be. She can't be gone. No. No! NO! (Whistles) Ashima! (Whistles) Ashima! (Whistles) ASHIMA! PLEASE COME BACK! No.

Percy: Thomas!

Thomas: Ahh!

(He switches points)

Thomas: Watch out!

Nia: Thomas, watch out!

Thomas: Ahh! (He switches tracks) Sorry, Nia. Whaa! (He switches tracks) Coming through, Stanley! Yikes! (He switches tracks) Watch it, Daisy!

Hayley: WATCH OUT!

Thomas: Ahh! (He tries to brake, but he shunts Hayley by accident)

Hayley: What the heck, Mr. Blue?

Thomas: Sorry. (Pants; Starts to cry)

Hayley: What's the matter?

Thomas: My love interest was taken away from me.

Hayley: Uh... your what now?

Thomas: (Whimpers) M... m... my love interest n... n... named A... A... Ashim...m...m...ma.

Hayley: (Gasps) That's terrible, Mr. Blue. Hey, I can help you, you know.

Thomas: (Gasps) Thank you! That would be awesome!

Hayley: No problem. My name is Hayley, by the way.

(Thomas chuffs away fast)

Hayley: Hello? Mr. Blue?

Thomas: I'm coming to save you, Ashima! With a little help from a new friend!

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