(Thomas and Hayley puff near the entrance to the Steelworks. They then stop. Thomas is looking down in the dumps)

Hayley: Hey.

Thomas: Hayley... if I hadn't had helped you... we wouldn't have made it to Chicago. So... thank you so much.

Hayley: Hey. Hold on. Wait a second, Thomas. Where are you going?

Thomas: It's all over, Hayley. We were too late. Ashima is gone. I'm going back to Sodor.

Hayley: Thomas, wait. Stop! She might not be gone just yet. It... it's not over. We... we could go back to Chicago. She... she... gahh! I know it. She might be there. Please. Thomas, don't leave. I know how you feel. Please don't leave. I don't want you to leave.

Thomas: I'm sorry, Hayley. But... I guess I have to live without her. Bye, Hayley.

(Thomas puffs away, very very sad)

(The scene cuts to Beresford loading and humming)

Beresford: (Sighs) Don't you just love loading and lifting, eh, Henry?

Henry: Um... do you have to just lift and load like Cranky?

Beresford: Of course I have to! I mean... why would I have to?

Thomas: (Sighs)

Beresford: Thomas? What’s wrong? Where’s your love?

Thomas: That's just the problem, Beresford. Ashima’s gone. So... just leave me be, okay?

Henry: Oh, my.

(The scene cuts to Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds, feeling so upset)

Thomas: (narrating) At Tidmouth Sheds. I was feeling so upset. I thought that Gordon had killed Ashima. Then... Hayley's words started to flutter into my funnel.

Hayley: (in Thomas's head) She might not be gone just yet. It... it's not over. We... we could go back to Chicago. I know it. She might be there. (Echoes)

Thomas: (narrating) I thought about it for a second.

Thomas: Hayley's right. I should go back. Even though, it might make things worse. (Toot toot toot)

Thomas: (narrating) So, I set off yet again.

(The scene cuts to the Mainland. Something is bumping on the top of the Steelworks)

Thomas: (narrating) But on the Mainland.... something, or someone, was trying to get out of the top of the Steelworks.

(Ashima shoots out of the pipe)

Hurricane: What was that?

Frankie: It was probably a giant claw or... Ashima?!

(Frankie sees Ashima in the air)

(The scene cuts to Beresford loading)

Beresford: Oh. No body to talk to. Just great. Jackson Storm comes, then some weird guys with tummies in their stomachs, then James, then Henry. Who else will just come and leave me?

Ashima: Look out!

Beresford: Whaa!

(Beresford catches Ashima with his hook)

Beresford: (Gasps) I cannot believe what I'm seeing.

Ashima: Do you see Thomas anywhere, Beresford?

Beresford: Uch. Fine. I'll let you go and find him.

(Beresford puts Ashima backs on the tracks. Her driver and fireman jump into her)

Ashima: Thanks, Beresford. (She puffs away) I'm coming for you, Tommy!

Beresford: Tommy? Don't you mean...

Ashima: It's just a nickname I gave to Thomas! Bye, Beresford!

Beresford: Oh. Typical.

(The scene cuts to Thomas on the mainline coming towards Vicarstown Bridge still looking at bit down. He hears an engine coming)

Thomas: (Gasps) Could it be? (He brightens up)

(Thomas just realised it's Percy)

Thomas: Oh. (He lowers his expression)

Percy: (Toot toot toot) Thomas! Did you get to Chicago? Did you find Ashima?

Thomas: (Sighs) No, Percy. I didn't. When I got there, she was there. I tried to rescue her, but she didn't have any coal or water. And now she's...

???: (in a much fainted voice) Thomas! Thomas!

Percy: What's that noise?

Thomas: I don't know, but, it sounds like a female engine with a recognizable voice. Can you hear it?

???: (in a much fainted voice) Thomas!

Percy: Yeah. I can hear it. It sounds so familiar.

???: (in a faint voice) I told you this wouldn't be our last goodbye!

Percy: Hmm. I've heard that voice before. (Thomas gasps) But, it kind of sounds like...

Thomas: (with happiness) Ashima!!! (He puffs away quickly)

(Percy watches Thomas puff away)

Ashima: Thomas!

Thomas: Ashima! My beautiful Ashima! I'm coming!

Ashima: Thomas!

(Thomas and Ashima embrace each other and touch noses and buffers)

Thomas: Ashima!

Ashima: Thomas.

Thomas: Oh. Thank goodness you're okay.

(Ashima begins to cry with happiness)

Thomas: It's alright. You're gonna be alright.

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