(Julia and Sid struggles to get Thomas free)

Julia: (struggling) I can't.... unrhh.... do this.

Sid: Unurgh! I can't get Ashima free.

(Rumbling is heard)

Diesel: What?

(Everyone panics as the ground starts to break)

Diesel: I gotta get out of there!

Sid: Julia! Let's get out of here!

(Julia and Sid jump over the small cracks. Julia slips. Sid makes it to safety. Julia grabs hold of a branch.)

Sid: (gasps) Julia!

(Julia tries to keep hold of the branch)

Sid: Grab my paw!

(Julia tries to reach Sid)

(The ground cracks and separates Julia from Sid.)

(Julia grabs Thomas's handle on the outside of his cab)

(Sid is struggling to stay standing)

Manny: Sid!!

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