The Great Festival Adventure is an upcoming Walmart exclusive DVD on May 31st, 2016. It will be released on a Digital HD on May 17th, 2016. It will feature six episodes.


It is summertime on Sodor, Salty goes the festival and Percy gets scared of snakes while the engines learn about getting lost from Stepney. Philip plays pranks! Thomas and Gordon make special deliveries in record time when Samson helps Bradford. Join Thomas and his friends who have busy days.


  1. Salty and the Carnival
  2. Percy and the Scared Snakes
  3. Getting Lost
  4. Philip's Prank
  5. Thomas, Gordon and the Deliveries
  6. Samson and Bradford


  • Spring is Here sing along song
  • Life Lessons - Saftey, Not Showing Off and Helping Others
  • Guess Who Puzzles? - Bradford, Samson, Percy and Philip
  • Calling All Engines! - Belle and Oliver
  • The Earl's Quiz - The Other Side of the Mountain, Sodor Colors and Bill or Ben?, Marion and the Dinosaurs, Steam Engine Whistles and Millie and the Volcano
  • Landmarks of Sodor - Harwick Branch Line
  • Sir Topham Hatt's Tales - Percy


  • This US DVD has the new Season 19 intro, but a Spanish release does not have the new Season 19 into. The Spanish version has the Season 13-18 theme.
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