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“Oh, Thomas! Why would Sir Topham Hatt want to take a little tank engine like you to the Great Railway Show?”

The 2015 director's cut of the Thomas & Friends film, The Great Race is planned to be released in 2021.


When the best engines from around the world gather to compete in the Great Railway Show, Thomas is determined to find a way to represent Sodor. But he is left disappointed as Gordon is chosen to be the new "Shooting Star" for The Great Race. With Gordon and the other engines making the journey to compete, something suddenly goes terribly wrong, and Gordon is in danger. Will Thomas get to the mainland in time to help him and save the day?


Characters Introduced




Differences between the 2016 version

  • In the US dub, Joseph May and John Hasler share their lines as Thomas together, respectively.
  • Rob Rackstraw replaces Keith Wickham as James in the UK dub.
  • During the song, "Will You Won't You":
    • Keith Wickham and Rob Rackstraw were swapped in the US dub, which introduces re-dubs to fit Wickham and Rackstraw as Norman and Stanley.
    • In the UK dub, Christopher Ragland, Jules de Jongh, Jonathan Broadbent, Kerry Shale and Steven Kynman were replaced by Nigel Pilkington, Teresa Gallagher, Matt Wilkinson and David Menkin as Percy, Emily, Bill, Ben, Scruff, Charlie and Porter, respectively.
    • Rupert Degas replaces Rob Rackstraw as Flynn in the US dub, which was believed if Degas provided new voices despite him residing in Australia.
    • As Emily is leaving Knapford station with her coaches, the second coach's body is added back.
    • Duck's driver's head doesn't clip through the top of his roof.
    • Emily and Percy are added, whilst being heard singing and laughing at Thomas.
  • During the song, "Streamlining":
    • In the US dub, when Thomas said "Sir Topham Hatt will definitely take me to the show", his lips moved to say, "The Fat Controller". In the director's cut, Joseph May was replaced with John Hasler for the line, "the Fat Controller (will definitely take me to the show)" to have Thomas' lips move correctly.
    • As Thomas arrives at the Steamworks, Annie and Clarabel's screams are present.
    • The diesel workman spray-painting Thomas is replaced with a Steamworks workman.
  • Steam is added to emit from Gina, Raul and Shane's whistles.
  • In the US dub, as Thomas says "Are you really all going to the Great Rail-?", May starts the first half ("Are you really all going to") and Hasler finishes the dialogue ("the Great Rail-").
  • When Axel reboards the ship, his wheels and tender are added.
  • Splatter and Dodge are considered for the role of the shunters at the Great Railway Show.
  • Ashima is coupled to Annie when she leaves Maithwaite.
  • During "You Can Only Be You", Annie and Clarabel remain coupled to Ashima when she tells Thomas to calm down.
  • As Thomas pulls out of the Knapford station yard with the runaway trucks, Dart's crate is added.
  • Throughout the scene of the Sodor engines' arrival at the Great Railway Show, Axel's tender and trailing wheel are on the rails and do not clip through his cab.
  • When Ashima tells James and Emily that she is going to compete in the shunting challenge, she is correctly positioned on the rails.
  • After Vinnie crashes and derails, Philip is shown going on a turntable towards his direction.
  • During "Be Who You Are, And Go Far", when the engines cross the Vicarstown Bridge, James and Emily aren't switched back to their regular liveries for the rest of the film.


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