The Great Railway Show is a location for participating. James, Hiro, Stephen and The Five Diesel Shunters are not given any videos. Percy, Philip, Stephen and The Five Mainland Diesel Shunters do not give any events. Henry, Percy, Hiro, Stephen, Spencer and The Mainland Diesels are not on any photo of this one and the DVD back cover. The engines arrive at 12:00. The railway show opens at 11:30.


​Strength Competition

The engines participant are Henry, Hiro, Shane, Vinnie and Freida. It begins at 12:30 until Thomas gets Gordon's safety value. Carlos competed.

Percy watched the strength. When Thomas tells the engines about Gordon's safety value and his boiler could explode.

Vinnie wins.

Best Engine Decorated Parade

The engines are decorated, but not Carlos being repainted or decorated. The engines are James, Emily, Rajvi, Yong Bao and Carlos. It begins at 1:00.

Rajvi won. He leads the decorated parade.

The Great Race

The engines who watched are Thomas, Henry, Percy and Philip. Thomas got a missing safety value to Gordon. It begins at 1:30 The engines are Gordon, Spencer, Ethinee, Axel and Flying Scotsman. The winner is Éthinne. Gordon's boiler exploded. 

Ethinee wins.

Shunting Challenge

Percy is originally going to be in the shunting challenge. But he is replaced by Thomas. It begins at 2:00 The engines are Thomas, Ashima, Gina, Ivan, Raul and Percy. 

Thomas and Ashima won and Percy was dropped out. Percy was going to be replaced by another engine. Percy did not race.



  • The other engines who did not give events are Percy, Philip, Stephen, and the Mainland Diesels. Percy was dropped out.
  • James, Hiro, Stephen, and the Mainland Diesels are not given videos.
  • Percy, Philip, Stephen, and the Mainland Diesels don't win an event in this movie.
  • Henry, Percy, Hiro, and Spencer are the only engines not to be repainted and modified. So the other engines get a repaint and modified.
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