The Great Railway Show is an episode from the Spin off Series of Thomas and Nia.


Thomas is chosen to compete in the international Great Railway Show at Bridlington, but gets a little nervous when he gets teased by a big engine named Vinnie, so his new friend, Ashima, helps Thomas to be his own best. Upon hearing this from Mzingo, Calvin, Eddy, Wilfred, and the rest of the clan plan to strike at the show and eat all of the engines they can, but Thomas has his friends to help him.



  • Will You Won't You sung by Thomas, Gordon, James, Emily, Rosie, Molly, Samson, Glynn, Theo, Lexi, and Nia
  • Tonight We Strike sung by Calvin, Eddy, Wilfred, Bob, Geoffrey, Lucy, Mzingo, and the Troublesome Trucks
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