The Journey Beyond Sodor is a CD containing songs from season three to five, released on December 8th, 2017 and Japan on December 11th, 2017


  1. Thomas' Anthem
  2. Thomas' Anthem Grand Finale
  3. It's Great to Be an Engine
  4. Really Useful Engine
  5. Rules and Regulations
  6. That's What Friends are For
  7. Let's Have a Race
  8. Gone Fishing
  9. Toby
  10. The Island Song
  11. Percy's Seaside Trip
  12. Night Train
  13. Come for the Ride
  14. Sir Topham Hatt
  15. Harold the Helicopter
  16. Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover
  17. Accidents Will Happen
  18. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining (Never Lose Hope)
  19. The Snow Song
  20. Gone Fishing
  21. Donald's Duck
  22. Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover


  • Journey Beyond Sodor songs don't appear, but only Classic Series songs.
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