(Whilst Thomas and the others wait for a ship...)

Thomas: Now, Teletubbies. Ant and Dec will keep an eye on you whilst we're gone. You will behave yourselves, right?

Tinky Winky: Yes.

Dipsy: Yes.

Laa-Laa: Yes.

Po: Yes.

Ant: Oh. Don't worry, Thomas. We'll keep an eagle eye on them.

Dec: And if anyone of you are in trouble, I will use.... my utility belt.

(The scene flashes a couple of times as it shows Dec's utility belt)

Cranky: Hang on a minute. How are you gonna use that when you, Ant and the Teletubbies are on Sodor, Dec.

Dec: Oh. There's a thought.

(Salty's horn honks)

Salty: Ahoy, me harties. Where are you off to on this fine day?

Percy: We're heading off to the Netherlands to rescue Nia.

Salty: Ooh. You'd better be careful. The Netherlands is a spooky Island. It has sneaky booby traps lead by an engine called Overlord.

Cranky: Oh. Here we go again.

Salty: Legend has it that there's a pit.

(The scene goes into a tall tale script)

(A man falls into a hole with water below)

Salty: There’s water and metal parts in the first part.... junk in the second part.... and an enormous incinerator in the last part.

(The scene goes back to reality)

Salty: No one.... escapes the pit.

(Everyone gasps)

Cranky: (laughs) That's stupid. Don't worry about it, Thomas.

Thomas: I'm not so sure about this, Cranky. But. Nia's my friend and we have to rescue her.

Manny: Not so fast.

Thomas: Huh?

Manny: We're coming with you, Thomas.

Thomas: What? But. What about that hockey game you were on about?

Manny: It's fine. I've had a conversation.

Sid: And we're gonna kick Overlord's butt.

Diego: And we always go on whacky missions anyways.

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