(Thomas, Ashima, Nia, Percy, James, Rosie, Stanley and Pingu are running until...)

(Overlord is facing them)

Overlord: You thought you got away, eh?

Thomas: (looking cross) What do you want, Overlord?

Overlord: What do you want from me, eh? Well... there is no way you're going back to your home.

(Thomas and the others gasp)

Overlord: Because you just have a useless controller that always says that you are really useful. But I'm not!

James: Because you're just mean.

Overlord: Oh. You think I'm mean? Well, you're going bye-bye. (Cackles) (He pulls a lever)

(A door opens below Thomas and the others and the yell as they drop into a hole of cold water. They swim to the surface)

(Scrat surfaces and hops onto a raft wuthering his acorn)

Thomas: Oh my goodness.

(Ashima wraps her arms around Thomas crying.)

Thomas: It's okay, Ashima. It's like the water at the Love Home.

Nia: Where are we?

(A birds eye view shows Thomas, Ashima, Nia, Percy, James, Rosie, Stanley and Pingu floating near a machine. They see metal items. Metal items are going up to the top)

James: Quick! Grab something that's metal!

(James grabs a large metal spoon, Thomas and Ashima both grab a metal mortar, Nia and Pingu grab another metal mortar, Percy grabs a large metal fork, Rosie grabs an old key and Stanley grabs a long metal chain. They prepare themselves)

Thomas: Get ready, you lot!

(Thomas and Ashima with the first mortar go up first. Then, Nia and Pingu go up with their mortar. Percy them goes up, then James, then Rosie, and then Stanley. They drop into a treadmill filled with bits of rubbish with their metal items)

Stanley: Phew. That was lucky.

Nia: Yeah. An escape. That's for sure.

(Pingu spots something up ahead in excitement)

Thomas: What is it, Pingu? (Gasps) It's a safety point!

(They all cheer)

Thomas: (from being cheerful to worried) On second thoughts.... I don't think that's a safety point.

(The camera zooms from Thomas and the others to the incinerator)

(The scene cuts back to Thomas and the others)

Thomas: Ruuuuuuun!!

(Thomas and the others start running and panting)

(Scrat is seen running with his acorn)

Thomas: Keep going!

Narrator: Thomas and the others tried to still keep on running to get away from the incinerator. And then there was trouble.

(Thomas and the others slip and then try to still keep running but then they fall into the incinerator area)

(Thomas and the others yell. They gasp in horror as they see the flames firing)

(Thomas and the others try to climb up the incinerator, but they yell as they end up sliding down a little bit)

(The incinerator is still firing flames)

Percy: How do we get out of this crazy thing?!

(Pingu looks at Percy and takes his hand. Pingu then takes Stanley's hand who then takes Rosie's hand who takes James's hand who takes Nia's hand. Pingu then takes Ashima's hand. Scrat is seen at the back. He hugs his acorn for protection. Thomas is seen climbing. He then looks at Ashima who then takes his hand and looks down and then looks straight and takes Nia's hand. The scene cuts to the incinerator still flaming and then cuts back to the others. One by one as they decent, they close their eyes. The last to close their eyes is Thomas. He then opens them and sees an ice force stopping the incinerator. The others then slide to the left and down and then one by one, they transform into their train forms. Thomas looks to the outside)

Thomas: (gasps) Sunshine.

(Thomas and the others slide to an area full of water. Thomas slides backwards. Ashima slides forwards and stops in front of Thomas and both of them smile. Nia, James, Percy, Stanley, Rosie and Pingu slide individually and stop)

James: Do you know all that stuff I said about this island? I take it all back. I'm never going there again.

Rosie: Yeah.

Stanley: He's right.

Percy: You said it, James.

(Scrat swims to the shore and hugs his acorn)

(Pingu swims to Thomas and hops into his cab)

Ashima: Oh, Thomas. You were really brave.

Thomas: And so were you, Ashima.

???: You all were.

(Thomas notices who said it and gasps)

Thomas: Elsa.

Elsa: Great to see you again, Thomas.

James: Wait a minute, Thomas. You know the girl who saved us?-

Thomas: (chuckles) I do know her.

Elsa: We met at Arendelle.

(Thomas and Elsa smile and share a loving hug)

Thomas: Thanks, Elsa.

Elsa: For what?

Thomas: For saving us.

Elsa: You're welcome.

(Overlord is waking up, when....)

Narrator: The next morning, Overlord was picked up by the police.

Police Officer 1: Hello hello hello. What do we have here then?

Overlord: You don't understand. I'm not guilty.

Police Officer 2: Well, save that for the judge.

Narrator: He was placed under arrest.

(A birds eye view shows Overlord face to face with the police)

Overlord: (crying) You've got the wrong train.

Narrator: Whilst Thomas and the others were heading to the Netherland Docks where they could catch a ship to go home.

(Thomas and the others are seen puffing on the mainline below the area)

Ashima: Come on, Thomas. We need to get you home.

James: That's right, blue lovebird.

Thomas: Wait. What about you guys? I mean.... maybe leaving Tidmouth Sheds wasn't such a good idea for me.

Ashima: Thomas, it's gonna be okay.

Nia: You're made to fall in love with Ashima.

(Thomas sighs)

Thomas: I just hope that everyone's waiting for me back at the sheds.

Percy: Well. What are we waiting for?

All: Let's head back to Sodor!

(The scene cuts to Sodor)

(The stationmaster is unpacking The Fat Controller and Dowager Hatt's suitcases)

Stationmaster: Gosh. There's a lot. I'm knackered already.

Thomas: (whispering to the others) Let's get to the washdown.

(The scene cuts to the washdown)

(Ant grabs a hose and Dec attaches it to a water tower. The hose squirts the dirt off of Thomas, Ashima, Nia, Percy, James, Rosie, Stanley and Pingu. Once they are clean....)

Thomas: Okay. Let's head back to the sheds.

(Thomas and the others puff away)

(The scene cuts to Tidmouth Sheds)

(Nia is seen backing up into her berth)

Percy: Okay. I think that's everyone.

(Thomas smiles but when he sees The Fat Controller approaching him....)

Thomas: (gasps) I am so sorry, sir. It's my fault. I didn't keep an eye on Nia, I....

The Fat Controller: Thomas.

(Thomas' eyes widen in his shock)

The Fat Controller: There is no need to be sorry. I'm proud of you. Ant and Dec told me everything. And I know you did your best to save Nia from that evil engine.

Thomas: (sighs) But.... I never got around to being Really Useful on my branch line.

The Fat Controller: (chuckles) Please don't worry about your branch line, Thomas. You saved Nia and that's all that matters. And you, Thomas, are my number one engine.

(Thomas blushes and chuckles)

(The scene cuts to Thomas's number one on the side of him and then back to Thomas)

(The Fat Controller leaves and drives away in his car)

(Thomas looks at the others)

Thomas: Guys.... this isn't goodbye.

Rebecca: Hey, Thomas? Have fun with Ashima.

Gordon: Yeah. But not too much fun.

(Thomas chuckles)

Percy: Thomas. Take care of Ashima.

Emily: Yeah.

James: She's a good girl. Tell her not to torment you too much.

Thomas: (chuckling) Sure thing. (Looking at Stanley) Stanley? Will you be okay in Tidmouth?

Stanley: Of course I will. Besides, I've been here before.

Thomas: (rolls his eyes and looks at Nia) Nia? Will you be okay?

Nia: Yeah. Of course I will. (Whispering to Thomas) Besides... I know how to defeat Bowser on Mario Deluxe.

Ashima: I heard that.

(Ashima puffs backwards behind Thomas)

Percy: You know where to find us, buddy.

(Thomas smiles and puffs onto the turntable to face the opposite side. He looks at the others smiling in their berths at Tidmouth Sheds on the other side of the turntable and puffs away)

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