(Thomas puffs and screeches)

Thomas: Where is she?

(Thomas puffs and stops. He puffs a bit further but stops. He puffs backwards and looks to the side of him. He gasps)

(The scene cuts to the Thomas department centre. Thousands of Thomas's in their department sheds are shown)

Thomas: Wow. (He puffs to the right and puffs slowly to admire the Thomas's in their department sheds. He looks up) (Gasps)

(A sign says "new magnetic wheels!")

Thomas: (Whistles whit-whoo) I could use some of those.

(Thomas puffs backwards up the spiral and stops next to another Thomas with those tires. The Thomas with the magnetic tires is not working)

(The scene cuts to another Isle)

Rosie: You know, this book has everything to defeat Ducking. It even has the powers to defeat him.

James: Blah blah blah blah blah. No one cares about that stupid Ducking.

Stanley: Well. Say it to his face when you see him.

James: All right then. That's fine by me.

Percy: James. Stop being mean.

James: What? It's just a character from a game. He's not real.

(The scene cuts to Thomas still looking at the other Thomas)

Thomas: What the heck is all the buffer gear on that clone? Hmm. (He looks at the wheels) I better not take those wheels. (He puffs away from the other Thomas) I'd better find Nia.

(New Thomas starts to wake up and activate)

(Thomas puffs down and looks for Nia)

Thomas: Come on, Nia. Where are you?

(Something buffers up to the back of Thomas)

Thomas: Wha...? Who's got me?

New Thomas: You're not going anywhere.

(New Thomas biffs and baffs Thomas and sends him into a department shed)

Thomas: Hey! You can't do this! I have a friend to find!

New Thomas: You don't make friends here, clone.

(The door closes and the window goes up. Thomas becomes scared)

Thomas: (muffled) You can't do this! Help!

(James, Percy, Rosie and Stanley puff towards the Thomas department centre)

Percy: You need to stop being mean, James. Let Rosie read.

James: What? I'm just saying that a villain is a villain.

Stanley: (Gasps) Thomas!

New Thomas: (Flipping round) Stop right there! (He shines his beam towards James)

James: Can you stop fooling around and come with us?

Rosie: Thomas! Thomas! I've got a guide to defeating Ducking!

(New Thomas stops shining his beam)

New Thomas: Do you?

Rosie: Yes. I'll tell you the guidelines to it on the way.

Thomas: (muffled) Percy! James! Rosie! Stanley!

(The scene cuts to the inside of Thomas's cell)

Thomas: You can't leave! You have the wrong Thomas! You have....

(The scene cuts to the outside of Thomas's cell)

Thomas: (muffled) ....the wrong Thomas!

Percy: Wow. Where did you get those special tires from, Thomas?

New Thomas: Well, lime green engine. They're from a special offer.

(New Thomas, Percy, James, Stanley and Rosie puff away)

Thomas: (muffled) Nooooooooooo!

(The scene cuts to Ashima admiring the flowers as she puffs along. She then looks at the Thomas department centre)

Ashima: Wow. That's a lot of Thomas's there. I wonder if Nia is there.

(Ashima puffs to the right and puffs slowly) Ashima: Hmm. No Nia.

Voice: (muffled) Ashima! Ashima!

Ashima: Hmm. Is it just me or is somebody shouting my name? (Gasps as she sees Thomas trapped) Let him out! He's suffocating!

(A man presses a button and releases Thomas)

Thomas: Ohh. (Pants) Finally.

Ashima: Thomas, are you alright?

Thomas: (Sighs) Ohh. (Cries a bit) (Sniffs) No.

Ashima: Why?

Thomas: Because.... the others went off with the wrong Thomas. And I got trapped into this shed.

Ashima: (Gasps) Oh. You poor thing.

Thomas: Plus.... the others don't know that I'm the real deal. (Sniffs) I'm glad you're here, Ashima.

Ashima: And I'm glad you're safe, Thomas.

(A tear falls down Thomas's cheek. Ashima sees it)

Ashima: It's okay, Thomas. Come here.

(Ashima puffs forward and places her lips onto Thomas's and both of them share a kiss)

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