The Missing Sodor Items is a two-part 24 minute special in the spin-off series Teletubbies!


Part 1

The Teletubbies are having Tubby toast when a sound distracts them and when they are not looking, a thief takes away the Tubby toast and when the theif leaves, the Teletubbies are confused but before they can do anything the windmill spins for a magical event featuring a house with a puppet inside. After it ends, Ant and Dec are called to The Honoured Headquarters where Joanna Lumley assigns the boys to find out who keeps stealing stuff such as Ashima's bracelet gift and Thomas's Nintendo Switch. The boys then head back to Sodor and then see at the Love Home the theft trying to pin Stephen Mulhern to the wall. While the theft is distracted, Ant and Dec tie together the theif's feet which makes it fall onto the ground. The theif is then revealed to be Jason Derulo. Ant and Dec ask questions about the missing items but Jason wants them to be private for himself. He then calls his crew to kill Ant and Dec. Dec tries to use his utility belt but his weapon doesn't work. Ant and Dec then say their goodbyes and the episode leaves off with them screaming as a cliffhanger.

Part 2

This part takes place after part 1 when Ant and Dec are surrounded by Jason Derulo's army of thiefs. Ant and Dec are saved at the last second by the Toy Story gang's magnet and then the both of them celebrate. But then after the celebration, Nia puffs in 

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