The Narrow Gauge Engines: Season 2 is the title for the second season of The Narrow Gauge Engines!




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01 Wharf at War BiggestKirbyFanEver1994
The narrow-gauge engines argue who is the favorite.
02 Musical Mac
Mighty Mac becomes addicted to a very catchy song. However, it becomes annoying to the other engines.
03 - 04 Very Old Engines BiggestKirbyFanEver1994

(original stories by Rev. W. Awdry)

Skarloey and Rheneas recall their early days.
05 Rhen and Stepney
Rheneas works on the Bluebell Branch Line with Stepney.
06 All Four One, One Four All
Four new engines arrive on the Skarloey Railway.
07 Carry On
Mr. Percival's bike breaks down, which triggers a chain of events resulting in other vehicles and engines breaking down as they help him take the bike to Jet Cole.
08 Drivalry
Mighty Mac becomes fed up with his drivers' arguing.
09 Doing All the Work
McCurdy brags she is the most versatile engine on the Skarloey Railway, claiming she can do all of the engines' work by herself. This results in the engines pranking her into thinking she can do everything herself.
10 - 11 Great Little Engines BiggestKirbyFanEver1994

(original stories by Christopher Awdry)

Sir Handel is not necessarily the life and soul of the Skarloey Railway, as Peter Sam and Duncan prove.
12 Not So Rusty
Rusty receives a shiny new coat of paint.
13 Peter and Sam
Peter Sam dreams of what would life be if he were two engines instead of one.
14 Lamb Chopped
Sir Handel's delivery of sheep to market takes a turn for the worse when his headlamp is accidentally chopped in half.
15 Mountain Engines BiggestKirbyFanEver1994

(original stories by Rev. W. Awdry)

Culdee the mountain engine tells stories of his railway to Skarloey and his friends.
16 Silent Treatment
In an effort to stop himself from stuttering, Bertram tries to refrain from talking for a whole day.
17 Smudger Almost Gets Smudged
A near-death experience at the scrapyard results in Smudger trying to avoid going back.
18 Duncan and Doughnuts
Duncan meets Noah's new bakery car named Doughnuts.
19 Chilly Millie
Millie is snowed in at Ulfstead Castle, but Duncan thinks she can do it herself.
20 - 21 New Little Engine BiggestKirbyFanEver1994

(original stories by Christopher Awdry)

A new engine is built for the Skarloey Railway.
22 Luke of the Irish
Luke gives out lucky charms to the other engines on St. Patrick's Day.
23 Roundhouse of Horror
Victor and Kevin celebrate Halloween by transforming the Steamworks into a haunted house in order to scare the narrow-gauge engines.
24 Hop to It
Duncan is tasked with pick up eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt.
25 Holes in One
Luke discovers a new way to celebrate Valentines' Day.
26 Merry Kress-Mas
Kress tries to celebrate a Christmas that's environmentally friendly.
27 Duke's Heavy Haul
Duke tries to prove his worth to Sir Handel and Peter Sam but pulling a heavy train, but Freddie tries to talk him out of it.
28 Any Room for One More?
Feeling like the odd one out, Ivo Hugh tries to find his place on the Skarloey Railway.
29 How to Train Trainor
Skarloey and Rheneas' wise words don't help Trainor.
30 Little Old Twins BiggestKirbyFanEver1994

(original story by the Reverend W. Awdry)

Peter Sam takes a television crew on a tour.
31 - 32 You Missed A Spot
Duncan discovers he once had a coach named Spot. However, he believes he is fine without Spot, only to later find out he is nothing without him.


  • All episodes are written by BiggestKirbyFanEver1994.
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