-"I Travel to the North Pole every 24th of December, ever since Santa Claus Exists!"-

The Polar Express is an engine, that travels to the North Pole to help the children get again her faith in Christmas


When Nicolas de Bari died, her Soul go to the North Pole, where he start building toys from the Kids, after that 24 of December, Nicolas, now called Santa, see that some of the kids doesn't believe in Santa Claus, so he made that her elfs bouilt an Magic Locomotive, in 1 of January, the engine was finished and he started her first run, that was totally good, later that 24th of December, The engine start her second run, after that night, Smokey and Steamer, the Drivers, suggest to Santa to add a name to the engine, Santa accept, and then The Polar Express Burns...

In 1804 he arrived to Sodor for the first time, in her way, he meet Thomas, he has lost her believe in Christmas, so The Polar Express Take a decisition, take Thomas to the North Pole, they had a lot of adventures, but that's Another History.

2004, he arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to take an boy called Chris, in her travel, The Polar Express don't say any word until the travel end.

at Today (2019) Polar Express continue making travels, but again, he doesn't say any word, if the one who he is talking is Thomas.

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