Narrator: It was a sunny day on the Island of Sodor. And it was also a very busy time for the North Western Railway. Vicarstown Station and Bridge were having a complete overhaul and every engine was working as hard as they could. But because of this, they were wearing out quite easily and had to be repaired almost often.

(The scene cuts to the Steamworks)

(In the Steamworks, Henry and Rebecca are seen being repaired, while Victor is shunting trucks full of parts)

Victor: (groans) I don’t know what we’re going to do. If we don’t find another method of engine maintenance, we’ll be wrecked by the end of the week.

(The scene cuts to the mainline)

(On the mainline, Thomas is seen taking some empty trucks along the mainline.)

Narrator: Thomas had just delivered some bricks and steel beams to Vicarstown and was now heading for Knapford.

Thomas: (Sighs in exhaustion) Today was quite a rough one. This has to be the biggest order of building materials we filled yet!

(Then, Murdoch passes by the opposite way with a long goods train. Then Connor and Caitlin race along in the same direction as Thomas.)

Thomas: Wow. They make the job look so much easier. I wish I could do that.

Narrator: Later on, Thomas dropped his trucks off at Knapford and was getting ready for his next job at Anopha Quarry.

(Thomas is seen at a water tower, then Ashima appears.)

Ashima: Hello Thomas!

Thomas: Hello, Ashima. I’m just heading off to the quarry. 

Ashima: I’m just heading off to Knapford Sheds. Molly offered me a space there.

Thomas: Wow. That was nice of her. Well, I’d best be off. The trucks won’t shunt themselves.

(Thomas blows his whistle and heads off. At Knapford, Gordon, James and Diesel are seen lingering around, listening to the Fat Controller on the phone just as Thomas arrives.)

TFC: Ah yes. We are in need of some more engines to help out. Don’t worry. I’ll be there by eleven tonight. Goodbye. (Puts the phone)

Diesel: What’s he talking about?

Gordon: Apparently, we’ll be getting new engines to help. 

Diesel: (scoffs) About time.

James: You know, some of them are said to know more efficient systems and engine designs.

Gordon: Could you imagine? If I got an upgrade, I could be the fastest engine in the world!

James: And I could be more splendid than ever!

Diesel: I could get an upgrade too!

Thomas: So could I!

(Gordon, James and Diesel burst out laughing, while Thomas looks anxious with what he says. Then Ashima stops beside Diesel.)

Gordon: Don’t be so ridiculous, Little Thomas! How could you possibly get an upgrade? You’re much too small!

James: And slow!

Diesel: And too weak!

Gordon: You can’t even pull 10 trucks if I recall! (Laughs)

Ashima: Gordon! Why do you even find it funny to be rude to Thomas?!

Gordon: I’m just telling the truth, little Ashima.

(Gordon, James and Diesel cackle, while Thomas leaves, very angry. Ashima watches Thomas leave.)

Ashima: Poor, Thomas…

(Later on, Thomas is seen heading up Gordon’s hill, then he stops on the very top. As Thomas looks around, he sees a shooting star in the sky. He then closes his eyes.)

Thomas: I… I wish… I wish I could do more than what I was built for.

(After a few seconds, Thomas heads down the other side. As he does, the clouds get darker and a light crash of thunder is heard.)

Narrator: Later on, in the quarry, Thomas and Mavis were working hard, shunting trucks and loading them with stone.

(In the quarry yard, Mavis and Thomas are seen refilling on fuel.)

Mavis: Say Thomas? After you’ve finished refilling, do you think you could fetch a line of stone trucks from the other side of the quarry?

(Thomas looks to see a track that goes through the cliffside.)

Mavis: I have to shunt these trucks for the next train to Vicarstown.

Thomas: Okay, Mavis.

(Later on, Mavis is seen shunting trucks into a long train ready for Vicerstown. Then Boco and Derek appear and couple up to the train.)

Derek: Thank you, Mavis.

Boco: What would we do without you?

Mavis: Nice to be appreciated. Hope you make it safely. There’s a storm coming.

Boco: We will. Thanks Mavis.

(Then Derek and Boco depart. Then one of the workers walks up to Mavis.)

Worker: Did you say there’s a storm coming?

Mavis: Yes. Why?

Worker: Does Thomas know?

Mavis: …oh dear…

Narrator: By the time Thomas was returning with the trucks, it was getting dark and the storm was already there.

(Thomas is seen hauling a long line of trucks full of stone through a narrow gap. Thomas is struggling.)

Thomas: (groans) Why did I agree to take all these trucks in this weather?

(Then a loud crash of thunder echoes through the area.)

Thomas: Yikes! That was loud!

(Then a bolt of lightning hits the left wall, breaking pieces off and causing a cloud of dust. Thomas stops.)

Thomas: (coughs) Mavis was right. This storm is very fierce!

(When the dust clears, Thomas notices a diesel engine embedded in the rock.)

Thomas: What the? Is that… a diesel engine?

(Thomas comes closer to the engine, then thunder crashes and lightning bolts strike around the area.)

Thomas: Aah! This storm is getting worse!

(Then Thomas sees lightning hit the motor, then…)

Thomas: Uh oh…

Narrator: Then there was trouble!

(One large bolt of lightning comes down, then strikes Thomas and the motor.)


(Two Nilgiri Railway engines in red and blue spot Thomas getting struck by lightning)

(Then after a big bang, the lightning passes. Thomas is now seen covered in burn marks and looking very dizzy.)

Thomas: Ohhhh, my head.

(Ant and Dec in their engine forms puff over to Thomas)

Ant: Thomas!

Dec: Are you okay, bro?

Thomas: Yeah. I'm fine, Dec.

(Then, Thomas sees the engine is gone.)

Thomas: Huh?! Where did that engine go?! (groans) It must’ve been in my head. I’d better get back to Tidmouth.

(Thomas puffs away. Ant and Dec look confused)

Ant: Hmm. What's he talking about, Dec?

Dec: I don't know. That's for him to know and for us to find out.

(The scene cuts to Thomas)

(As Thomas heads to Tidmouth, he notices something strange.)

Thomas: That’s… strange. I thought these trucks were heavier. (Eyes widen) Wait a minute… Engine disappearing plus the trucks getting lighter equals- (gasps)

(Thomas looks at his side tanks, then sees his number glowing bright blue.)

Thomas: No wonder the engine disappeared, and the train is lighter! That diesel engine….. is in me!

(Meanwhile, in an office of the Railway Company, some railway business men, the railway inspectors and the Fat Controller are sitting around a table, discussing business.)

The Fat Controller: I must say, my engines have been getting quite tired over the past few weeks.

Railway Inspector: It must be due to the design method they use to function.

Railway Business man 1: (Sighs) If we don’t find a more efficient and reliable method soon, we’ll fall behind.

Railway Business man 2: It’ll be Christmas by the time we’ve finished fixing Vicarstown Station and the bridge.

Railway Inspector 2: (Checks a list) In terms of assistance, there are only two teams of engines available to help. But we only need one.

Railway Business man 3: Well, I propose we bring both teams on trial. The team that works the most efficiently gets to stay.

Railway Inspector 1: Agreed.

Railway Inspector: Yes. That’s what we will do.

(All the Business men inspectors and The Fat Controller shake hands.)

(The scene cuts to the opening credits) 

(A blueprint is unrolled, showing different locomotive designs.)

  • Hit Entertainment Presents*

(The blueprint then shows a timeline of different locomotives from the Rocket to an Intercity.)

  • A Thomas and Friends production*

(Then the blueprint shows a hammer pounding a piece of metal, then the metal changes into a side rod, which is then attached to an engine resembling Titan.)

  • Created by Britt Alcroft*

(Then the blueprint shows a system of pipes, which are then attached to an engine resembling Hurricane. Then the engine races away.)

  • Based on the Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry*

(The blueprint then shows an engine resembling Becky. It also shows her motor, battery box and a generator attached to her rear bogie.)

  • Written by Andrew Brenner* 

(Then, the blueprint shows a diesel motor and the frame of a steam engine, resembling Thomas, side by side. Then, the motor is placed into the frame as the boiler and side tanks are placed. Then the engine races away.)

  • Thomas and Friends: The Secret Power*

(The scene fades to Tidmouth Sheds)

Narrator: The Secret Power.

(The Steam Team is seen at Tidmouth Sheds, talking about the day. They are all exhausted.)

Percy: I’ve never seen so many trucks in my life!

Nia: I’m not surprised. Rebuilding a station like Vicarstown means serious effort.

Rebecca: I’m whacked! I seam to be loosing more steam.

Emily: So have I. Even though I keep myself topped up with water and coal, I still can’t keep it up for all the trains I’m pulling.

Gordon: Pah! Your just not moving fast enough!

Nia: Says you. You hardly pull one truck, let alone a whole train.

(Gordon grumbles. Then Thomas appears on the turntable.)

James: Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. (Snickers)

Thomas: (unamused) Very funny, James.

Gordon: And where have you been, little Thomas?

Thomas: I had to do a last-minute shift at Anopha Quarry.

(Then the turntable turns.)

James: (Snickers) You mean you were chasing after buses again.

Thomas: No! I’m serious!

(Thomas reverses into his berth.)

Thomas: I was helping Mavis at the Anopha Quarry, then as I took a line of trucks to the far side of the quarry I found something in the rock.

Emily: Really? What was it?

James: (Snickers) Was it a statue of yourself?

Thomas: No! I found a-

Gordon: Or was it another mine?

(Gordon and James laugh while the others just look at them angrily.)

James: You must’ve been asleep on the job again.

Gordon: Or maybe he’s afraid of the dark and began seeing things!

(Gordon and James cackle, while Thomas growls angrily.)

Thomas: I wasn’t afraid! I actually enjoy the dark! Now, I’m going to sleep in my very dark shed!

(Then, Thomas reverses into his berth, very angry while Gordon and James just snicker.)

Percy: Uh, what did you want to tell us, Thomas?

Thomas: (Calls out) It doesn’t matter! You’d just laugh at me!

(Everyone, except Gordon and James, look rather worried. Later on, they are seen fast asleep. Thomas is looking at his number.)

Thomas: What if their right? What if I really did imagine it?

(Worriedly, Thomas falls asleep. Then, his number glows again. While the engines sleep, a diesel is seen beside them.)

???: (Snickers) Medusa will love to hear this!

(Then the diesel rushes off.)

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