Two Weeks later…

Narrator: The next morning, everyone was hard at work, arranging and hauling trains.

(In Knapford, Emily is seen shunting some trucks about. Then Molly and Murdoch stop beside her.) 

Emily: Hello Molly! Hello Murdoch! Come with more supplies I see.

Molly: Yep. It does keep us busy.

Murdoch: Though, I gotta say. This must be the biggest order of goods we’ve filled yet.

Emily: It’s hardly surprising.

(Then Boco appears.)

Boco: Sorry to interrupt, but Molly and Murdoch, you and I need to collect the waste trucks now.

Murdoch: Okay, Boco.

Molly: (Departs) See you later, Emily.

Emily: See you later, Molly.

(Murdoch and Molly depart with Boco to collect the waste trucks.)

Narrator: After helping Marion at the claypits, Thomas was on his way to Knapford to help the other engines arrange the trains. He kept wondering about what he saw the other night.

(Thomas is looking down at his buffers, looking nervous.)

Thomas: If I really did see a motor, does it mean that I-

(Then Gordon appears next to Thomas, blowing his whistle, startling him.)

Thomas: Ah! Gordon!

Gordon: Well hello there, Little Thomas. You’d better get a move on if you don’t want to be late again! 

(Then Gordon zooms off, laughing. Thomas is now very angry.)

Thomas: (groans) One of these days, I’d like to give that galloping sausage a piece of my-

(Suddenly, Thomas starts jerking forward faster.)

Thomas: Huh?! What’s happening?!

(Thomas looks at his side tanks. Then his number glows bright blue.)

Thomas: What the-

(Then, Thomas races down faster than before. He races past Gordon, screaming.)

Gordon: What?!

(Thomas continues to scream as he races down the line. Then he gasps in horror as he sees Stephen on the same line as him, heading the other way.)

Stephen: (Humming)

Thomas: LOOK OUT!

(The signalman switches the points and Thomas races past Stephen. Then he races past Spencer.)

Spencer: What the-?!

Thomas: Sorry!

(Then he races past Derek.)

Derek: Oof!

Thomas: My fault!

(At a bus stop, Bertie is seen picking up and dropping off passengers.)

Bertie: (Chuckles) Looks like I’ll beat Thomas this time!

(Then Thomas zooms past Bertie, causing his alarm to go off.)

Bertie: Whe oh- what?!

Thomas: Sorry Bertie!

(Thomas continues to race down the line. At Knapford, The Fat Controller and Ashima are waiting.)

The Fat Controller: (Groans) Where is that tank engine?! He should’ve been here 10 minutes ago!

(Then they hear Thomas’ whistle. Suddenly, he races into view, screaming.)

Thomas: Look out!

Percy: Did Gordon get smaller?

Boco: No! Thomas got faster! And he’s gonna crash! (runs back) Get back!

(Thomas slams on his brakes, and stops right beside the Fat Controller, then a strong gust of wind blows the Fat Controller’s hat off. As he goes off to find it, Thomas’ number stops glowing before anyone notices it.)

Thomas: S-sorry sir. I came in too quickly.

The Fat Controller: (puts his hat back on) Oh honestly, Thomas! Just get to the yard and get shunting! Some of the trains are essential and go out today!

Thomas: Y-yes sir. (sighs as he departs)

Later on, Thomas was hard at work shunting the trucks into place.

(Thomas is seen shunting a line of empty ballast trucks to a brakevan.)

Thomas: Let me get this right. I’m slowly running along the mainline, suddenly I go as fast as a bullet because of that motor. How could-

(Then, Thomas hears someone groaning. He chuffs back, then sees Percy and Philip struggling to move a line of steel girders.)

Thomas: Are you two okay?

Percy: (panting) Oh… yes. Don’t worry about us

Philip: Everything’s under control!

(Then, Philip’s coupling snaps, then he and Percy roll back into a line of ballast wagons.)

Philip: (Strained) Okay. Never mind. Could you help us, Thomas?

(Thomas reverses, switches tracks, then couples up to the steel girders just as Ashima arrives with some empty flatbeds. He tries to move them, but it doesn’t work. Diesel is laughing.)

Diesel: Do you really think Little Blue Riding Hood can pull those?! (Cackles)

(Then Thomas’ number glows again. Suddenly, Thomas pulls the steel girders with ease. Everyone stares in awe. Diesel is gobsmacked as Thomas shunts the trucks onto another train. Thomas stops beside a star struck Percy and Philip.)

Percy: H-how did you do that?!

Thomas: I… don’t know. I might be good at shunting, but I’m not that strong.

(Throughout the day, Thomas and the others shunt. But Thomas shows extraordinary feets of strength. Meanwhile, three diesel are watching him.)

Diesel 1: Yep. He’s the one.

Diesel 2: Get ready.

(Then, Thomas shunts the last line of 17 stone trucks onto Murdoch’s train.)

Rosie: Wow. What happened to Thomas?

Workman: Who cares? He just threw us ahead of schedule!

(As Thomas returns to the now empty yard, he blushes as he sees Ashima smiling at him. Then…)


(Thomas screams as a flatbed loaded with safes fall in front of him.)

Ashima: Thomas!

(Ashima rushes over to Thomas. The three diesel’s eyes widen, then they retreat backwards as Ashima stops beside Thomas. Then they both look at the upper track, but find no one there, then look back at the trucks, then at each other. Meanwhile, on the mainline, the three diesels race along to their base.)

Frank/Diesel 1: Who’s gonna tell the blooming boss the bad news?!

Brian/ Diesel 2: Don’t look at me! I ain’t sayin’ nothing! You tell her!

Frank: Me?! I told her last time, you silly twit, and I don’t believe in doing it twice!

(They stop outside the Z-Stacks’ base.)

Frank: Oy! Here’s an idea! Shortie, you tell her!

Fry/ Diesel 3: (Looks at the door then at Brian and Frank) Tell her what?

Brian: That we, you know, “botched the job”.

Fry: (gulps) She’s not going to like that.

(Fry enters the building, which is completely dark. Then the lights come on, startling Fry. Then he 
sees an SR Z class stopping beside him, with an unamused look on her face.)

Fry: (Chuckles nervously) H-hello there, Medusa.

(Medusa chuffs forward.)

Medusa: It doesn’t look good when only one shows up, does it, small Fry?

Fry: Uh, n-no?

Medusa: No indeed.

(Then the doors shut as Medusa reverses to the turntable. The other two diesel listen from outside.)

Frank: Blimey. I can’t hear nothin’ but chuff, squeak, chuff, squeak.

(Then Medusa is on the turntable and it starts turning. Frank and Brian are still watching, then the doors fling open and two other diesels push them in alongside Fry and then they reverse as the doors slam shut again.)

Brian/ Frank: (Look at each other then at Medusa) He has something to tell you, boss.

Medusa: It better be good.

(Brian and Frank back away.)

Fry: (Grins nervously) Uh, w-well, we did exactly what you said to do, and dropped the truck of safes on Thomas.

Medusa: Oh, well that’s good to- (Eyes widen) YOU WHAT?

(Fry’s smile drops as Medusa stops in front of him.)

Medusa: I didn’t say DROP a safe, you dummy! I said KEEP him safe!

Brian: Well, that’s good. Cause we missed him.

(Then Fry is pushed alongside Brian and Fry.)

Medusa: Listen, you idiots! I have a plan, yes, but it’s not to SQUASH Thomas! It’s to capture him and take him apart!

Brian/ Frank/ Fry: Huh?

Medusa: (Groans) It works like this.

(A workman brings in a large board with a picture of Thomas with the motor in the rock.)

Medusa: A few days ago, Thomas found what I have been looking for, meaning he could be the most powerful engine in the world. But, if we take that motor, I will show that our company is better, and we will show that we are the best there is. Comprende?

Brian, Frank, Fry: Ooohhh.

(Groaning, Medusa reverses while Brian, Fry and Frank look at each other confused.)

Fry: I don’t get it.

(Medusa groans as she rolls into a siding. Then, another diesel rolls alongside her.)

Gus/ Diesel 4: If it helps, Medusa, we got the fuel contract.

Medusa: Finally! Someone’s awake.

(Then, one of the inspectors appear. The engines see him, and put on fake smiles.)

Inspector: Good afternoon.

Medusa: Good afternoon, sir.

Inspector: I was wondering if you can help out with something. A flatbed loaded with safes fell in Knapford yard.

(Medusa glares at Frank, Brian and Fry, who grin nervously)

Inspector: I don’t suppose you know how it happened.

Medusa: No, I don’t. I shall send someone to clear it up immediately.

Inspector: Are you sure, Medusa?

Medusa: Of course. We are perfectly capable of taking extra jobs. 

Inspector: Excellent. Thank you, Medusa.

Medusa: Your most welcome, sir.

(The Inspector leaves, then Medusa looks at the three diesels, unamused.)

Fry: We’ll got right to it!

Frank: Yeah, uh, we’ll clean it up.

(They depart. The fourth engine stops beside Medusa.)

Gus: If I may ask, Medusa, what will happen to that blue tank engine after you claim your prize?

Medusa: (Moves to the turntable) I'm so glad you asked.

(Medusa stops on the turntable.)

Medusa: He'll be a crucial part of my revenge. Do you know how much I suffered because of that little brat?!

Gus: It’s a tragedy. Thankfully, you will succeed.

(Medusa smirks as she looks at the inspector driving away.)

Medusa: (Chuckles darkly) Yes. Revenge is a drink best served.... chilled.

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