(The scene shows the windmill)

(Thomas puffs past it with Annie and Clarabel and then the camera scrolls to the back. The scene cuts to him pulling them)

Narrator: It was a lovely day on the Island of Sodor. Thomas the Tank Engine was happily puffing along his branch line with his two coaches, Annie and Clarabel.

Thomas: Keep your eyes peeled for Bertie, you too. I don't want him driving ahead of me and winning.

Clarabel: Bertie doesn't matter about this, Thomas.

(As Annie is talking, Thomas spots Bertie driving slowly ahead of him and he puffs faster)

Annie: You need to keep your eyes on the raiiiills!

Annie and Clarabel: Whooooaaa!

(The scene cuts to Bertie driving slowly. Thomas puffs past him faster. Bertie then drives faster)

(The scene cuts to Thomas looking to the road. He looks ahead and gasps)

Thomas: Girls! Look out!

(The MerseyGirls are seen on a level crossing. They see Thomas and run out of the way)

Thomas: Whoa! Sorry, girls!

Julia: That's alright, Thomas!

(The scene cuts back to Thomas)

Annie: Thomas! You need to slow down!

Clarabel: The signal! The signal!

(Thomas looks up to the signal and looks forward. Toby is seen puffing. He gasps looks ahead)

Toby: (as he puts on his brakes) Ohhh!

(The points change and Thomas puffs past Toby)

Toby: Thomas!

(The scene cuts back to Thomas. He looks to his right)

Thomas: Ha ha. Bertie is no where to be seen. (He puffs away)

Narrator: Thomas was rolling away like a sauce boss.

(The scene cuts to Bertie behind George the Steamroller)

Narrator: But, Bertie however, wasn't rolling at all. He was moving as slow as a snail.

Bertie: Oh. Typical.

(The theme from the beginning of Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure plays)

(The scene cuts to Thomas's wheels)

Hit Entertainment presents

(The scene cuts to the inside of Thomas's cab.)

In association with Mattel Creations

(Thomas's fireman puts some coal into the firebox)

(The scene cuts to Thomas's undercarriage)

A Thomas & Friends movie

(The scene cuts to Thomas's back)

Created by Britt Allcroft

(The scene cuts to Thomas's funnel)

Featuring the voices of John Hasler and Tina Desai

(The scene cuts to Thomas's boiler)

Based on the Railway Series by Rev. W. Awdry

(The scene cuts to Thomas's whistle. He toots)

(The scene cuts to Thomas's front buffers)

Written by Andrew Brenner

(The scene cuts to Thomas's number one)

(The scene cuts to one of Thomas's windows)

Told by Freddie Flintoff

(The scene cuts to Thomas's shadow)

(The scene cuts to Thomas's bufferbeam)

Produced by Ian McCue

(The scene cuts to a head on shot of Thomas)

Directed by David Stoten

(The camera then goes down a bit and Thomas puffs underneath with Annie and Clarabel and out of view. The camera stops moving. The title fades in)

Narrator: Thomas & Friends: The Secret of the Cave Treasure.

(The title fades out and the scene fades to Vicarstown Station. Nia, Luigi & Guido are already there. Thomas puffs into the station)

Annie: Ohh. At last. Finally. Oh, Thomas.

(The scene cuts to Annie)

Annie: You do know that The Fat Controller doesn't approve of you racing with Bertie.

(The scene cuts to Thomas)

Thomas: (chuckles) Nonsense. What does he know about it? I've been racing on my Branch line for a long time.

(The scene cuts to Clarabel. Passengers are getting out)

Clarabel: Well, I don't think your passengers approve of them getting bounced about like peas in a frying pan.

Child: Again! Again!

Thomas: Well, I'd better be off. I have some trucks to take to the wharf.

(Toot toot!)

(Thomas puffs away from the platform)

(The scene fades to him arriving with a train of trucks)

Narrator: It wasn't long before Thomas got coupled up with a trains of trucks.

Nia: (Chuckles) Good luck pulling those trucks, Thomas.

Thomas: I'll try and pull them. But... (struggling)...I can do this... by... my...self. (Toot toot toot)

Narrator: Thomas puffed away from Vicarstown Station with his long load of trucks.

(Guido speaks Italian)

(The CGI version of Troublesome Trucks starts playing)

Luigi: Be-a careful, Thomas-a!

Thomas: (Struggling) Uhhh! I... will... Luigi! Ahhh!

(As the song starts, Thomas struggles with the trucks)

The engines always think they are so clever
And so they like to bump the trucks around
They bump them in the sidings
They bump them in the yard
They'd better beware
They'd better take care
They'd better be on their guard

Nia: Be careful with those trucks, Thomas!

Narrator: But, Thomas was too far away to hear.

(The scene cuts to Thomas pulling the trucks on the mainline. As the song continues, he toots to Ashima. She toots back)

Thomas pulls the trucks along the line
He's happy and he thinks it's going fine

(The trucks start to grumble to each other)

The trucks will start to moan
They rattle and they groan
Look out, Thomas
Watch out, Thomas
That's a warning sign

Thomas: Nrrgh! I can do this. I really can.

(The scene cuts to Thomas trying to puff up Gordon's hill)

Before long, Thomas comes to Gordon's hill
It's hard work and he really has to pull

Troublesome Trucks: Keep back. Keep back.

But soon, he's at the top
And then he just can't stop

Troublesome Trucks: On! On! On!

(Thomas yells as he races down the hill)

The trucks go faster still

Because those Troublesome Trucks will get the engines every time
Troublesome Trucks will run the engines off the line
They push them here
Push them there
Until they go too fast

(Thomas tries to brake but is unsuccessful. The trucks keep on giggling)

Then they push them once again
Laughing while they crash

(The scene cuts to a corner. Thomas comes round it very fast and almost runs off the rails)

Troublesome Trucks will get the engines every time
Troublesome Trucks will run the engines off the line

(The trucks continue pushing the trucks. He passes a spot where Pingu and the Teletubbies are playing and breezes by them and knocks their stuff out of their hands)

They don't care how big they are
To them, it's just a game
Those Troublesome Trucks will get them all the same

(Thomas panics as he goes faster. He spots buffers four metres ahead of him. He brakes and stops just in front of the buffers)

They don't care how big they are
To them, it's just a game
Those Troublesome Trucks will get

(Thomas pants)

Thomas: Oh. Thank goodness for that.

(Thomas sighs in relief and puffs backwards)

(Thomas puffs out of view with his trucks)

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