(The scene cuts to Nia puffing to the cave exit)

Nia: Dory? Marlin? Nemo? Where are you?

Ant: They must be somewhere.

Dec: Yeah. They can't have gone far.

Nia: (spotting Woody, Buzz and Jessie on to of the cave) What's Woody, Buzz and Jessie doing?

(The scene cuts to Woody, Buzz and Jessie)

Woody: Okay. I think we're set. Jess? Do you think you can do this?

Jessie: I may have a broken pull-string, but can handle anything.

(Jessie jumps into the hole with a bucket)

(The scene cuts to inside of the cave)

(Jessie scoops up the fish)

Marlin: What?!

(The scene cuts to the outside of the cave and on the roof)

Buzz: (whispering) Do you think the two engines will get out?

Woody: (whispering) I don't know, Buzz. But Julia from the MerseyGirls always says to Thomas, "never give up". I hope this goes well.

(The scene cuts to inside of the cave)

Marlin: This is nuts. Why do we all have to be stuck together in the same funnel?

Jessie: So that you guys can get out. (Winks)

(Woody pulls Jessie out of the cave)

Thomas: Oh. I don't think I'll be able to do it. But.... I'll give it my best shot.

Narrator: So, with a big huff and puff, Thomas shooted Dory, Marlin and Nemo out of his funnel.

(The scene cuts to outside of the cave)

Woody: There they go.

(Dory, Marlin and Nemo yell)

Ant: There they are!

(Nia catches Dory, Marlin and Nemo in the Aquarium Tank Truck)

Marlin: Oh. Thank goodness.

Nia: Good thing you're alright. And we need to get a giant rock to hit the small rocks.

(Nia puffs out of view with the Aquarium Tank Truck)

(The scene cuts to the Love Home. Although Nia is not humanised)

Nia: Okay. While Mater is getting a giant rock, we need to come up with a plan. Boys?

Ant & Dec: (as they salute) Yes, ma'am!

Nia: You know that rock launcher you had the other day? You'll have to use it very hard for the giant rock.

(Julia gasps)

Teletubbies: Oooh.

Ant: We're on it, ma'am!

Dec: Right. Are you ready to rumble?

Nia, Lightning McQueen, Turbo, Ant and the MerseyGirls: Yes!

Ant: Okay. Let's do this!

(The scene cuts to the cave roof)

(Woody is walking backwards carefully watching for Nia)

Buzz: Woody, the hole!

Woody: AHHHHH! (He clings on and then hauls himself back to the top of the cave) Phew. That was close. (He adjusts his hat)

Jessie: You got lucky.

Woody: (chuckling) Yeah. I did.

(The scene cuts to Scrat on the roof of the cave with his acorn. He is about to plant it when.....)

Buzz: Hey! Squirrel!

(Scrat gasps)

Buzz: Don't you dare plant that garbage!

(Scrat sighs in defeat and walks off)

(The scene cuts to inside the cave)

Thomas: Oh. Hurry up, Nia. I really need to get out of here.

(The scene cuts to the outside of the cave)

Nia: Okay, guys. We've got the giant rock. We're ready to save Thomas. Boys? You know what to do.

Ant & Dec: Yes, ma'am!

Dory: Come on, boys.

(The gang cheer)

(Ant & Dec stand behind their rock launcher)

Ant: Okay. Are you ready?

Dec: Ready as I'll ever be, Ant.

(Ant sighs)

Narrator: Ant wasn't sure. Then, he knew what to do.

Ant: Jules? Do you want to help?

Julia: Sure.

Narrator: So, Julia joined Ant & Dec with the launcher.

Julia: Ready?

Ant & Dec: Yes!

Julia: Okay. Boys? On my count...... one...... two..... three!

(Ant & Dec push a big button. A medium sized rock hits the giant rock and hit the small rocks blocking the cave)

(The scene cuts to Thomas in the cave)

Thomas: Crikey. That was a mighty crash.

(The scene cuts to outside of the cave)

Nia: Way to go, boys!

Dory: Wow. I didn't know that was strong.

(Nia chuckles)

(The gang cheer)

Julia: Yes! We did it!

(Julia high-fives Ant and then high-fives Dec)

(Nia gets uncoupled from the Aquarium Truck)

Marlin: Be careful going down the slope, Nia.

Nia: I'll try, Marlin. But, this is a very smooth slope.

Ant: We'll come down with you, Nia.

Nia: Don't. Because you and Dec might get hurt, Ant.

Dec: Oh. Right. It's smooth.

Ant: But not safe.

Nia: Exactly.

(Nia puffs down the smooth slope and enters the cave)

Nia: Thomas? (Gasps with delight)

Thomas: Nia! Ohh. I'm so happy to see you. And what was going on with a giant rock?

Nia: Ant & Dec were going to use their launcher to save you.

Thomas: Oh. Right.

Nia: Now let's get you back to dry land.

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