Narrator: Thomas, Ashima and the fish in the Aquarium Tank Truck arrived at Tidmouth Sheds. Everyone else was very happy with Thomas and his amazing find.

Thomas: Oh. That find was absolutely amazing. I cannot say anything about it.

Ashima: I think he's speechless.

(The other Steam Team engines laugh)

Gordon: I can tell from that face that he's speechless.

Rebecca: So, what is is like?

Thomas: Oh, it's really interesting.

Mater: You know, I used to be a miner once.

Thomas: Really?

Lightning McQueen: Wait one second! Mater, that did not happen!

Mater: It did too.

Gordon: Puh. I agree with what Lightning says.

The Fat Controller: Thomas the Founder Tank Engine.

Thomas: Oh. H-hello, sir. Hope that cave exit find wasn't that bad.

Nemo: Yeah. It's really cool. You should see it, sir.

The Fat Controller: (Chuckles) I've already seen it, Nemo. And a big announcement to all of you... you are allowed to make Thomas feel even more happier than before.

(The other Steam Team engines toot)

Narrator: All of the engines tooted with excitement.

The Fat Controller: Now feel free to make Thomas welcome. He deserves it for finding an amazing exit.

(Ashima, Dory, Marlin and Nemo brighten up. The Fat Controller's car drives off)

Ashima: Hey, Thomas? Wanna have some fun at the Love Home?

Thomas: Y-Yes. Why not. You coming, Nia?

Nia: Nah. I'll just do my business. I have another race on my hands.

Thomas: Who with?

(Nia motioned for Percy to race him)

Percy: (Chuckles a bit)

Ashima: Good luck with Percy, Nia.

Thomas: Have fun, Percy.

Nia: Okay.

Percy: See you later, Thomas.

Narrator: So, Thomas, Ashima and the fish in the Aquarium Tank Truck went off to play at the Love Home.

(The scene fades to the Vicarstown Dieselworks)

Narrator: Meanwhile, somebody was not happy about what he heard.

Diesel: You know for a fact that Thomas has been very popular lately? Huh?

(The other diesels stay silent in confusion)

Diesel: Well, I've got a very clever plan... I'm going to make sure that Ashima doesn't fall in love with Thomas anymore by....

(A Teletubbies ringtone is heard)

Man: Sorry. That's Sir Topham Hatt.

Diesel: Anyway as I was saying... I'm going to make sure that Ashima doesn't fall in love with Thomas anymore by... giving him no coal at all!

(The other diesels gasp in horror)

Den: Um... that sounds.. um...

Dart: What he means is... that's not fair for Thomas.

Norman: It just sound silly.

Iron Arry: Yeah.

Iron Bert: I agree with him.

Sidney: It just doesn't make sense.

Paxton: It sounds like....

Diesel: ENOUGH!

(Diesel's voice echoes around the whole Dieselworks, leaving the other diesels dead silent)

Diesel 10: They're right.

Diesel: Just shut up and do your own business. Oh. Good grief.

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